How to Outsource SEO Correctly

Handling your SEO is not a simple task. SEO is complex and it demands commitment and investment of both time and money. Many companies do not have the time or the resources to handle their own web presence. Their websites may seem outdated, bland, and do not grab customers’ attention. This may spell disaster for a business as being noticed and ranking high in search engine results is imperative. It is a result of a good and consistent SEO strategy. Hiring Link Department as a professional to handle your SEO is a good solution to the problem. However, businesses must know how to outsource SEO correctly.

Why outsource your SEO

Companies and particularly small companies should strive to excel in customer service and satisfaction. Product improvements, new ideas, and conversion are what companies should focus on. This means that they do not have the time to work on, improve and test new SEO strategies continually.  So, to have adequate benefits from SEO activities it’s only logical that they should outsource their SEO.

Drawing of a hand passing on a coin to another hand
You can outsource and pay for external SEO expertise

There are numerous facts that will support this claim. First of all, SEO is complex and it means mastering large pallets of tools, metrics, and activities. From On-page and off-page SEO, content to technical SEO there is a lot to learn and know. If you add the ever-changing online expectations and needs it further demands continual learning and improvement. This is basically caused by the everchanging way in which Google changes its expectations and signs rank. More and more it is becoming apparent that the full user experience is important and not just some aspects of SEO.

The conclusion is that outsourcing is a must. It is a prerequisite to creating maximal impact and adequately managing your online presence. As a result, your SEO will bring you the highest possible volume of customers and profits. Much like companies outsource their marketing activities they must also learn how to outsource SEO correctly. This is highly advisable and recommended.

Outsourcing options

In reality, there are many outsourcing options to choose from. All of them have their pros and cons and the choice will depend on the SEO needs and company size. Here is what you can choose from:

  • Independent SEO freelancers
  • SEO contractors
  • SEO Company
  • Full-service agency

Independent SEO freelancers

The cheapest solution is a freelancer. Freelancers can handle your SEO professionally on occasion and at a low cost. They can save you a lot of time mastering some simple SEO tools and techniques. They are perfect for smaller companies that do not have the need for big link-building campaigns or content projects. A freelancer must be up to speed with the changing environment to deliver results. But, as the changing environment demands more of a hands-on approach, having a freelancer do the job may not suffice and may increase expenses.

SEO contractors

Similar to working with freelancers is working with SEO contractors. You however have a more of a long-term relationship with your contractor. These are highly skilled professionals that can perform tasks with great detail and knowledge. However, it’s basically one person to handle your SEO. If your contractor has more clients you may be forced to wait for timely and adequate task completion.

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Communication with freelancers and SEO contractors can be easy and fast

SEO Company

SEO companies have teams of people working on your SEO. This collective approach can have many benefits for your online business and presence. All of this knowledge and creativity can give a new level to your SEO. Frequent brainstorming and polishing of ideas can bring a lot to your SEO activities and strategies. However, these SEO companies are not that flexible. Other than managing SEO they are not equipped to perform other tasks. So, any other activity like website redesign must be contracted with other companies.

Full-service agency

Full-service agencies provide a full pallet of services. They combine the creativity and brainstorming potentials of a tight-knit team with a wide array of other services. Designers, developers, and managers work as one unit in these companies. Your SEO managers easily communicate with other design departments, copywriters, and other digital marketing professionals. The flow of ideas in these teams is free and communication is easy. So, you are cut out as the middle man between these different experts and professionals. In this way, you receive a full package deal that also for quick reactions and idea implementation.

Teams like this have a wast experience in different industries and sectors. They have likely encountered many problems and issues and already have a prepared answer or solution.

What to look for

When looking at how to outsource SEO correctly it is also important to know just what to look for in external experts. Here is what you should consider and what to avoid:

Look for previous experience – look for someone that can do the job. For someone that worked in a similar industry and has the expertise to handle your business strategies and models. Try to assess the level of experience and also decide to hire locally or not.

Look for adequate knowledge of SEO tools – an expert should be prepared to use different SEO tools at his disposal. Make sure that he is familiar with up-to-date tools by Moz, AHRefs, or SEMRush.

Try to avoid promises of instant or guaranteed ranking. Avoid anyone dealing with black hat SEO techniques.

A team of people working using seo companies is How to Outsource SEO Correctly
SEO companies bring on an additional quality of providing an almost full service for your SEO

Once you select a company to work with make sure you follow the effectiveness of its actions. Follow up on specific keyword rankings. Follow the organic traffic growth. Look for increased revenue since implementing certain SEO strategies. These should indicate the effectiveness of hiring your SEO company and the validity of this decision.

A few final points

SEO is a very valuable activity that requires wast and in-depth knowledge, experience, and contact improvement. Many businesses do not have the capacity to handle SEO correctly and with proper expertise and dedication. This is why it is important to outsource this activity to ensure the achievement of maximum results. Learning how to outsource SEO correctly is important here. This is why it makes sense to research and study the important factors of SEO outsourcing.

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