Ways to get more email subscribers

Collecting thousands of email subscribers is probably one of the more important aspects of your business marketing strategy. However, your email list is less useful if it doesn’t contain emails from subscribers who are not interested in what you have to offer. You need the audience that will listen to you, show interest, and eventually acquire what you are offering. To succeed in making such a list you will need to create an effective strategy. Eventually, a good strategy will help you get more email subscribers and keep the engagement at a high level.

Tips to get more email subscribers

At first, making a good and useful email list might seem frightening. You need to interest the audience, exchange information, make them subscribe, and eventually sell them a product. It sounds more complex than it actually is. Of course, the entire process requires time, effort, and a lot of patience. Because of that, sometimes it’s better to ask professionals to help you. But, if done properly, it’s very well worth it. So, here we’ll discuss several interesting ways to get more subscribers. They will, over time, help you get a decent email list.

a subscribe button
A good strategy will help you get more email subscribers

Here are the tips to get more email subscribers:

  1. Create valuable content
  2. Run useful giveaways
  3. Use a lead magnet tactic
  4. Don’t be shy with testimonials
  5. Try with exit popups
  6. Don’t forget about mobile devices
  7. Don’t ask for too much info
  8. Ask when they are engaged

1. Create valuable content

This is something you will hear quite often when planning your marketing strategy. It’s important because without good content you won’t have anything that will lure the potential subscribers to you. It’s a bare necessity before you even try anything else. In reality, no one is interested in giving out its email unless they have some interest in it. That’s why you have to offer something in return. And high-quality content is a crucial way to break the ice and make the audience interested.

2. Run useful giveaways

If you run a website that has decent traffic, you want to get the most out of it. You want to convert that traffic to more subscribers. For that, you can use giveaways. But not just any giveaways. First, research what your targeted audience is, and try to guess what they would be interested in. If it works, it can even further increase the traffic. So it’s a double win situation. You can use tools and plugins to help you with it:

  • RafflePress
  • ShortStack
  • Agorapulse
  • and many more.

All of these tools can help you organize a giveaway, increase your online growth, and get more subscribers. Just make sure you have a decent offer. Something that attracts people. And in no time, they will share this offer even further.

A book as a gift.
Everyone likes gifts, just make sure to “pack” them properly.

3. Use a lead magnet tactic

Nothing is free. Not even your potential subscribers’ email. That’s why you need to offer something in return. Similar to giveaways, this is something we call “a lead magnet”. It’s, in essence, a free gift you offer in exchange for emails. But not in a blunt way for the sake of just getting the larger email list. It has to go with a theme. This means, if your audience is most readers, then a free digital edition of a popular book would be a perfect offer. If you are into the gaming industry, a free month of subscription to the popular game is also a good choice. Once they are interested, they will have no problem subscribing. As you can see, it all depends on the subject.

4. Don’t be shy with testimonials

Don’t place your testimonials where they are hard to notice. They are on your website or blog for a reason, so you should display them where everyone can see. You’ve earned them, so it’s time they earn you something in return. Basically, they function as a confirmation of credibility. When visitors see your testimonials they know you are a real deal. With increasing trust, the number of subscribers will increase too.

An illustration of people talking about someone among each other.
Testimonials help build trust with visitors.

5. Try with exit popups to get more email subscribers

Sometimes, exit popups can help increase the number of email subscribers. But, sometimes, they can just annoy visitors. That’s why it’s important to implement them in the least irritating way. Mostly, exit popups show when someone is trying to leave your website. But, they can also be used on specific pages. What they do, in essence, is that they offer a visitor the last chance to change its mind. Or, something else. In this case, you can create an appealing, not too aggressive, form so they can subscribe before they are gone. Also, you can use exit popups to offer a discount or to promote any kind of offer. It’s up to you. Just try to use an appealing image, proper color scheme, and well-formed CTA buttons.

6. Don’t forget about mobile devices

Since mobile devices display pages in a different manner than desktop computers, popups work differently. When you ask someone to subscribe on a mobile device, you need to follow the best practices:

  • Popups must no cover the entire screen
  • The closing button should be easy to find
  • Restrain from using popups in the early stage of the visit

It’s also a good practice to use self-closing popups. The ones that disappear from the screen on its own after a certain amount of time without activity on the screen.

7. Don’t ask for too much info

Generally speaking, when you want people to subscribe, the number of steps and information you require to subscribe do matters. People are obsessed with time, and often not willing to spend more than it’s necessary to do anything. Then, why would they bear with you if you ask them for too much information in your 5-step subscription form? They wouldn’t and you need to take it into consideration. The best way to do this correctly is to keep it short and simple. Name and email address are just about enough information you need to ask for, in most cases. Basically, two form fields and one button is all you need in most cases. If you ask for unnecessary information you are automatically increasing the chance that they will give up. After all, you can always ask for additional information later.

8. If you want to get more email subscribers, ask when they are engaged

Just like proper structure and placing matter for the content, it matters for email subscription as well. This is one of the least annoying and most effective ways to get more email subscribers that matter. Remember, the level of annoyance really matters to visitors. There are many cases where people remember if they are being bothered or distracted too much. And they tend to avoid such particular websites. So, offering an email subscription at the end of the article, for example, will get you more valuable emails. Simply put, if they make it to the end of it, they are already showing a great interest in the content. To engage them further, ask them to subscribe with an appealing offer at the end.

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