The Types of Backlinks You Need to Know for SEO

One of the main factors of your website’s ranking up or down, it the quality of the links that lead to it. Backlinks have become an essential factor in every SEO strategy, and you should know what are ones to focus on. In this guide, we will present the types of backlinks you need to know for SEO. Not all of them are equally efficient, but they make parts of a successful SEO strategy, and you should pay attention to all of them. You’ll learn what are the most beneficial backlink types you should go for. Furthermore, you’ll get to know the unwanted categories of backlinks that are something to avoid in your strategy. Here is everything to know about successful backlink building.

Guest blogging

Guest blog posts are one of the most popular ways to earn backlinks. The reason is quite simple – writing a guest blog post is beneficial both for you and the host website. However, you should carefully pick where and what you write. The host website should be relevant to your website – on the contrary, the post and the link will not make sense. Furthermore, the topic should also cover the niche of your business, so you can insert your link into it. High-quality content will result in clicks and visits, and both websites will benefit from it.

a person writing a blog on a laptop
Guest blogging can bring you so many valuable links.

Editorial backlinks

This is one of those types of backlinks that is considered perfect. Editorial backlinks often include mentions placed in the right place, surrounded by relevant text, and posted on a relevant website. Usually, the writers will cite your content, which happens mostly for some specific infographic, useful information, a tutorial, etc. That’s why posting various blog posts that include useful information and the right keywords will lead you to more of these mentions and make your strategy successful.

Links to a useful tool on your website

If you develop a useful tool that can be used by many users in your industry, you’ve got yourself a huge opportunity to earn backlinks. Helpful and free tools are often mentioned in articles, providing their readers with more information and an easy way to solve a problem. Cost calculators, to-do lists, etc. are very valued among bloggers, and you should use your skill and knowledge to create such an item.

In-person connection backlinks

Similar to the editorial backlinks, these mentions are created by bloggers, journalists, content creators. However, this time this acknowledgment comes from knowing the writer in person. After you talk to each other and you introduce your website, the content creator creates a post with the backlink to your website. No matter how well you know the content creator, the posts and your links need to relate to the topic and provide certain value, so they are efficient and recognized by readers.

a man reading about types of backlinks
Not sure how to manage different types of backlinks – let a professional do it for you!

Unhelpful types of backlinks you need to know for SEO and avoid t all costs

Up to now, we’ve discussed beneficial backlinks you should surely go for. However, there’s the other side of the SEO world. It includes the types of backlinks you should avoid at any cost, and this guide will help you recognize them.

Paid Links

Let’s start with the most common, and the most undesirable type of backlinks you should know of. Paid backlinks happen when websites offer you the opportunity to pay and be mentioned on their website. However, this is not a great idea, as you will be entering a suspicious network of many customers paying for the very same thing. Furthermore, Google has perfected its algorithm, and can easily recognize suspicious links. This way, you risk getting penalized and ruining your website’s ranking and reputation.

Guest blogging with recycled content

A successful SEO is all about high-quality, original content. However, creating such content takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why some of the writers use the recycling technique. Modifying one article many times, and publish them on numerous websites in order to get more backlinks of basically one blog post. However, this is something you should avoid. The reason is that this method is basically just a waste of your time. Reputable websites don’t accept recycled content, so your articles will end up on websites you don’t benefit from at all. And one more time, Google can easily recognize this type of content and penalize you.

Backlinks from websites that are not reputable and relevant to your niche

To make sure the backlinks you earn actually bring some new visitors and have value, you need to pick the ones that are related to your niche. Therefore, backlinks from irrelevant and unimportant websites will also be just a waste of time, as they can mislead the readers and give you no benefits in that way. Therefore, if you’re running a website providing IT services, you don’t want your link to appear on a cooking blog. These are niches very different from each other and will bring you no value.

wordpress letters
Google is so developed and can notice any shortcuts you’re trying to take.

Invest time and effort into building your backlinks

One of the main things you should know about building backlinks is that there are no shortcuts. Surely, there are methods that can speed up the process, but eventually, they will earn you more harm than good things. For that reason, you should be realistic about your strategy – get ready to invest time and effort, or trust the pros from Link Department to save you a lot of time. Only by highest-quality content your website will get recognized by other content creators, as well as readers, and bring positive results.


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