The Most Powerful Backlinks for SEO

If you want your SEO plan to be effective, you need to acquire links. They are what tells the search engines that your site is recognized and trusted. So, they are crucial if you want to get to the top spot on the SERPs. However, not all links are created equal. And besides the number of them, you also have to think about types. So, in this article, you’ll find out what are the most powerful backlinks for SEO, as well as how to get them.

Of course, there won’t be one uniform answer. There is no such thing as a website that gives out the most powerful links. The power of links is, in fact, relative. What may be a great link for your business might not be so good for a website in a different niche.

Luckily for you, we at Link Department know everything there is about backlinks. And we’re ready to share our knowledge. So, we’ll look at different kinds of backlinks, explain what’s valuable about them, and give you tips on how to acquire them. Here’s what you need to know.

Things That Impact the Link Value

Before we dive into the types of backlinks, you should learn what makes a link valuable. As we already mentioned, not all links are the same. Therefore, there will be a few factors that can make one link more useful than the other. It’s important to mention that there are things that can make a link bad for SEO, as well. But more on that later on.

Now, let’s focus on the factors that will influence the link value.

A dice showing number three.
Three things can impact the link value.

The Authority of the Site Link is Coming From

One thing in which you can be certain is that the link will be valuable if it comes from a quality website. Sites that are considered top authoritative sources can help your business a lot. Links coming from them will send positive signals to the search engines. That will improve your presence and score.

You can check the authority of the site via many tools. Some of them are free, and they’ll be just fine for the beginning. Naturally, the better the rank, the higher the value of a link will be.

Is the Link Do Follow or No Follow

When they add a link to their site, webmasters can use an HTML code to decide if the link will be dofollow or nofollow. Here is the difference between the two.

  • Dofollow links ask search engines to notice them and give them as much SEO value as possible.
  • Nofollow links ask search engines to ignore them and give them less value.

As you can figure out from this, dofollow links send better signals to the search engines. Therefore, they’re more valuable, and you want them. That being said, a nofollow backlink still can be beneficial for your website. It can drive traffic to it, and that still counts.

If you aren’t sure what type of link you’ve been given, you can use NoFollow Simple. It’s an extension for Google Chrome, so it installs very easily. And it does exactly what you want it to do – it checks the code.

Link Location On the Site

There’s one more thing we want to talk about before we name a couple of the most powerful backlinks for SEO. All websites are divided into sections. So, depending on the section in which the link appears, it can be more or less valuable to the search engines.

Usually, the most valuable links will be placed within the main body content of the site. A general rule is that the links that appear in the header, footer, or sidebar of the page will be less important. Therefore, if you want to build high-quality backlinks, make sure to keep this in mind. You want your links to be in the main body content of the website.

The Types of Links You Want to Get

Now, you’re aware of all things that make the link valuable. So, we can talk about the types of backlinks you need to know for SEO. Sticking with these will ensure you get the best results that will last.

Man holding a light bulb.
Some types of links will bring more value to your site than the others, and that’s why they’re the most powerful backlinks for SEO.

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial mention links are one of the best types of links you can hope for in SEO. As we like to say, these are the links that you earned. Editorial links come naturally when another website refers and links to you in a quality piece of content. There are a few scenarios of how this can go on.

They might be citing someone from your company or some of your content. Your website can be mentioned as a source of additional information. They might include your website or content in a link roundup. Also, interviewing someone associated with your website is a great example.

Getting these links, however, isn’t easy. You will have to develop strong marketing and create high-quality sharable content. Also, your business should be presented as a leader in the industry. This way, other sites will want to cite, source, and interview you.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

There are many benefits of guest blogging for growing businesses. In fact, publishing content on other people’s websites is a great way to get an editorial backlink. With these, it won’t be hard to build trust and authority through other influential publications.

Of course, you have to be careful who you are writing for. Choose only sites that are authoritative in your niche. And if you want to ensure that your content is top-notch, it’s a smart idea to outsource it. There’s plenty of content writing companies out there that will gladly help you build a reputation.

Woman researching the most powerful backlinks for SEO on a laptop.
Guest blogging can be both fun and beneficial.

Business Profile Backlinks

When you create an online profile for your business, you can include a link that leads back to your site. Whether we’re talking about business listings, social media, or industry-specific directories, these links are some of the most powerful backlinks for SEO. They show search engines that your website is high-quality and well established. So, make sure not to forget about these.

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