Ways to Get Free Backlinks for Your Business This Month

Link building strategy should be an essential part of your SEO strategy. However, people sometimes don’t have the budget to invest in it. Fortunately, there are ways to get more backlinks even with little or no budget at all. This guide will focus on building backlink techniques that don’t require investments but give effective results. Here are the best tips on how to get free backlinks for your business this month.

Before you start backlink building…

…be sure to know the true benefits of it. Website owners often underestimate the power of backlinks, and therefore they are not willing to invest money and effort into it. Furthermore, backlink building is a time-consuming task that requires attentiveness and skill, which is why it is often better to trust this to someone with more experience and knowledge. Either way, website owners need to be aware of the benefits of backlinks, to better understand why it is important to start this strategy as soon as possible. With more backlinks to your website, you get:

  • a better organic rating for your website – through multiple backlinks and recommendations, Google recognizes your website as valuable and ranks it higher in search results;
  • more traffic – when your website pops up at multiple other websites, you get more traffic and potential customers;
  • building authority and trust
  • more new relationships and potential partners and customers;
  • visibility of your brand and better online exposure – as your website appears at more locations, you can attract more new people to it, as the visibility levels are rising.
two person's feet and a sign on the floor
Quality content, effort and passion can lead you to a successful website, rather than a big budget.

How to get free backlinks for your business this month?

Now let’s talk about the ways you can get backlinks with no budget, and still don’t go to the suspicious or spammy side of SEO.

Ask people you know for backlinks

One of the common things people do when they are desperate for backlinks is to get them from irrelevant people who they barely know. This is not something you should do, as quality always matters more than quantity. Try to get free backlinks from valuable resources, where you can be sure that you’re doing the right thing for your website. Ask your friends or partners for a link to a specific page, rather than your homepage. Linking to a particular product, service, or blog page will be more efficient as it will attract people who are interested in the topic.


Surely, you can’t write two identical blog posts or social media posts. However, there are ways you can repurpose your content and therefore increase the chance to get free backlinks for your business this month. If you have a piece of content that gave great results, try to recycle it into a different form, but with the same idea and information. Posting it on a different platform is also a way to attract some other audience, and increase the possibility to be mentioned in content on another website.

person using a lap top to get free backlinks for your business
High-quality content can be your way to get free backlinks for your business this month – just find a way to recycle it!

Consider podcast interviews

Podcasts can be an amazing way to get free backlinks for your business this month. You can try to be a guest on a relevant podcast, and talk about your business, website, blog, etc. However, when you appear as a guest, be sure to have some topics ready – ones that describe anything from your website. Staying relevant and on track during the interview will make it more valuable and interesting for the readers.

Partner-up for better results

Partnering with another company to create a successful marketing campaign is a way to reach a wider audience. Mentioning your partners in your blog posts will mean they will mention you on their pages. This is a cost-effective way to get more backlinks and increase the authority of your website.

partners shake hands
Partners can help you easily get free backlinks for your business.

Guest posting

Guest posts are an inevitable part of every backlink building strategy. This is a free method to make more connections with other fellow bloggers, and therefore increase the chances for more free backlinks. Just do some research to find websites that offer this opportunity, but that are also relevant in your industry. This will make your posts more efficient, as they will be aimed at the right target audience. To do the research, make sure you search the relevant keyboards for your website, along with the following phrases – write-for-us, guest post guidelines, become a contributor, etc.

Online business directories

Listings or citations in local or global business directories are a very important part of SEO. Appearing in these locations will make your business more discoverable and easy to find by users. This is also a way to be found by people who are really interested in your industry, for various different reasons. Either way, be sure to submit your listings to the main directories, and the ones that are relevant in your niche. Form a unique NAP and keep it consistent over these websites. Also, don’t forget to add your website’s URL to these listings. Even though these are no-follow links, they are valued by Google and getting your brand’s equity. And most importantly – they are free!

Quality over quantity – always get backlinks from reliable resources

Even though you’re looking to get free backlinks for your business this month, always focus on the quality of these links. This is the best way to convince Google that your website is not a spammy one. But you can convince it that it can offer high-quality content and reliable services or goods to the customers. That’s why you should be creative when creating the content, but also when trying to get backlinks.  Backlinks are a vote of confidence, which is why you need to pay special attention to who do you get these votes from.

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