How Long Does It Take for SEO To See Results?

If you type “How Long Does It Take for SEO To See Results?” to the Google Search bar you will get results between 4 and 6 months. But that is way just some generic response based on statistics. SEO simply isn’t like paid media. There the results could be seen nearly immediately after an ad campaign is launched. In this field, it takes time to see results. We understand you are feeling a bit disappointed now but it won’t happen overnight.  To see results from SEO, you must be patient. How long will this take? With the use of this guide, we hope to provide some insight into how long it takes to get results and see a return on an SEO strategy’s efforts.

How do I know that I have good results?

This is the most common question asked amongst those who are paying for SEO. To be able to answer this, we must first decide what constitutes SEO success in order to establish a consistent standard by which to evaluate our progress. Campaign objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) are common when developing an SEO strategy. Your Goals are the outcome you wish for and KPIs are the metrics that will prove that you did a good job right? They are both equally important to you and us of course.

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We have the answers you just need to keep reading and soon enough you will know when you can expect the results.

The realistic period

Within six to twelve months, SEO should begin to show results. By outcomes, we mean an increase in traffic, leads, or conversions that can be quantified. Even if you don’t reach your objective by this time, any company that invests in SEO experts should be able to see some results within this timeframe anyhow. Honestly, this is the more realistic period of time.

Why the exact answer is a red flag?

There isn’t an SEO expert alive that can simply give you a time frame that can be applied universally to all sites. They (and we) can only give our best estimation based on the present performance of a website and the recommended strategy. So when hiring an SEO company or an expert you get the exact date – consider this a red flag.

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This is a major red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

All good things take time

Surely you heard this expression before right? But it’s true in most cases. Sometimes good things take some time. There’s no escaping the truth that improving your SEO takes time. Search engines like Google (and others as well – we just like to focus on Google first since it’s the most important one ) want to offer the most relevant results for a particular search query. It takes some time to build up a reputation for quality. Top search exposure is something you have to achieve and earn! In fact, assuming you have the correct plan in place, it will take 6 to 12 months before you can see the results of your SEO efforts and justify further investments in growth.

The factors that can determine how long does it take for SEO to get you some results

  1. Website’s History
  2. Your Competitors
  3. Resources

Now let’s explain this a bit further shall we? Of course, if after this you still have some unanswered questions we urge you to go to the Link Department website and check out the blog. You will find everything you want to know there.

History and competition

One of the biggest determinants of how long it takes to see SEO results is if you’re operating on a fresh domain or an old one. Due to the lack of authority and backlinks, a new domain is usually always going to take longer to show results than an established one. In contrast, a well-established domain is likely to have a certain amount of authority and backlinks. What does that mean for you? Rather than six to twelve months, a new domain should anticipate seeing returns in the first nine to twelve months. Now let’s see how your competitors are a factor. Low-competition niches and low-competition search queries get faster results than more competitive ones. This one is pretty easy to understand right?

Now is your time to shine

You have no control over the past of a website or its competitors. So the things we listed above are out of your hands but this one is not. Time is the most valuable resource you have.  You can limit the amount of money that goes into an SEO campaign. In order to get the most out of a campaign, you must understand exactly how this affects the amount of time it takes you to see any results. To get the best results from SEO, you’ll need to spend a lot of time and money. When discussing how long it will take to notice a difference, keep in mind that your budgetary decisions will have a direct impact on how quickly you see results. Just like the better SEO company you higher the better the results (and quicker) you will get. Then all you need to do is to check from time to time that the SEO company you hired is helping you the way you want them to.

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Outsourcing your SEO can be the best thing you did for your website.

Some parting words

We hope that we answer the question “How long does it take for SEO to see results?” better than Google could in just one sentence. If you have any more questions you can always research the Link Departments blog as we suggested and find more answers and ideas there! Good luck and don’t forget – it takes some time to get the results you want. Don’t worry, we prepared you and showed you where you can continue your research. You are good to go!

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