What methods can be used as part of the backlinks strategy?

In an attempt of achieving a higher rank, every company must work on its SEO. The ranking of pages and their traffic is dependent on how Google ranks them. To be at the top of search results and highly ranked any page should strive to be relevant and authoritative. However, there are many ways and over 200 factors that google analyses these qualities and assigns rank. With this in mind, a serious SEO effort is important to achieve a high rank. This is where creating backlinks and backlink-building strategies come into play. So, to do and rank well you have to have a proper backlink profile and you have to know what methods can be used as part of the backlinks strategy.

Backlink and rankings

Well, the key goal is to create quality and relevant content on your webpage. With quality and relevant content, you become relevant and sought after on the internet. After that, your webpage can become authoritative and generate its own backlinks. In turn, this leads to better ranking and positioning by google. However, many criteria that Google uses for ranking content and relevancy are often not enough.

Link building sign
Link building is important and that is the reason for so many methods and strategies to link building

This means that you have to invest in serious SEO and link building to get your webpage going and ranking. This link building effort should aim at earning backlinks that are:

  • Authoritative, meaning that the site ranks well and generates a lot of traffic due to its quality
  • Relevant, meaning that it focuses on the same niche and deals with similar topics
  • Unique, the site should link to you and not refer to competitors and
  • Natural, the links are not bought and the anchor texting   is not spammy

With all this in mind, we should get to know and learn more about What methods can be used as part of the backlinks strategy. Some methods are more valuable than others but their combination will ultimately lead to the best results. Some of these methods are:

  • Resource link building
  • Broken link building
  • Brand mentions
  • Contextual links
  • Update old content

Resource link building

This method relies on the need to provide value to your audience. With this in mind, you can then make resource pages that will be of youse to your audience in this way you will become a source of quality content and earn many backlinks while providing a valuable service to your users. You can also use this method to research your competitor’s activities in this respect. Research just who is linking to them and try to shift their attention to your pages. But this is just one of the methods you can use as part of the backlinks strategy

A person looking at papers that represent the complexity of What methods can be used as part of the backlinks strategy
Best results can be achieved by combining different methods to achieve a goal

Broken link building

Broken link building is a very simple and effective method. it has a dual purpose and value. First, it allows you to create content that is irrelevant and needed, and secondly, it has a high rate of success. This is because it remedies one of the flaws that web pages can have. The method implies that you search for the web pages and links that are broken and not working. Ideally, this missing content should be in your area of expertise.

Once you find them you can then alert webmasters of the existence of broken links and offer to write new content that will fit the missing original. Webmasters will be inclined to agree because this will eliminate a part of their broken links which is beneficial to them. At the same, you can get a number of new backlinks from existing web pages.

Brand mentions

One of the easiest and quickest methods of getting backlinks is reclaiming brand mentions. You simply have to monitor for the mentions of your brand using any of the available tools. Once you spot that a website uses your brand name without a proper link to your website you can contact them for a proper link attribution to your site.

In these cases, webmasters will be able to provide their readers a full experience coupled with relevant links while you can get a quality backlink. Furthermore, you can use the same method with mentions of your company, employees, or generally the activities that you organize and promote.

Contextual links

You can also try to use the contextual backlinks building method. This means that you should reach out and contact authors of articles that use contextual links like “read more” etc. You can always search for the topics that are of interest to you and that you can write about so you can make contact with their authors. Then you can let them know about research and other data you can provide and that they can read about and link to over their “learn more” contextual links.  For instance, you can complement someone’s article on internet marketing by providing additional info through your study and research on internet marketing.

This also opens the door to creating a more elaborate relationship with certain authors which can in long run generate a lot of natural and instinctive backlinks between pages. This will look good and score highly with googles algorithms and can lead to better ranking and positioning. other authors

Update old content

Updating old content is a simple and effective way of earning backlinks and forming long-term partnerships. This means that you should focus on finding websites that have content connected to publications and references that are out of date. Once you find these you can write the new content. Then you can inform the administrators that their links are out of date and that they should mend the situation.

This is an opportunity to offer your new and fresh take on the subject that they can link to. Almost overnight you can experience a surge of backlinks to your content and social media share. But this is not the only benefit. This also creates the room to create a long-term relationship and future collaboration on other projects. This long-term effect can influence and grow your brand and your webpage traffic.

A computer screen showing web page stats
Your ranking and SEO success will largely depend on your link building success

So, as part of your SEO effort, you really should understand What methods can be used as part of the backlinks strategy. You always have an option to leave that up to the professionals you can contact and hire such as the Link Department, but understanding these matters is important. Make sure you understand just what is needed for achieving good SEO results and high ranking.

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