Why You Need a Link Building Agency

When you consider everything that’s involved in creating a proper SEO strategy, building backlinks can seem like a large and boring task. It’s a process that takes time and for which you need expertise, and in essence, that’s why you need a link building agency. But, there’s much more to the story.

You see, every now and then, we can hear how backlinks aren’t important anymore for website rankings. But, that statement can’t be further from the truth. They’re as important as they ever were. However, some things did change.

Nowadays, backlinks to a site simply have to come from high-authority domains and have to be relevant to the context of the article. Therefore, quality is much more rewarded than quantity. And that’s exactly why working with a link building agency is a crucial part of any successful SEO campaign.

Besides the obvious benefits of having a professional do the work rather than doing it yourself, there are more advantages to this. Read throughout to get the most out of these services.

How Exactly Backlinks are Helping Your Business?

When it comes to websites, especially to ones that are for business, they’re not effective if they don’t rank well in the search engines. That’s simply how things are. What’s important to know here, that besides quality content, proper keyword strategy, mobile optimization, and nice design site needs links.

Man explaining SEO and why you need a link building agency.
Backlinks are just one of the aspects of SEO, but they can easily be considered the most important one.

Inbound links are often overlooked and yet they’re among the top most important factors of Google rankings. To the eyes of the algorithm, these are the points of confidence for the website. They add value for the visitors by providing more content and that’s very good for SEO.

However, with the rising importance of inbound links, the demand for quality rises also. These have to be as relevant and as good as outbound links to maximize your internal link juice. And sometimes that’s not an easy thing to achieve. Another reason why you need a link building agency to work with.

Dangers of Improper Linking

Unfortunately, only knowing everything about proper tactics won’t save you from the bad ones. So, it’s as important to learn about them as well. The biggest problem there is with digital marketing is that it’s becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, you need to stay on top of all algorithm changes and user behavior trends at all times.

Often in panic or in ignorance people tend to go after the ‘as many links as possible’ tactic. And although that can lead to higher rankings, you’ll soon see a sharp fall. That’s exactly what Google’s high-quality over high-quantity is all about.

Another often-used bad tactic is casting the net too wide. Not only that you can get penalized for too many backlinks, but your customers can get lost in that sea of information that you’re feeding them with. So, resorting to these things can potentially lead to such damage that you won’t be able to bounce back. 

If you go too deep, bad linking can destroy the credibility of your domain and compromise your site. If that happens you’ll be buried in the rankings due to penalties and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

A hammer destroying an egg.
Bad linking can easily destroy the credibility of your website, so avoiding them is why you need a link building agency.

Save Time and Money by Hiring a Link Building Agency

Creating a successful and good linking strategy is both very time consuming and complicated. Trust us, we at Link Department know about these things. Creating such a quantity of high-quality backlinks requires expertise and training. You need to understand what’s going on to be able to utilize everything to its full potential.

Additionally, leaving the pros with the intimidating tasks lets you focus on other aspects of your SEO campaign. And you’ll need all the time you can get as there are many things to care about.

It’s also important to mention that improper link building can get very costly in no time. So, the idea behind hiring an agency is that you’re putting the responsibility in their hands. They’re accounted for if something goes wrong, but they already have the access to all the tools they need to locate and solve the problems so you have nothing to be scared about.

Success in Long-Term

We already mentioned how opting for a lot of links can boost your rankings for a short period of time. Opposed to that, a carefully planned and organized approach will give you long term results in all search engines. 

The main reason why you need quality inbound backlinks, and therefore why you need a link building agency is building the authority of your website. As you should be aware by now, this is impossible without the proper resources and expertise that these agencies bring with them. 

And because of the penalties, you can get because of poor quality backlink, there’s no point in shooting for short-term success. No matter what your business is all about. 

Man examining a growth curve.
With proper tactics and planning, you’ll see only the growth of your business.

What About the Expertise?

To an inexperienced eye, it may seem that link building agencies do a one-dimensional job. That they concentrate all of their knowledge and efforts to creating inbound backlinks. However, there’s much more to it.

In fact, there are many tactics involved that these agencies use to round up the whole campaign. There’s always a wide variety of options for you to choose from and depending on what you decide for they can employ different automated features. You can get link monitoring and auto replacement if any of the links go bad. The possibilities are endless.

You usually can also get a free analysis that will leave you with information on where you can improve your website the most. We don’t have to even mention that they all have great connections and relationships within the industry. So, the collaborations are very possible and on the table at all times.

So, in essence, you can get full coverage of your linking campaign. These are the things that you wouldn’t be able to afford or provide on your own. And that’s why you need a link building agency.

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