How to Build Backlinks When You Have a Brand New Site

The credibility and value of a website depend on a couple of factors, one of them being a backlink. Backlinks are votes for your website that tell people that you have something valuable and trustworthy to offer. However, when you have a brand new website, that’s not easy to do. Without any content and connections, it sometimes seems impossible to build backlinks and rank your website higher on Google. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you. We are going to discuss the useful techniques you can use for backlink building that require no previous experience and a lot of content. We will also cover the latest trends in backlink building in 2022 and the new trends you should know about. Let’s begin!

Importance of link building

Sometimes, when faced with a challenge like this, website owners give up on searching for backlinks or make some of the common link building mistakes. That often happens because they are not aware of the importance of backlinks for their website and all the benefits they can bring. As giving up doesn’t lead to success, we’re going to explore the best ways to acquire backlinks even when you’re new at this. But first, we need to remind you of why it is important to focus on building backlinks and using different strategies. Recently, the importance of high-quality links that lead to a website has never been more important. This is one thing that is not changing in SEO even today.

a laptopn, pencils and a coffee mug on a table
Know why you’re doing this – and it will lead you to success.

The reason is that they bring more direct traffic to the website – people love to trust a business after getting a recommendation for it. This kind of organic traffic is more likely to bring sales, which means more profit for you. That’s why you should do everything you can to increase the number of these ‘recommendations’ and attract more people to your website. With proper content building interest is easy. But with a brand new website lacking content it’s not that simple. Luckily there are many strategies to help you build backlinks for new sites.  Learning how to do that properly is crucial here.

However, the internet is always changing and the strategies and factors that influence your ranking and help you with backlinking are also changing. This is why you should strive to follow and react to these changes. Some strategies that worked before may not be as efficient today. So, let us start from the beginning and see just what the basic strategies are. Then we will address the new elements and strategies that are emerging and have a high-value today in 2022.

Link building strategies for brand new websites

Having a brand new website often comes with a limited budget. This surely puts you in a critical position. However, there are many ways to build backlinks even then. There are many creative techniques to do it properly. However, their value is changing over time. So let’s dive into the basics and then see what’s new in 2022 and what you should do.

Get to know the market

Sometimes, even the best content doesn’t bring enough links. That’s why you need to be able to pitch yourself well. First, do the research about the website you want to get a backlink from. This will give you enough knowledge to be able to understand what kind of content that website needs. And then, you’ll be able to pitch yourself by convincing them why your article is a great option on a specific location on their website. Explain the benefits of your article, and help them realize why it’s a good idea to include it in their content.

Stay on track when you build backlinks

Even though your website is new, don’t just offer random articles and other content to other websites. It’s essential to always stay relevant to the topics so the content of your article is relevant to the content you get backlinks from. The article you offer needs to complement the content, so it shows credibility and trustworthiness.

Provide testimonials

Testimonials are great, but if you’re new to the market, there are not so many you can get. However, a great technique would be providing good reviews for services and products you use to run your website or your business. Believe it or not, this is a great way to earn backlinks, if you prove to be a loyal customer.

a coffee mug on a table
When you’re new at trying to build backlinks, it’s important to begin with the right steps.

Do the self-promotion

Starting from scratch is not easy so investing some effort in promotion is important. If you want to get noticed and build an audience faster, you need to invest time in self-promotion. Spread awareness about your website in all the relevant places, especially on social media, and in 2022 through Youtube and other video platforms. Start making connections to the people who know a lot about your niche, and reach out to local influencers to help you out. All of these steps will surely bring people to your website and also help you with building backlinks.

Don’t underestimate the power of influencers

Influencers have become a very important part of marketing. The reason is that they put an ad into the context of their lifestyle, which makes it more attractive to their audience. Making high-quality, relevant content is an opportunity to quote industry-relevant influencers and therefore create a new chance for link building. If the mention is related to their content and informative for their followers, you might earn a link or two and reach a wider audience. Establishing backlinks from influencers get you instant visibility and exposure. This leads to more traffic and higher rank as a result.

Reach out to the right people

When starting a business, the help of a professional is very valuable. SEO pros such as Link Department can help you with link building, and make sure your business has a successful start. Professional help along with internal efforts will yield the best possible results.

Be active online and build relationships

If you want to be noticed and attract attention you should be active online. Try to find the right places to be active and establish connections. These include blog posts and forums that are relevant to your niche. Making positive comments, providing additional information, and solutions to other members will help you get noticed and maybe earn some links. You can start with websites such as LinkedIn, Quora website, or some relevant Facebook groups.

