Interesting blog post types to experiment with

Writing blog posts has numerous benefits for your website. Depending on the topic and the niche you cover, there are several ways you can attract readers to your website. Offering interesting findings, tips, solutions to certain problems, etc. will draw readers and potential customers and make them spend more time on the site. However, if you feel that your blogging has become a routine, and needs fresh new content, this is an article for you. Rather than sticking to your common writing style and topics, you can check out some interesting blog post types to experiment with. This guide will show you all the ways you can make your bog more attractive, and make ordinary themes and writing styles – extraordinary.

Why experimenting is a good idea?

Before we present some of the blog post types you can refresh your content, we want to point some of the benefits of that method. Here are some of them:

  • interesting topic or style of writing attracts more people, which gives results in the long run in terms of boosting the traffic;
  • stepping out of your comfort zone – maybe you’re used to one-type blog posts, but trying out some new things is an exciting way to step out from your safety net and take a risk with a  positive outcome;
  • you’ll be different and unique – in the sea of similar websites and businesses offering something new can be a great way to differentiate from others. Readers will certainly recognize it and be attracted to your blog much faster.
  • the factor of surprise – offering different content every time will keep the readers on their toes, waiting to find out what’s next. Repetitive content is often dull and predictable, no matter how knowledgeable you may be.
  • get more backlinks – high-quality, interesting blog posts earn more backlinks, which is a great way to develop your website.

Backlinks building

Earning backlinks takes time and effort, so inexperienced website owners find it overwhelming and confusing. Trusting professionals in this niche such as Link Department experts will make the process a lot simpler, so you can focus on improving your website in other ways, such as blogging.

a typing machine used for different blog post types
Blog post types can turn from dull to extraordinary – just experiment with them!

Blog post types you should try out

Now, let’s cut to the chase. These are the blog post types to experiment with as soon as you can.

Cheat Sheets

If there’s a way to make other’s lives simpler – then you should go for it? One of the most versatile blog post types is cheat sheets or checklists. They are easy to read and understand, and very useful for readers. That’s why you should use your knowledge and make interesting posts like this and earn more visitors. Furthermore, if you want to build your email list, these posts are a great way to do it. Offer a PDF file your readers can get after subscribing to your mailing list, and make another step to successful local email marketing.

Reverse psychology

Most commonly, blog posts are made on a positive note. How to achieve success, what are the best steps to something, etc. However, blog post types you should experiment with using a reverse method. Start with explaining some o the mistakes you’ve made, and what are the lessons you learned. This ‘bad’ example can serve as a source of useful tips and it is relatable to your readers.


Another way to write a blog post is to answer frequently asked questions. This is a great type of post, as you can write it multiple times, with different questions each time. One of the ways to promote this blog post and also get the questions is using your social media networks. They are an easy way to communicate with the readers, intrigue them with some questions, etc. However, make sure you’re honest and informative when giving answers, as the readers will appreciate that and come next time you want to answer the questions.

a woman using VR gadget
Writing a review on a product is one of the interesting blog post types you should try out.


If you’re a gadget-lover, you probably have something to say about the latest toy you’ve bought. People love to read reviews on products such as gadgets, beauty products, home appliances, etc. However, make sure the review you’re about to write has something to do with the overall theme of your blog. It needs to be related, so it can attract the right kind of audience and be as efficient as possible.


Sharing news and updates from your niche is a great way to keep your readers informed on the subject. However, a blog post that can create more reactions is writing about your opinion on some topic or event. Ask people to join you in the discussion, and drive more traffic to your website.


How-to blog post types are very attractive on the internet, and there’s no reason why you should experiment with them as well. They are easy to read and understand and provide useful tips and information to readers. When writing a tutorial, pay special attention to headings and subheadings. They are the part of the post that attracts the reader’s attention, in case they want to scroll to some other step. Also, they are an important factor for your SEO, too, as they include keywords and other important information for browsers and crawlers.

a typing machine with a world tutorial typed on a paper
Tutorials are blog post types that can be used on many topics.

Adapt your blog to the readers

By communicating with your readers through the comment section, social media, and emails, you can get an idea of their likes and preferences. This should be your guide in shaping your blog and choosing the right blog post types. Being creative and open-minded about the topics and style of writing will surely be recognized by readers and it will help your blog on so many levels.

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