What are GREY hat techniques in SEO?

Visibility and high rankings on Google and other search engines seem to be more important than ever before. Every single industry is affected by SEO and its importance. Being available online to potential customers or consumers seems to be something that successful firms cannot go without. So, it is only natural that all marketing experts are looking to the next best thing in SEO. There are plenty of available strategies that can be used. While some are considered good practice, others not so much. While white and back hat techniques are quite popular, gray hat techniques are just gaining momentum. Let’s explore grey hat techniques in SEO and are they suitable for your SEO strategy.

GREY hat techniques in SEO – what they are and how to use them

To improve your Google ranking in 2022. you will need to strategize. Certain strategies, such as white hat, are considered Google approved and very effective. At the same time, black hat strategies are dangerous and can easily put you in an undesirable spot. Penalties and other sanctions are often the outcomes after using black hat strategies. But, what about grey hat strategies in SEO? Since they are somewhere in between the white hat and back hat practices, they should be used with plenty of caution. While these strategies can be extremely effective, they can also get you in trouble. But, let’s see which techniques you might try using and how can they benefit your website.

Stats used to check results after using grey hat techniques in SEO.
After using GREY hat strategies to improve SEO, make sure you follow the results through SEO metrics. This way you will know are used techniques effective or not.

Grey hat strategies that will help you improve your online visibility

When working on a digital content marketing strategy, you can certainly attempt to use some of the suggested gray hat practices. Still, you should always keep in mind that they are borderline black. Hence, using them can easily take you to the dark side. However, if you plan accordingly, some of these strategies can take your website to the next level. Let’s get started and see which grey hat strategies in SEO can make Google and other search engines love what you are selling.

Exploit an expired domain to your SEO benefit

Your domain doesn’t always need to be brand spanking new. Domains can expire while used by someone else and at that point they become available to others. While the domain might be expired, it can still contain beneficial authority. This practice can be used in two ways.

  1. Put 301 redirects to the test and use it to redirect as much link power as possible to the domain you are using at the moment. By doing so you have an excellent chance to improve your authority.
  2. Use already used and old content. By giving it life once again, recycled content can provide significant power to your SEO.
A large magnifying glass on a blue surface.
Use such SEO techniques that will guaranty that customers do not need an online magnifying glass to locate you online. But, do your best to use acceptable methods.

Purchasing links or trading links

Before we get to the specifics we must set off the SEO alarm. This technique is very dangerous for SEO. Since it violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you can easily get blacklisted. Therefore, use with extreme caution! In case you want to live on the edge of SEO, these are some of your options:

  • Purchasing a link placement on an article that already exists and has previously been indexed by Google.
  • Buying a guest post chance that includes a link back towards your website
  • Finding and trading links with another site owner that is also willing to support this practice
  • Trading certain services, maybe even products. In exchange, that someone would include your links on their website, social media, etc.

Use BPN to improve rankings (private blog networks)

Private blog networks can be used to improve your online visibility. By using a group of websites that you control, you can increase the standings of your main website. By using backlinks towards your main website you will generate more visibility and more time spent on your website pages. Backlinks directed towards one domain will massively increase authority. This practice is considered to be very manipulative in the SEO world. Some SEO experts would flag it as a black hat technique. In the end, if you are very discrete you might avoid getting penalized. If you hush the entire strategy and no one finds out about it, there is a solid chance you won’t get caught with your hand stuck in the forbidden SEO cookie jar.

A black hat dropped on a grey carpet.
Plenty of grey hat techniques in SEO are borderline black. That is why when used it needs to be done with extra care and preferably previous SEO knowledge.

Hiring professionals to improve SEO standings is always an option

In theory, improving SEO ranking seems like a simple thing to do. Yet, it can be time-consuming and quite difficult. Some strategies might be simpler and easier to facilitate than others. So, some can be done by non-professionals. Nevertheless, most are difficult and require previous experience or at least a special set of skills. That is why hiring professional SEO specialists is always an excellent investment in your business. Also, there are companies that specialize in certain SEO techniques. If you would like to improve your SEO ranking through backlinks, contacting Link Department is always a magnificent option.

Improve your online rankings with proper SEO techniques

Most SEO techniques will in some way improve your online rankings. Still, we cannot emphasize enough how careful you must be when putting together an SEO strategy and when executing it. White hat techniques are usually very safe bets. Hence, can be applied without stress or worries for consequences. The same cannot be said for the grey hat techniques in SEO. While they can be more than effective, they can also entice you to cross the line. Google and other engines have plenty of clear rules and regulations that they expect you to follow. Crossing the line and breaking those rules is much easier than it seems. For that reason, feel free to use grey hat practices to improve your SEO, but with lots of caution and preferably with lots of SEO experience behind you.

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