Internet Usage Statistics and Latest Trends for 2022

Today more than ever the internet is having a large impact on our daily lives. It is a part of our every minute and day. The internet is impacting the way we live and what we do. It is also dictating business activities and trends. Internet and its usage are also influencing SEO and online marketing efforts as well as the way we work online. With this in mind for our well-being and the business activities and results, it is important to follow and analyze the latest trends. Knowing the internet usage statistics and latest trends for 2022 is important in every aspect of our lives and businesses.

What are the internet usage statistics?

The web or the information superhighway today is proving to be one of the most important innovations that technology has provided. It is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. It connects us, allows for fast and unlimited access to information, and is a catalyst for further progress and innovation.

With this importance of the web comes the need to follow and analyze it. Knowledge is the power that will allow us to use this web to our advantage in our daily lives and businesses. This is more important today than ever. The reason for it being that the Corona outbreak and its impact on the global population increased the usage of the internet considerably. Since then the importance of this technology grew rapidly. All sectors, and particularly, social networks and media, e-commerce, video platforms experienced considerable development and usage boom.

Person looking at graphs of Internet Usage Statistics and Latest Trends for 2022
Following this data is key to your online success

Since then the number of users grew considerably in 2021 it market this year as the stepping stone. Today with this rapid development analyzing and knowing about these statistics and their meaning is important. If we focus on today’s trend then the main data that the internet usage statistics and latest trends for 2022 show are.

  • There are over 5.2  billion active internet users worldwide.
  • Asia has the most users,  in America, 93,4% of people use the internet
  • Google is dominant in the field of browsing and search engine development
  • Social media is developing fast
  • Mobile usage is on the rise with more than 90% of users accessing the web on mobile devices.
  • Online commerce is booming

What does this all mean?

With the number of active users, internet usage has grown by 1,3555% since 2022. This is almost 63% of the world population and this number is growing. Internet is present almost everywhere and particularly in Asia, the US, and Europe. Globally the largest number of internet users is present in Asia and China as they are the most populous continent and countries in the World. Asia covers more than 53% of internet users worldwide.

In the US more than 93% of people use the internet while in Europe 88,4% of people have access to and use the internet. With all this in mind, it is clear that your business online presence is crucial for your business success. Making your company known online is of paramount importance for any business.


As Google is dominant and since its search engine is crucial in navigating to different websites SEO is of paramount importance. As 30% of all traffic is generated through online search making your website visible becomes increasingly important. This is why SEO  plays a crucial role in providing a webpage with adequate ranking through proper optimization. As this aspect of online business can be complex hiring Link Department as an expert in the field can be quite helpful.

Person looking at a mobile phone and laptop
The majority of users access the internet over mobile devices

Social media

Social media today plays perhaps the most significant role in all online activities. The data shows that over 93% of internet users have some form of social media account. This means that social media is the main way in which users exploit the internet. At the same time, they upload a lot of data and photos every day. This knowledge can easily be used to reach out to your target audience easily and with adequate knowledge. This means that you can use social media for a more proactive approach. Instead of waiting for the users to find you, you can reach out over many different social media platforms. This is the best way to drive traffic to your website and generate sales and profits today.

Mobile data

Internet usage data today shows that more than 90% of all internet users access the web using mobile devices. Today more than 55% of total traffic is through mobile devices. At the same time, users spend more than 7 hours a day online with over 54% of their online time over their phones. This all means that today people tend to browse the net on the go. Speed of access is of paramount importance and easy navigation here is key. So, to generate more traffic and convert it into sales each company has to take care of this mobile aspect. Making your website mobile-friendly and mobile user-oriented here is important. The functionality of the webpages on mobile devices here is the key. This is where researching internet trends can be translated into making your online resources better to fit the needs of users.


There are over 300 million online shoppers in the US alone. They generate a lot of revenue from their homes eliminating the need for physical stores and representation. In addition, more than 59% of shoppers testify that they go through online research before going into a store. This means that the predominant trend is to do online shopping and research making your online visibility a priority. Generating traffic and sales will depend on the way you present your products and the way you position your business in SERP. This is where SEO and website optimization have their value. Creating your online presence and brand becomes of paramount importance in increasing your visibility, generating traffic, and converting it into sales and profits.

Ecommerce market written on the phone screen
Ecommerce is a very big potential in online marketing and SEO effort

Internet usage statistics and latest trends for 2022 are invaluable sources of information of crucial importance for all online business activities. It provides valuable insight into internet trends that you can use to develop your business. So, invest some time into following this data as you can find it useful in your future activities.

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