Backlinking Strategies to Boost Your Traffic and Domain Authority in 2022

In today’s digital world internet marketing is changing fast. The things that worked before do not give results today. SEO factors change and strategies must also adapt. Through all of this, there is still one thing that is not changing. Link building is still their most effective marketing strategy. Over 80 % of SEO experts agree with this. So, knowing and mastering this SEO aspect is important even today. To better handle this you should be aware of the backlinking strategies to boost your traffic and domain authority today. So, let’s see what is important to know in 2022.

Backlinking strategies are still crucial

Even in 2022 backlink building strategies are important to SEO. This fact stems from their nature and value. Backlinks are simply put links from third parties that link to your web page. The more backlinks you have the more credibility Google assigns to your website and pushes you upward in ranking. In addition, the number and quality of these backlinks will influence your domain authority which will, in turn, increase your page rank.

Digital Marketing graph Backlinking Strategies to Boost Your Traffic and Domain Authority
Backlinking is still dominant in boosting your traffic in 2022

If you have high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority scores you can have given better results. This fact allows you to use and transfer some of that good reputation to your website making it even more trustworthy and authoritative. The final result is that your website comes up at the top of any search engine page making your site more visible. As such it then receives a boom in organic traffic further increasing its rank. Finally, this all has a good result in conversion, sales, and profits as the ultimate business goal.

Backlinking strategies for 2022

There are numerous backlinking strategies that can boost your SEO. A lot of them are changing over time and gaining or losing value. But, let’s focus on those that are important and can boost your domain authority in 2022. Here is a short overview:

  • Content – sharable content preparation
  • Broken links building
  • Guest posting
  • Brand mentions
  • Influencers
  • Link exchange

Content – sharable content preparation

The key to any online marketing effort is good quality content. It is the base of all activity and a necessity. Among many tools, strategies, and techniques content marketing is still king and a necessity in SEO. Whatever you do in SEO you still have to provide good content.

It must be relevant, accurate, trustworthy, and content that can spark an interest. Ultimately it must serve a purpose. It must stimulate the action from the target market and influence it in the future. In this way, it can boost sales and lead to conversion. At the same time, it must be interesting and grab the attention of the audience. This will make it sharable and linkable and more likely to be subject to backlinking.

To achieve this the content must be able to answer a question, provide a solution to the problem and provide additional knowledge. So, it must be well researched and backed up with data. It must be aimed at the niche and relevant to the issues at hand. Also, it must come from an authoritative creator and webpage. Content that meets these criteria and is a subject to link building today are ebooks, tutorials, detailed guides, case studies, and how-to articles among others.

Broken links building

Utilizing broken links is one of the simplest and easiest link-building strategies today. It has its relevance in 2022 as well as it did before. One of the most common backlinking strategies to boost your traffic and domain authority is broken link building and you can use it with ease. It is based on the phenomenon of dead or broken links that no longer work. They usually point to outdated web pages or their domains and pages are deleted and not working.

Webmasters in these cases have broken links that lead to nowhere making their content and links obsolete. To make things worse, Google monitors such links and can diminish website rank if there are broken backlinks on a webpage. This means that web page admins are highly interested in eliminating these broken backlinks which is a good opportunity to gain some backlinks.

404 error on pc screen
Broken link building is a common link building strategy


This strategy means that you should search for broken backlinks in your industry or niche. Once you locate them you can easily prepare relevant content to replace that missing content. You can then inform the admin about their broken links and supply them with a prompt solution to this problem. Admins will be eager to solve the broken link problem so if the content is relevant and current it can be accepted with ease. In this way, you get an easy backlink from providing replacement content.

Guest posting

Generating backlinks is most effective through guest posting. You should target your niche and provide posts that are highly relevant. Then you can offer them to blogs in your niche as fresh content. This allows you to build backlinks through guest posting on other blogs or websites. These posts should be relevant and you can prepare multiple posts ready or publishing. In this way, you are ready to offer them to high authority websites that then create high authority backlinks to your web pages.

Brand mentions

You should also use tools to listen to and follow andy mentions of your brand online. As soon as you find them you can ask publishers to link to your webpage. It is a simple process that can have a lot of value. There are also many tools to helo you listen to and follow your brand mentions. From Google Alerts tool to Ahref and Buzzsuno.

Influencer and social media icons
Influences and their social media impact are great for generating backlinks


Finding the relevant influencers in your niche is an effective way of generating backlinks. Influencers scan to provide backlinks over their blogs or social media. In addition, they promote and market your service or product to the audience. Provide them with common or offer them free products to generate backlinks for your website.

Link exchange

Link exchange is a strategy that provides benefits to all involved. It is simply an exchange of links between websites that have a similar audience but are not a direct competition. Through mutual agreement, you create backlinks to other websites and in return, they create backlinks to your website. This is a straightforward exchange that benefits everyone and is simple. The trick is to find the relevant websites in the niche that have the same interest and link-building potential.

Building backlinks is still a relevant part of SEO even today. It seems not to lose its value even today. However the value of backlinking strategies to boost your traffic and domain authority change over time. The trick is to follow and adapt to the trends and adopt the solutions that yield the best results at the moment.

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