Do You Need Permission to Link Your Website to Another Website?

In order to link your website to another website, you must know how linking works. Also, it’s important to know which links are good for your website and which ones are considered to be “toxic”. That is important because the links you put can either damage your SEO or can be very good and even helpful. Permissions are also important. Simply because Google is not shy when it comes to penalties and you need to know what you can do and what you can not. So let’s start with the basics. Hopefully, these tips from our experts at the Link Department team will help you with your future research and work in this field.

You need to know this in order to link your website to another website

The most common way to link your website to another one is through a “hypertext” link. This is a specially coded word or image that when clicked upon, will take a user to another web page that is not yours. This is the basic explanation of how the links work. They are quite handy since you can add so much to your text. You can also enrich it simply by using some links. They can work as a sort of explanation or they can lead readers to where they need to go next when they are researching.

How to put a link in your text?

Putting a link is not very hard, this is what every copywriter must know in order to write successfully. There are a few ways to add a link but there are also a few shortcuts. Let’s begin with a shortcut. First of all, you need to find a link that works best for you. Then you will mark the address bar and copy it ( you can do it by clicking cmd+c for all Macs or ctrl+c for all Windows). The next step is going back to your text and choosing the words you want. The words must be meaningful and easy to understand that they will be leading you somewhere. You simply mark them and click cmd+k for all Macs and ctr+c for all Windows and then enter for both versions. There you go, you have linked it!

working on computer
It’s always nice to have shortcuts. That way your job will be done quicker.

Is permission required to link your website to another website?

In most cases, or in fact, in almost all cases you do not need permission to link your website to another website. Yet, we do not recommend linking your competition to your website. Especially if you are selling something. You don’t want to transfer your potential buyers to your competition. If you are not selling and just want some educational explanation here are websites we recommend :

Those are trusted websites that google will not find to be harmful and this one is very important. We will explain soon the reason.

Good and bad backlinks

You see, not all backlinks are good for your websites. Some are known to be really bad and we call them toxic backlinks. They can damage your SEO. The worst that can happen by using toxic backlinks is getting punished by Google either with a fine or with banishment. You certainly don’t want that. What can you do? You can research and get familiar with what toxic backlinks are and find a way to avoid them completely. You should also do quick research to see if you have by chance any toxic backlinks and make sure that you remove them right now. This is very important for your website and you do not want to link your website to one that (to Google) looks like a scam.

colleagues talk about what how to link your website to another website
It’s important that you and other people working on your website know the difference between good and bad links.

Why are links so important?

Backlinks can add a lot to your website, get you more organic visitors, and make your text more wholesome. That is rather important wouldn’t you agree? But as we mentioned not all links are good and not all of them will bring something good for your reach. Toxic backlinks can hurt your SEO and we are about to show you how in the following text.

How can they hurt your SEO?

Those links are unnatural and they can impact negatively on your SERP ranking of the website. If Google notices it before you remove the bad link on your own and if they notice you have a large number of toxic backlinks they can exclude your website from its database. You can even get a penalty. So, as you can see they can hurt your SEO horribly so please be careful when you link some websites to your own. Make sure that all copywriters in your company know this too.

Cases where you need permission for linking your website to another one

For a regular word link, you do not need permission to link to another website. Linking to another website does not infringe the copyrights of the other site that is being linked and the courts agreed on this one. So, you are safe when it comes to copyrights. You are protected by the law. But, there are some exceptions. You can not link to a website you do not have an access to. You can not link to a private website (for example website that is for a private school) and such.

person typing on a laptop
Linking to another website will not hurt anyone’s copyrights.

And the answer is…

We are at the end and now it’s time to summerise. You can link your website to another website, you do not need a permit. That’s the law. But you need to be careful when you are linking because adding a bad link can hurt both you and your website. That is something you want to avoid. So, be careful and you are good to go.

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