All this will help you establish relations with other people and help you build backlinks. You can utilize these social media channels within your niche to create networks of people, preferably influencers in your industry, that are getting more important in 2022. If you are able to achieve a strong connection with these experts and influencers you can promote your website to them. In turn, they will through their own promotion be inclined to promote your website and link to it.

a person using a laptop to build backlinks.
Be social and reach out to the people relevant in your industry.

Guest posting

Last, but not least, let’s not forget the power of guest posting. Contributing content to other websites is a way to help them and their readers while achieving good relationships that you can utilize later. The more informative and useful your content is, the more you can earn credits and links to your own website. Guest blogging has a lot of benefits for growing business, which is why you should also try it out.

New trends for 2022

Besides these, there are multiple strategies and techniques that are of value today. You can always utilize some of these new strategies that are providing value in 2022:

  • Copy what the competition is doing
  • Use YouTube
  • Use Podcasts
  • Utilize Local Link building
  • Exploit broken links

Copy what the competition is doing

You can always dive into “spying” on your competition. Meaning, that you should follow what your main competitors in the industry or niche are doing. Then you should try to use and copy the already tested and successful strategies. Do not try to find a solution to the problem if there already is one. Just research and try to copy the solution to get backlinks for your benefit and boost your rankings. There are also many tools that can help you out. You can use them to search for the keywords your competitors are using to get backlinks to their content. That would be the easiest and most effective way to get ahead fast and achieve good results.

Use YouTube

Youtube and other platforms for video sharing are becoming dominant as search engines in the previous years. Today, in 2022 YouTube is the second largest that generates a lot of traffic and user following. There are over a billion videos playing each day with as many visitors watching them. So, it is a good way to generate backlinks for your fresh new site. Make sure to create relevant videos that provide key content to promote it on youtube. if the content you are representing is relevant and of value, many users will follow it and follow the links from it to your website. This immediately boosts your traffic and consequently ranking. In addition, as Google is the owner of YouTube, it assigns a very high rank to this platform. In turn, getting a lot of backlinks from this platform gives you a high rank with google immediately.

YouTube graphic dipiction
Utilize YouTube as one of the important link-building portals.

Use Podcasts

You can always create podcasts that are relevant and provide valuable information to your users, community, and industry. Make podcasts that are easy to join and follow. Create detailed guides for users to follow and become part of your podcasts. s other remote tools, podcasts have increased in value and popularity with the Covid 19 pandemic. So use them and create podcasts that are interesting and easy to join and follow. Then try to promote them online and stream them from multiple platforms. If they are popular and relevant your users will start to share and promote them In this way podcasts become a tool that generates backlinks to your new website. In this way, it generates traffic and revenue increasing your google rank and SERP position.

Two people talking in a studio
Create podcasts with relevant and interesting content

Utilize Local Link building

You can easily launch your site if you first utilize all of your local resources and potential. Branch out your activities for your physical location. First, try to create and use local business citations over common platforms. Try to create a good business profile that can generate a lot of backlinks. These citations first become backlinks to your website, then they increase your visibility and online presence. As they become visible and popular they also draw people to backlinks to them. Try to make your profile original, full of relevant data, and link-worthy. You should first try to use Google My Business profile and get your business pinned on Google Maps. After that, there are many platforms like Yellowpages that you can use for your citations.

Exploit broken links

One of the easier techniques in link building is by exploiting broken links. As the internet changes many websites get shut down or web pages get deleted or outdated. This generates a lot of broken links on web pages that are linked to those websites. As many backlinks over time become dead you can exploit them to build backlinks through the fact that site admins need to solve that issue to your advantage. These broken backlinks hurt a website’s SEO so admins need to replace them. You can provide them with an easy solution for creating quality content that is relevant and up to date as a replacement.

There are many tools you can use to identify broken backlinks. Do a survey of the top websites in your niche. After that, you can offer your content as a replacement to the admins. Relevant and current content will be easily accepted. In this way, you can earn a lot of backlinks by identifying problems and solving them.

Powns in a network
Make sure to create networks and utilize first your local promotional potentials through citations

Put enough effort into backlink building

With the lack of experience, it is more important to focus on not making mistakes in the link building world. Follow trustworthy techniques when you build backlinks and be realistic about the growth of your website. Also, follow the market and observe the changes. Things are happening and make sure to stay in the loop. This means that you should try to adopt new strategies and techniques that work. If one is losing potential in 2022 while the other is giving better results make sure to notice this change and implement new tools into your strategies. The more effort you put into it, the results will be better and come much faster.

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