What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need

When it comes to determining your website’s value by Google. Backlinks are an essential factor. To make sure you’ve got the best results, you need to base your backlink strategy according to several factors. These factors can help you bring high-quality backlinks to your website. This is important because the quality should be always more important than the number of links. In this article, we’ll help you get the idea of what type of backlinks does your business really need, and ensure you make the right choices for your digital marketing strategy.

What’s a good-quality backlink?

In order to go for the most valuable backlinks for your business, it is important to understand what backlinks are valuable for your website. The most important traits you should go for are:

  • authority – the websites you connect with should be reliable and have increased authority. This will also impact your own status and give your pages more value. Again, you should always go for fewer links from authoritative websites instead of many low-quality links.
  • relevance – depending on the type of your business and topics you base your content on, it’s important to pick backlinks that are relevant to the niche. These backlinks will be more useful for readers and therefore bring more authority to your page.
  • location in the content – a good-quality backlink should be placed in a visible place on your website. Those placed at the top of the page are considered more relevant and valuable by search engines.
  • age – links that appeared some time ago are also considered more valuable than some ‘younger’ links, which is related to the authority of the pages and website.
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Your strategy depends on your next move – choose what is best for your business.

What type of backlinks is best for your business?

When trying to achieve a successful marketing strategy, you need to be aware of your business’ current situation. Be realistic about where’s your business at the moment. Also, make sure to set realistic goals you want to achieve in a certain period. This will help you determine what type of backlinks is best for your business, so you can focus on it and achieve success faster. If you are not exactly sure how to do that, consult with professionals at Link Department. Then, according to your business’ current status, you will choose the best scenario.

The beginning stage of the business development

Let’s say you’ve just started a business, and you have a brand new website without a lot of great content. Even though this seems like the hardest step, there are some types of backlinks you can begin with. In this case, guest posting seems like a great idea. If you have a lot of knowledge about your niche, it can be very beneficial to build content on authoritative websites. Other techniques of linking building in this situation can be writing testimonials for other businesses, contact local influencers, be active on social media, and provide some content to niche-related forums and blogs. This is the base of your link building strategy and can be very helpful for young businesses.

a man talking on the phone about the best type of backlinks
Be realistic about your business situation and goals, so you can choose the best type of backlinks for your strategy.

Low budget scenario

Very often, website owners have financial troubles creating high-quality content that will build backlinks effortlessly. The low budget scenario has a couple of solutions you can try out. In this case, you’ll have to do some work for others in order to get some backlink back. in this case, the type of backlinks your business really needs is broken backlinks. Even though might seem strange at first, this strategy has proven to be very helpful for low-budget businesses.

It is important to find relevant websites to your niche and offer to find broken links for them. And once you do that, let them know and it’s very likely they will be thankful and offer to return a favor. And the favor is – offering you a link on their website.

Another option is creating a free tool on your website, like a service cost calculator, that other businesses in your industry will love to use.

Established business – but your goals are higher

Once you establish your business, engage a certain audience, there are link building techniques to achieve more in promoting your website. One of the ideal backlink types is certainly editorial backlinks. This happens when an editorial cites your content as relevant to a topic, uses interviews of company representatives, etc. To attract these, you need to invest time and money into creating high-quality content that will become viral, and interesting to the businesses in your industry. Do more research on the topics, engaging keywords, and other elements of valuable SEO pages.

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Even though you don’t have a big budget, you can choose the type of backlinks that your business needs at that state.

Backlinks your business doesn’t need

Sure, you can find a type of backlink that works for you and do more about it. However, it’s equally important to recognize ineffective backlink strategies that can even harm your website. These include:

  • spammy comments and testimonials;
  • purchased links ;
  • PBNs – private blog networks – even though the participants are only helping each other, this is a black hat technique Google disapproves;
  • links located in the footer and sidebar is not something readers pay attention to;
  • reciprocal backlinks that have nothing to do with your niche;
  • directories without any editorial control and spam rejection pages.

In the end…

All of these are unfortunately common in the digital marketing world. Maybe you even tried some of these techniques. However, you need to be sure that even though some of these techniques provide results, these are often short-term solutions that can be recognized as black hat strategies and earn you nothing but Google penalties. To avoid that, be sure to stick with what’s the best type of backlinks your business needs, and enjoy the secure success of your website.

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