Tips to Boost Rankings by Combining Internal Links and Backlinks

We will be talking today about internal linking SEO and we will share some great tips to boost your rankings by combining internal links and backlinks. Don’t worry, if this sounds complicated. It’s really not complicated at all. But if you do not know anything about SEO and linking we will show you where you can get more information and get educated on this topic.

SEO experts

You will hear this term a lot. You should know that SEO and linking are not rocket science. Everybody can become an SEO expert. You just need to find some time to learn. Of course, you need a partner. Link Department can be a great source of fresh information that will show you all the news in this field. So, make sure to check it out on regular basis. Now, let’s get back to our topic.

rocket as a symbol that will show you that combining internal links and backlinks is not a rocket science
Luckily this is not rocket science.

Reasons why you should combine internal links and backlinks

As you well know links are the foundation of algorithms (search engine algorithms). Obviously, they are very important and it looks like they will stay this important for a long time. When we say links we are talking about both external and internal links. Google and other search engines (but we will mostly focus on Google for now) use links to find pages on the web but they use them for so much more than that.  Google also uses them to determine their relevance, authority, priority, and many other things. All of that combined in the end affects rankings.

A few tips to boost rankings by combining internal links and backlinks

Now that we are in the clear we can start with our tips and we have pretty good ones:

  1. Finding and fixing orphans and dead ends should be the first thing you need to do to boost your ratings ( for the ones that are confused by the term orphan page means a page that doesn’t have any incoming internal links and a dead-end page is one that doesn’t have any outgoing internal links).
  2. Next, you should fix broken links and any irrelevant redirects and you will be able to get better results.
  3. Don’t just link to the home page, link to the most important pages from the homepage like hub pages or product pages where you can sell your products.
  4. Focus on contextual backlinks and find a way to include them thought your site because they are very important – but make sure to not overuse them, relevance is very important here.
  5. Anchor text is very important and it needs to be descriptive – even Google recommends paying attention to them and you should try as much as you can to make it unique.
  6. When your internal linking game becomes strong you can start getting the most weight from your backlinks (by that we mean getting high-quality backlinks).
Writing on the blackboard spelling think outside the box
Being creative will get you the best results. Having great content is the way to go.

Getting high-quality backlinks

Despite the fact that algorithm changes all the time, and we mean that literally, there are some proven tactics that can help you with your backlinks :

  • publish great content
  • stealing competitor backlinks is not off-limits
  • use infographics to build links
  • reverse image search can help you to build backlinks
  • quizzes and poles are often good for your content
  • starting podcast can actually help you – it is 2022 after all
  • Product hunt will do wonders if you are active
  • build profile links
  • find “best of” blogs and use them for your backlinks
  • use blog aggregators like AllTop, Blogorama, and BlogEngage
  • LinkedIn and Medium are not useless, use them as well
  • if you haven’t by now create a Crunchbase account
  • optimize your page
  • if your site has a good design (and it should) submit it to CSS Galeries
  • use Semrush to your advantage – this is a great analysis tool or find any other way to see your stats

Can internal links be backlinks?

This is something that many will wonder about. The answer is simple. Let’s put it this way. Can Robin be a Batman or the other way around? Obviously not. Both of them have their own role to pay. Internal links in this story are Robin in this story and backlinks are Batman. Since the new movie Batman is out this seemed like a perfect comparison. If you plan and think ahead they can be the best strategy. Internal links can boost a site’s performance a lot. As you can see combining internal links and backlinks is the best SEO strategy.

Now let’s get back to the SEO experts

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have the time to do this on your own. Sometimes it can be a bit much. We mentioned that everybody can be an SEO expert nowadays but not everybody has the time. Outsourcing your SEO is a way to go in that case. Finding a company or a single SEO expert can do wonders for your website. Of course, you will need to make sure that your SEO company is helping your site but other than that this can be a great solution if you don’t have the time to sit and read all the articles on Link Department or any other similar websites to educate yourself on this topic.

pinned post-its
Sometimes hiring professionals is the best way to help your site by working on your SEO so you should consider it.

Parting words

If you have more questions hopefully we showed you where you can find your answers. Also, we hope that you realized how combining internal links and backlinks can be important and if you haven’t used this tactic by now you will start soon. Good luck and don’t worry, your rank will be better – it takes some time to get results.

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