Reasons Search Engine Experts Recommend Text Links

It’s very common that website owners underestimate the power of text links. The reason is that they are not aware of its benefits for their website, so they simply don’t put so much effort into developing their text links the right way. In this article, we’re going to talk more about text links and their usage. Learn the reasons why search engine experts recommend text links, and what is the right way to implement them into your content. Add a crucial piece to your SEO strategy and expect more sales and overall success of your business in no time.

What are text links?

Simply put, text links are links that are part of the content you create on your website. These pieces of text contain links that redirect readers who click on them to another page on the Internet. These could send the readers to another page on the website – that’s when we’re dealing with internal links. On the other hand, external links will redirect to another place on the web. Text links are very important to every SEO strategy, and soon you will find out reasons why experts recommend text links and ways to use them properly.

mouse to use to find out why experts recommend text links
Even though a small detail, text links are a powerful tool of every SEO strategy.

The benefits – why SEO experts recommend text links?

Now, let’s cut to the chase with the help from our experts at Link Department. The following reasons should convince you that your SEO strategy should focus on text links, rather than images.

Refine your content

When implementing text links into your content, you make sure the reader gets a clearer message about the topic, products, or services. This method ensures you provide additional information about the topics, helping readers understand it better and be redirected to a useful page. Readers will find your content more purposeful, and your website will therefore gain more trust. Well-written, useful content will surely boost your SEO and give you more sales and satisfied customers.

Build the priority pyramid of pages

Another great reason why experts recommend text links is to build a pyramid of your pages. This means you can separate your pages into two categories. Those that are more important can improve their quality by adding proper external links. On the other hand, you can prioritize less important pages by filling them with the right internal links. This will create a priority pyramid of your pages and help your readers distinguish the content they are interested in.

Increase customer experience

The bottom line of every SEO strategy is a positive customer experience. So, if there’s anything you can do to make your readers feel better, be sure to do it! By using text links you put users’ experience in the first place, by making it easier to navigate and reach useful information about the topic they like. Also, text links will keep the readers longer on your website, if you’re wisely using internal links in your new content. All of these factors are increasing traffic and give you more conversion rates.

a person using a laptop and drinking coffee at a desk
If you take them seriously, text links will provide a lot of benefits to your content.

Gain authority

By using text links, you add more ‘weight’ to your content pages. And if these links are implemented properly and provide useful information to the readers, you increase the authority of your website.  Why authority is important? When search engines rank pages in search results, the pages with higher authority levels will always come first. Therefore, if you feel some of your pages are less authoritative and popular among readers, try adding some useful links to make them more helpful and relevant to the visitors. This is another way to increase users’ experience and make them come back anytime you post some new content.

Text links vs. image links

Another factor you should consider when adding text links is why they are better than image links. Text links are easily understood, both by readers and search engines. On the other hand, an image saying the very same thing will not be as clear unless you specify an alt tag and caption that describes it in detail. Therefore, this makes text links a simpler, yet more efficient solution for your content.

How to improve your text links?

Understanding the benefits, but still don’t know how to add text links correctly? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Here are the main factors you should consider when inserting links into your text.


As the text link is part of an article, it should have a natural, simple flow that follows the style of the content you write. Therefore, be sure to fit the anchor text into the paragraph or sentence in a natural way, so it doesn’t stick out. Even though a reader should notice it, the text link should belong to that sentence so it makes it easy to read. Match the language, grammar, and style of the rest of the text.

screen showing an error with text links
Make sure your links are simple, relevant and helpful to your readers – and find out why experts recommend text links for your content.


Another essential factor in adding anchor text is the relevance to the article you’re writing. The text link you implement into a paragraph should provide additional information, and not be added randomly. If you feel that a certain link doesn’t belong to the topic, try adding it to some other page. Text links need to make sense with the article and be relevant to your readers. Also, never add a link that doesn’t make sense with the anchor text. Tricking your readers this way will surely decrease the trust and authority of your website and do a lot more damage than you think. Anchor text should match the page it is linking to, and help your readers instead of misguiding them.


Last, but not least is the way readers see a text link on your page. It should be different from the rest of the text, so a reader can notice and click it. Try underlining it, changing the color of the anchor text, etc.

After applying all of these tips, you will see why experts recommend text links, and how they can be beneficial for your website. Be ready for positive results in your SEO and conversion rates!

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