Why Backlinks Matter in Global SEO

If you want your business to have a global reach, you have to learn about global SEO. Traffic from organic search leads will get you higher conversion rates, and there’s no secret about that. Additionally, this is also considered higher quality traffic than other sources. But, we’re here to answer the question of why backlinks matter in global SEO.

And the answer is simple actually. People that come to your website through these backlinks are coming with specific intent. This means that they’re going to stick around for longer. And that’s exactly why this traffic is highly regarded.

However, not everything is the same as in local SEO. There are a few key differences between the two and we’ll try to explain them. Here’s what you need to know.

Global SEO vs Local SEO

We’ve all heard stories about how great it is to focus your SEO efforts on the local SEO. Even in our advanced SEO techniques for 2020, we talked about this. However, what if you’re running a business that’s not local? Then the need to know the difference between local and global SEO becomes more apparent than ever before.

Local SEO is all about the physical location of the person that is searching in relation to your business location. You must have done one of those near me searches in your lifetime. And that’s exactly what those are focused on.

These kinds of searches are becoming a very common and increasingly popular way to find services and products that are near you. People simply write something like landscapes near me, or car repair near me and the search engine drops the results according to their location. Of course, many other SEO factors are influencing these results also.

So, for anyone working or offering service in a certain area, it makes sense to focus his efforts locally.

However, if you’re running an e-commerce store, selling online memberships and courses, or simply offering backlink services as Link Department does, there’s no point in relying on a local audience for the business.

This is when you focus on global SEO. In this instance, you’re focusing more on the searches that people use to find your products or services. The buyer’s journey and user intent are the things that matter the most.

Sign that says local.
Focusing on the local SEO is good in some instances, while in others it will get you nowhere.

Understand What Matters in Global SEO

If you determined that global SEO is what your business should focus on, you need to know what are the things that will make the biggest impact on your search rankings.

In past times, keywords were the most important thing. If you used certain words a lot on your page, that would propel you to the top of the SERPs. Nowadays, however, the situation is a little bit different.

Don’t get us wrong, keywords still matter, but Google’s algorithm is much more reliable of artificial intelligence these days. So, it’s smart enough to determine the user’s intent and it matches the search results with what they’re looking for.

They’re even using AI to determine what part of the buyer’s journey the user is on. For instance, if someone searches for where to buy a product x, it’s considered a sign that this person is ready to buy. However, if the same person searches for what is product x, this means that he or she is still in the product research phase and that there’s no need to present this person with buying opportunities.

Their goal is to provide search results for exactly what you’re looking for at the moment. So, you have to be aware of that when making an SEO and link building strategy.

A man trying to find out why backlinks matter in global SEO on his laptop.
As soon as you realize why backlinks matter in global SEO you should focus on creating a plan on how to get them.

Why Backlinks Matter in Global SEO

By now, you’re probably wondering where do backlinks fit in all of this and why backlinks matter in global SEO. You see, since search engines determine what the most relevant search results are, they need a way to decide which sites are the quality ones. These always want to provide high-quality content for their users, so how exactly do they do it?

Here, backlinks are considered as social signs. They are signals to Google and other search engines that other people and sites care about the content located on your page. And if lots of people care enough about it to link to it, it has to be quality.

There are other things that influence this decision also. Things like the length of the content, and of course, the authority of the sites that links come from. So, backlinks are still an extremely important part of the equation even when it comes to global SEO.

The Earth from the space.
If you do everything by the book, the whole world will be just a click away from you.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

If you’re new in the whole business of SEO you may be wondering how exactly you can get these quality backlinks. And the first thing you need to understand here is that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

It’s possible to pay $5 and get as much as 5000 links for your website. But not only this won’t help your SEO, but it will also diminish it. These low-cost options are always low quality and Google recognizes that in no time.

You can buy high-quality links to your site, but expect to pay a little bit more than $5. Of course, these have to come from a reputable source and have to look natural. Only this way you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits they can bring to the table.

Additionally, there are tactics like backlink exchange, guest posting, and using social media to promote what you’re doing. All of these work great and can get you amazing results. However, know that nothing comes overnight.

You have to be patient. Post fresh and sharable quality content regularly and you’ll eventually make your way up SERPs. Having good leads to your pages is a shortcut and a nice asset to have, and that’s why backlinks matter in global SEO.

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