How to Rank on Page 1 of Google Fast?

Achieving a rank on page 1 of Google search results has immense power to increase your website traffic. That’s why almost all website owners are setting it as one of their primary goals. By increasing your traffic you boost the number of potential consumers and help your business grow. However, there is no definite way that will guarantee you the highest rankings. It’s a tremendous effort and requires a lot of knowledge and dedication. Fortunately, there are a few considerable methods you can use, that will help you get on page 1 of Google fast.

Methods to rank on Page 1 of Google

With thousands of highly optimized websites already taking up the first page on search engine results pages, it may seem impossible to squeeze your website in. And not only that: At the same time when you are considering fighting your way to top results, thousands of others might be doing the same thing. This creates incredible competitiveness for those nifty rankings. In the best case, you are going to need a lot of time to rank organically on the first page. However, there is a way around it. First, you will need a dedicated SEO team to significantly decrease that time. Second, you need to make a quality link profile, and the fastest way is with experienced link builders. Finally, you will need to be flexible with your strategies.

To point you in the right direction, here are some of the proven methods you should place your focus on:

  1. You need to focus on long-tail keywords
  2. Create a lot of quality content
  3. Get high-quality backlinks
  4. Improve your local visibility
  5. Always work on improvements

1. You need to focus on long-tail keywords

The best part about long-tail keywords is that there are countless combinations you can make. They won’t have large traffic like strong head keywords, but, the sum of traffic in total is what makes them powerful. Here is an example that explains how they look:

  • Head keyword can be something like “Cheap smartphones” – a highly competitive keyword.
  • The long-tail keyword version you can use would be “The best cheap smartphones in 2021”
  • or, something like “Cheap smartphones for family budget”

What makes them so efficient? Well, it’s the simple fact that people are expanding their queries when searching for something online. They often add the entire sentence to make the results more specific. For example, adding a year to it like in the example above. Or, a specific area of interest, like “Affordable smartphones in Brooklyn”. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that long-tail keywords have higher conversion rates.

Mixed words on a scrabble board.
Long-tail keywords can be made of various mixtures of words.

2. Create a lot of quality content

Obviously, you will also need to place your long-tail keywords somewhere. For this, you will need plenty of content. And not just any. You should focus on creating only high-quality content. The more of it you have, the better chance you have to rank on the first page on Google. The main focus while creating quality content is relevance. Combined with the best keyword density practice it can make wonders for your ranking position. For example, using keywords in page title, header, and several times in the body text.

Also, your content should be written for humans and not for search engines. Many websites are making the mistake of overoptimizing their content. By doing that it can easily become confusing for ordinary readers. Your goal is to create easily digestible pages with the best content on the subject. Sometimes, that can be an in-depth guide or set of instructions. Sometimes it can be a review or description of products. Nevertheless, don’t forget to make it unique and distinguishable.

A woman researching magazines.
It’s necessary to provide your audience with quality content.

3. Get high-quality backlinks

A healthy and quality backlink profile is one of the most functional ways to get top ranking positions. However, creating it can be quite challenging. Especially since you need to focus on quality mostly, but on the quantity as well. Besides they direct visitors to your website, each link to your website brings a certain value. This helps you when building authority and competitive value of your pages. But, the tricky part is to acquire those quality backlinks if you are just starting. If you are, you should consider assistance from someone who knows how it’s done. Some of the best methods professional link builders use to get high-quality backlinks are:

  • Broken link building
  • Skyscraper technique
  • Use of infographics
  • Links from posts on relevant blogs
  • and many more

Remember, links play a crucial part in every SEO campaign. That is the reason constantly work on acquiring them over time, to get and stay on page 1 of Google.

4. Improve your local visibility

Many small websites can’t compete with large ones, which are there ranking for years. At least, not in a traditional way. But, if you target the audience from a specific industry and area, you can win top positions. For example, a small business website that sells products or provides services. In that case, there is no need to compete for global results. All they have to do is to increase their local visibility and aim for local search results. Obviously, most of them leverage the power of Google My Business. By optimizing your business listings you can achieve not only page one of Google but top three positions as well.

5. Always work on improvements even when you have a rank on page 1 of Google

One of the ways to audit the effectiveness of your website is to check user metrics. Here are a few necessary metrics that can provide you with insight into the efficiency of your website:

  • Pageviews
  • Total traffic
  • Unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages per session
  • Time on each page and website
  • and many others

Remember, search engine optimization is not a one-time job. It’s a long process that never ends. You can go through your SEO strategy and achieve desired ranking position, but if you don’t continue to work on it, you will lose it.

Working hard on a laptop to improve a website.
Your website improvements should never stop if you wish to remain on page 1.

In the end, if you are just starting out, the competition will definitely be hard. Fortunately, these proven methods can help you start with your journey to rank on page 1 of Google fast. By targeting the right keywords and focusing on the right audience, you will significantly increase your chance of success. There are many traditional and unconventional methods you can use, and sometimes all it needs is to be a little creative.

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