How Google Evaluates High-Quality Backlinks

Let’s talk about how Google evaluates high-quality backlinks and about high-quality backlinks in general. We have to focus on Google mainly since this is the most important platform out there. People from all around the world are using it as the best tool to find out everything and over time it became the best search engine. If you have a website or an app it needs to be made in a way that Google approves so the people can find you. The same rules apply to your backlinks. You obviously need some high-quality links but you need to make sure that Google approves of them as well so you can work your way towards the first page on Google when your keywords are mentioned. Now, let’s get started. We have a lot of work in front of us.

The way Google evaluates high-quality backlinks

How does Google evaluate backlinks? Well, they have so many ways to evaluate. First of all, they are checking to see if they are inside your niche. Also, they make sure that your content is genuine and not spammy. That means it’s according to their guidelines. Google identifies links as votes of sorts from other websites that your page is valuable and relevant to search queries. Their process is pretty complicated and they are getting more and more sophisticated.

Google opened on a MacBook as a symbol of how Google evaluates High-Quality Backlinks
Google is evolving all the time.

Ten years ago, it wasn’t so hard to fool Google and spam your way to the top of the first page. Nowadays it’s pretty impossible. That’s why people have to learn everything there is to know about this topic and find a place where they can educate themselves often like Link Department for example. That can be a good place to learn everything about backlinks.

Googles top priority

Google’s top priority is (as always) to deliver useful, and as accurate as possible information to their online users. With high-quality backlinks, you can gain more chances of ranking higher on their search results. We are about to show you some factors that Google considers when evaluating backlinks but first let’s see if you should even be bothered with this?

Does Google even care about backlinks in 2022?

Many people are wondering if backlinks are still important now in 2022. The answer is pretty simple – they are. Backlinks are still a major ranking factor. Google “thinks” about incoming links as a vote of confidence to say from one website to another. Earning backlinks from other online sources can greatly impact your website’s search visibility or ranking position which is the most important of all right?

typewriter and the word backlinks written
Backlinks provide long-term value for websites.

It looks like backlinks will stay very important for a very long time. So, you need to work on them all the time to ensure that you have the best ones and that others will link to you and your website.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Before we continue with our conversation it’s important to mention that there are different types of backlinks and not all of them will be good for your SEO. There is something called toxic backlinks which is something that you need to avoid. Of course, there are ways to get rid of toxic backlinks even if you did encounter them previously or you just found out about them. Your main focus needs to be the good and high-quality ones. They are the ones that will help you achieve so much.

High-Quality Backlinks

High-value (or quality whatever you want to call them) backlinks are the ones that come from quality websites. Analyzing these backlinks help search engines understand how reputable your site is and that is the way Google decides how to rank your website. That’s why those links are important. With them, you can improve your Google rating.

Let’s check out some essential factors Google considers in evaluating backlink quality

  1. Relevance ( domain to domain, page to page, domain to page, or link to page )
  2. Domain Authority ( you need to make sure you’re securing links from high-authority websites)
  3. Website Diversity ( Google favors backlink profiles that were built naturally over time which means you will have links from authority blogs, different websites, magazines, directories,  or even press releases and conferences )
  4. Human Value ( Google looks at the value of your content to search queries and checks out for red flags)
  5. Uniqueness ( this one is pretty self-explanatory)
  6. Link Location ( Google prioritizes search intent meaning that links that are incorporated seamlessly throughout the whole content have more value)

Besides this

Google app on smartphone
Make sure to research all of these elements.

But these are not the only factors Google considers when evaluating backlinks. Google also evaluates some technical elements. Here you can see more factors that can affect how search engines interpret link relevance and authority:

  • Nofollow
  • Redirects
  • Alt attribute
  • Anchor text
  • Robots.txt

SEO experts

If all of this is starting to sound like too much work you can always hire an SEO expert and let him/her/them deal with this part of your business. You do not have to do everything on your own. Surely you can become an SEO expert by yourself but you do not have to. You can find appropriate help. There are even agencies that can help you.

Before we go our separate ways

You can work on improving your backlink quality. There are many ways to do so and that’s why we recommended the Link Department. You can learn a lot about backlinks and backlink building there. Even how to get high-quality backlinks. In this field, things change very quickly and that’s why we said that it’s important to stay informed. Of course just like we mentioned earlier you can always find help. Getting an in-house SEO expert will do wonders for you and your business. The more you invest the better the payoff will be. That same rule applies to pretty much everything. Good luck and don’t forget to read the webmaster’s guidelines!

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