How to measure the success of your local SEO campaign

The success of your local SEO campaign is surely your top priority now, but how can you see it and measure it? That is the question of the day, isn’t it? We will focus on that today and we will also show you where you can continue your research and where you can find some additional help. Sometimes the key to success is finding the right kind of help. But we will talk later about that.

Measuring the success of any SEO campaign in 5 simple steps

  1. Check your keyword rankings
  2. Conversation rate is next
  3. Check your backlinks
  4. What is your spam score?
  5. Check the traffic quality

If you did all of these steps and checked everything you have started well. These are the basic steps. But now let’s see what more can you do about your local SEO campaign. If you have any questions on the basics like how to check keyword rankings and such you should check out the Link Department. There are many of useful information that can help you with your local SEO campaign.

The difference between regular and local SEO campaign

This is a pretty easy one. Instead of focusing on reaching customers on a national or global level, you will be focusing on your specific area. That’s why the name “Local SEO”. Here is a perfect example for you. If you are selling baby clothes and your business is based in NYC and you are shipping through the states – do you need the attention of Australians? Nope. You cant sell them and you can ship them your products. So you need to focus on NYC, then New York as a state, and then the USA. That’s it. Many strategies will be the same whether you are focusing on global or local SEO. The big difference is that local SEO allows you to capture local search territory. That means you will be able to connect with searchers in your area.

Australia on the map
Maybe you will get an opportunity to expand your business to Australia once but now it’s important to focus on your local territory.

Is my local SEO campaign even working?

We already told you that it’s important to check your backlinks. If you see that they are on the rise – your campaign is working and performing well. You should also see the number of organic keywords on your website are rising as well. That means that you chose the right keywords and you are targeting the right industry. These are all the signs that you did a good job and your campaign is working as planned.

Metrics that you need to track

  • average page load time
  • as mentioned a few times before – backlinks
  • toxic backlinks – if you have any and then you need to get rid of them
  • bounce rate
  • brand awareness by using related search
  • conversations by source and the ones from organic traffic
  • customers reviews
  • domain authority
  • engagement
  • events
  • geotargeted keyword clicks
  • GMB insights (Google My Business)
  • internal links
  • keyword rankings
  • local search rankings
  • leads
  • local pack search
  • new users
  • non branded search
  • organic traffic and organic traffic by location
  • phone clicks
  • referrals
  • SERPs
  • time spent on page
  • website URL views
  • broken links

Being an SEO expert

Its sounds like a lot we understand. SEO is a bit complicated. But it’s not rocket science. You see all of this can be learned, but you need a lot of time and dedication. That’s why we always say everyone can become an SEO expert but not everyone has the time and focus for it.

blocks spelling SEO
SEO is very important nowadays.

How often do I need to check the success of my local SEO campaign?

The answer depends on a lot of factors but we can say something for certain – as often as you can. Keywords and backlinks should be checked weekly that’s for sure. If you happen to have toxic backlinks you need to get rid of them immediately. It’s crucial that you find out about them before Google does. Other things you can check monthly, like if you have any broken links on your website or after any major change on the website itself.

Who can make the best local SEO campaign for you?

If you are not happy with your current local SEO campaign or if you do not have enough time to do it on your own you should consider outsourcing SEO. Hiring an in-house SEO expert or even better hiring an SEO company can be the best way to have a successful campaign. You will have people who are dedicated just to that task and they will be focusing on that part of your business (and its important one).

hiring a company to help you to deal with your local SEO campaign
Hiring professionals to help you is always a smart move.

Google Analytics

It’s important that you use all the tools that can help you. For example, Google Analytics can be a great and useful tool. We already said that you need to check your referrals. That means your referral traffic too. You can check it in Google Analytics. The way to do it is by going to Acquisitions>All Traffic>Referrals. This is a great way to see if your SEO campaign is effective.

Additional tips to help your SEO efforts

Before we go we wanted to share some useful tips you can apply to your local SEO campaign. Chances are you are using some of them but check them out for a second :

  • It’s so important to optimize your website for mobile – we are all using our smartphones more than computers
  • Optimize for voice search as well
  • You need to have Google My Business Account
  • Create a dedicated webpage for every product or service you are offering

Those were our additional tips to help your SEO efforts. Good luck and hopefully you will see that your local SEO campaign is performing amazingly!

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