Easy Ways to Create Local Content to Rank Higher on Google

We all need to find easy ways to create local content to rank higher on Google of course, but you want to be seen on other search engines as well. Nearby businesses and locations can be found in Google Maps and Google Search when a person conducts a search. For example, if you type “Chinese restaurant” into a search engine on your mobile device, you’re likely to get only local results and not restaurants in China.

Why local SEO and not Global SEO

If you are wondering why you should focus on local SEO and content for it we can explain and then you will know the difference between local and global SEO. Say you are selling something and you are in Miami Florida. You want people living in Miami to come to your store obviously. People from Australia won’t be coming since they are too far away. But you are also shipping your products. Then you need to focus on the places where you ship. If you are shipping only in Florida then you should focus on this state alone. There is no need for you right now to attract attention from people living somewhere else since they can not be your potential clients. You can work on that later. Also, local SEO can help you even if you don’t have a website. Of course, this is something we don’t recommend because not having a website can be your downfall. Every serious business needs one.

touching a globe
We can focus on Global SEO later.

Local Content 101

Text, photos, and even videos are all included in local SEO material. That is because it is specifically targeted at local searchers. If you have a Google My Business page, it can appear there (0n local searches) as well as on your website. Content on a local business’s website should be tailored to the area or zip code it serves. It’s up to you to put a finger on the exact location. The truth is that your business won’t suddenly see a huge influx of local customers just because you have local SEO content that works wonders. This is not how this works. We are looking at a long game.

Your Local SEO will benefit from the following types of content:

But before we show you the types of content that you need we must tell you that this text alone is not enough to get all the information that you need. You need to keep researching and find out all the little details about local SEO. Luckily we know where you can find all that information. Go to Link Departments blog and you will find everything that you need to make sure that your local SEO thrives.

  1. Your landing pages need to be city-specific (but also state and regional)
  2. FAQ pages are also important for your local SEO
  3. Find a way to add specials and/or discounts – people are very attracted to them
  4. Blog posts are very valuable for local SEO
  5. Product announcements
  6. “Best of” or “Top 10” guides

Blog content is a great tool that can help you to rank higher on Google

The magic happens in the blog content. For local businesses who want to compete in the local search engine results pages (SERPs), having a regularly updated blog can help. Guest blogging is also a big hit. That can also help you with backlinks and ultimately rank higher on Google (and other search engines).

Social media

You need to use social media’s power to your advantage. It would be nice to be on all social media platforms. Just make sure to engage the local groups. Collaborate with local influencers as well as local micro influencers. Work on your posts, and include infographics since they can be quite good for you. Working on content can be quite a lot. In fact, it’s a whole job so maybe you can engage social media experts to help you with this one? Think about it.

opening social media apps
Did you know that now you can include SEO into your Instagram account? You can even add alt for images. Every little bit can help you.

Product announcements can help you to rank higher on Google

If you are selling products this is a type of content that you should advertise. Whenever you have something new going on or coming in – be loud. Go on social media and announce it, make it a big deal on your website. But always appeal to locals (where you are selling and shipping).

Guides in general

People love guides and they generally do well. People tend to link to them and that is one of the things you need in order to rank higher on Google. For example, if you are selling beauty products of some sort you should publish “Summer favorites” or “Winter care” and you can include all the most popular products, and share some tips for the season. There is so much you can do and if done right this type of content can be such a huge hit. You don’t have to do this type of content all the time but you need to have it.

Who can help you to rank higher on Google?

The short answer is – SEO experts and SEO companies. If you are not sure where to start, how to do it or you simply don’t have the time for it you can always engage professionals. You will need to check if your SEO company is helping or killing your site but chances are with them having your back you will soon rank much higher on Google.

hiring professionals to help to rank higher on Google
Outsourcing any part of your business can be a great thing. Professionals are just that – professionals and they can help your SEO in a way that you simply can’t.

Hopefully, now you have the type of local content that can be of help so you can rank higher on Google. We also showed you who can help you if you need it. If you have any more questions left we also showed you where you can continue your research. That is it – good luck and goodbye!

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