Ways to Make the Best of SEO Link Building with Semrush

Before we start talking about  SEO link building with Semrush we need to start from the beginning. Just in case someone is completely new here. Do you know what Semrush is? Chances are you do, but in case someone doesn’t Semrsuh is probably the most useful SEO tool you will ever need. In fact, it is officially the best SEO tool for 2022. This platform is often used for keyword research. But that is not all of course. Its also used for online ranking data and metrics. Another cool thing this platform does is collects information about online keywords gathered from Google (and Bing) search engines. As you can see this platform is amazing and it can do a lot. You can even find backlinking opportunities there. People all over the world use this platform and internet marketers especially love it.

Will SEMrush be good for SEO?

This is the most common question asked and the quick answer is – YES! But only if you use it right. This is software, not magic, someone needs to operate it. If used correctly SEMrush can empower your keyword research. It can even empower your content optimization and you will be getting an amazing amount of SEO intelligence. Here is an example – if you use Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool you will be able to find and target the keyword phrases that have the most chances to get you the best results (most search traffic being the result). If you want to keep reading about the basics and link building we suggest you head out to Link Department and check out the blog.

blocks spelling SEO
Investing in SEMrush should be a part of your SEO strategy.

SEMrush link building

Just in case you don’t know how to use Semrush link building here is a quick guide for you, if you are already familiar skip this part :

  • go to the link building tool
  • start a new project (or if you have an existing project you can create a new campaign)
  • enter up to 10 keywords (use the ones you want to improve your organic rankings for)

This is just a way for you to start. Then you can start exploring all the options this software has to offer you.

The money talk

If you are already using SEMrush you know the prices, if you are planning to you should know that this platform is not cheap. You should know that it’s completely worth the price though. The basic plan comes at $99/month. It adds up to be a lot when you see the annual price but most users will tell you that it’s completely worth it. Go to their website and see the other prices. From time to time, you will be able to get better deals.

paying with card for Link Building with Semrush
It’s good to invest in things that are worth it.

9 moves to make the best of SEO link building with Semrush

  1. Check on your backlink profile at least once a week to see what is new in your backlink profile
  2. If you have lost any links – get them back (pages break and content gets overwritten and in that process, the links can get lost)
  3. Check out your competition and look at their backlink profile to get some new link building ideas
  4. Find content ideas to attract links
  5. You can implement redirects for previously successful pages
  6. You can audit your anchor text
  7. Get rid of the toxic backlinks
  8. Set up the security system (in the Backlink Audit Tool you will be able to turn on notifications that can help you quickly put a spammer’s attack out of action)
  9. Automate link building ideas search after you are done with previous steps and make templates

Don’t worry, we will explain some things that are not obvious like getting rid of the toxic backlinks. That doesn’t need any more explanation obviously.

Lost links

Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Have you ever clicked on a broken link and saw a 404 page? This can be an opportunity for broken link building unless the link was yours. In case it was yours you need to get in touch with the website owner and get your link back. In order to find lost links on Semrush, you need to click the “Lost” filter in your report and add the “Follow” filter. Then you will be able to sort by descending Page Authority Score. This is a good way to find your biggest losses, backlinks lost from trusted domains you had.

lost cat sign
It’s time to find lost links.

Your competition

Number 3 and number 4 on our list of 9 moves to make the best of SEO link building with Semrush are based on you checking your competition. This is a very common practice and it’s not plagiarism. You are only getting inspiration and checking how others in your niche are doing. This can be good for you so don’t skip this. Check out the Backlinks Competitors report and maybe you will find some amazing sites you can connect with.

Auditing anchor text

You need to optimize anchor text and you need to audit it. Here is a good way to make sure that your anchors don’t reflect spammy practices. Check the ratio of what Semrush calls “ money anchors,” those are the anchors that exactly match a keyword that your website is trying to rank for. You will need to work on increasing the number of branded or compound which is a mix of your brand name and some additional text, and you can do that on the Anchors report on SEMrush.

Link Building with Semrush

As you can imagine you will need to do more than just these nine steps to build an effective backlink strategy that gets results. And you will need even more for successful SEO. This is a great way for you to start exploring everything this software has to offer you. Link Building with SEMrush can be easy but it takes some time and practice.

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