How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

If you are looking for ways to boost your conversion rate – we can help you. Images can be such an amazing tool. Why images you wonder? Who wants to buy anything without seeing it first?   Most people also want to try it out before buying but seeing is the first thing we all need. Seeing is believing.   All of those things cannot be done online (unless it is a software as a service solution). For this reason, you must work extra hard to make your goods seem their best with high-quality photography and graphics. We will talk more about this and also show you who can help you if you get stuck by a chance. Keeping up with novelties is hard we all need a helping hand from time to time.

What images can boost your conversion rate?

We researched this a bit and this is what we found out. Photos with a 360-degree spin had about a 30 percent greater conversion rate than images with a two-dimensional perspective alone. According to, items having a particular spin function enhanced conversion rates by at least 10% and in some cases as much as 40% over those without. If you are selling products – think about including 360-degree spin images. If you have any more questions after reading this text make sure to head out to Link Department’s website and check out their blog. You will find pretty much everything you need to know there and a lot of useful tips that can help you up to your sales game.

a few pictures on a desk
Never underestimate the power images have. After all, why is Instagram so popular? You got it – images.

The visuals

Everybody we know is snapping selfies, and we’ve all become addicted to infographics and GIFs. Infographics are such an amazing tool and you can do so much with them but let’s get back to our topic here. Instagram sees an estimated 70 million photographs submitted each day. There is no doubt that the number of people using social media grows each year. There is another thing. Reading about something can be boring and it is pretty hard to describe something with your words. Images do that much better. Texts with images always get more notice. Reading plain text can be boring even if the topic is interesting. Our eyes wish to be entertained. Images can do that and that’s how they can boost your conversion rate.

The best tips we have for you

  1. You simply need to use high-quality images, we live in a very modern day and age and nothing less than perfect and clear ones just won’t do anymore. Even your phone can make amazing images nowadays. There are far too many websites out there trying to sell items using photographs of questionable quality. This is something you can not allow yourself.
  2. Incorporate alternate and detailed views because one picture is simply not enough. Try different angles. This can be such a game changer and it’s very smart to do if you are selling something that your potential buyers cant see in person.
  3. Context is everything. The product should be shown in context rather than just on its own.
  4. If your product has a lot of intricate features, having the ability to zoom in (or use a digital loupe) is a useful feature and people really love it. Try to incorporate it if possible.
  5. Real individuals draw more attention than stock photo people when it comes to humans. Using ineffective stock images is a big no-no if you are trying to sell anything. With today’s smartphones, you can get a respectable camera on almost any device.
  6. Drawing attention to products is very important, what good is the picture if people don’t know the point of it.
  7. Knowing your audience is another important thing and you need to research your nice, check out your competitors and see what your readers/buyers like. This will take some time but it will be worth it.
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We have the best tips just for you.

Blog posts

Becoming an SEO expert in 2022 is pretty easy (if you have the time and determination for it). There are a lot of different SEO experts and they don’t agree on everything but one thing that almost every SEO expert can tell you is that blog posts are such a huge hit nowadays. Incorporate photos in your blog posts whenever possible. Having high-quality photographs in your blog posts will help you sell more of your products, even if you haven’t done any conversion research on the matter. Why?

The usage of images enhances the user’s ability to comprehend the text. Text-only posts are tedious and discourage readers from continuing to read them as we stated earlier. To simply put it – it’s boring. Having a lot of people read your content makes them like you (build a friendship with you) and trust you. It all gets them closer to the end of the sales process for you and that is the important part, right?

blocks spelling BLOG
Blog posts are such an important part of your SEO strategy.

Who can help you?

We showed you how important images are and we gave you some of the best tips we had. Now is the time to talk about getting help. It’s perfectly fine if you can’t do everything by yourself. Luckily we have SEO experts to help us nowadays. You can simply find a nice and reputable SEO company that can help you with all your SEO efforts. Or you can find an SEO expert that will teach you how to do this on your own. That is great as well. You just need to be very careful when choosing your expert or a company and you need to make sure that they are helping your website (and not killing it).

Don’t worry, as long as you take your time you will find someone great. Hopefully, we helped you a bit by showing you how images can boost your conversion rate, and now it’s up to you to keep working on it. Good luck – you got this.

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