What Is Resource Page Link Building?

Building backlinks have become the essential step in promoting a brand and creating a more successful SEO. One of the common practices is surely resource page link building. Actually, it belongs to the top five link-building methods, including content publication, guest posting, digital PR, and local citations.  That’s the reason you should look into it and start practicing it as soon as possible. For those not already familiar with the term, we’ve created a guide that will help you understand it better.

What is resource page link building?

Let’s begin with a simple explanation of the term before we go into any further details. The practice known as resource page link building is the method of building backlinks through pages that collect and link out to resourceful websites. And your content pages can be one of them. These resource pages could be about anything, and that’s the reason brand owners of any industry should be interested in resource page link building.

Why it’s such a great link-building method?

If you care about the quality of your content – you’ll benefit from resource pages. These are based on the quality of the pages they link to – the amount of useful and relative information they share and interest their readers with. These are the top lists of useful pages on some topics, and you probably have one of those pages to contribute.

The great thing about resource pages is that many of them come with a submission form at the bottom of the page. This way you can easily submit some of your pages that you find suitable for a topic. If there’s no submission form, you can easily reach out through email.

All of this information helps us conclude why resource page link building is so great for brands.  Resource pages are helpful, which means they are not made to sell or promote. This helps the pages included gain more trust from the readers. Furthermore, resource page link building is a scalable method. It can reach audiences of different sizes and interests. Finally, this method makes it relatively easy to succeed. That’s the reason why we should skip to the next step immediately – let’s find out what are the best ways to build links by using this method.

The main steps of resource page link building

Yes, it’s relatively easy to practice this kind of link building. But, this can happen under only one condition – you need to have valuable content on your website. Without informative and resourceful pages, you won’t be able to submit to any resource page. That’s why you need to put effort into creating high-quality content that will gain true recognition from resource pages and their readers.

Doing the research

The first step to successful resource page link building is locating the relevant resource pages. Do your research by using Google Search operators. These advanced search assistants help you make more detailed search inquiries and therefore get better results. This way, you can research Google for the resource pages most relevant to your niche. By using the right keyword that is related to your topics, you’ll come across pages you can contribute. However, be sure to use a bit broader keywords for better results. being too specific with this will not include all the pages you can potentially share your content with.

You can also use the simple google search option. Just combine desired keywords with phrases such as resources, useful resources, helpful resources, links, useful links, etc.

a person using laptop to find out more about resource page link building
Do the research of the most suitable websites for more successful resource page link building results.

Narrowing down your results

You can’t submit to any website that pops up in your results. Try to narrow them down to those who are the most relevant and reputable in your niche. Filter the pages with the highest authority – there are useful toolbars that can help you out with this.

Reaching out to the most suitable resource pages

This part should be fairly easy. We already mentioned that some resource pages have a submission form included, so you can easily add new suggestions. Some pages will also encourage new submissions by leaving a dedicated email for those who are willing to help.

Surely, not all resource pages have made it so easy to submit. For some of them, you’ll have to try harder to find the email which you can use to reach out. Even though this is a bit more effort – it’s actually not that difficult to do.

inbox on a screen of mobile phone
Reaching out is one of the main steps of resource page link building.

Tips on submitting content that resource pages won’t reject

It’s important to use the result you got wisely. Make sure you submit the links that fit the resource page you want to be a part of. Take a look at the links they previously included in the page, so you can recognize if your pages are a good fit. Consider the topics, type of content, sources, etc.

Furthermore, linking to a specific page will probably give better results. Resource pages are all about quick, informative results. Their readers want an answer as soon as they click the link. That’s why it may be a better idea to be more specific with your links. Add links of specific pages or a specific section of your website. This will increase the chances of getting a link.

Finally, it’s essential that you don’t try too hard. Being pushy will not help you reach the goal. It’s better to be prepared and confident about your suggestion and always send a polite request.

Two people shaking hands
Make your content great so websites won’t reject it.

Is the resource page link building method worth all the effort?

Absolutely! The resource page link building method is a great way to earn more links to your website. It’s also fairly easy to do, which is why you should include it in your link-building strategy as soon as possible.

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