Is it possible to get more traffic without making backlinks?

The aim of all of your SEO effort is to rank at the top of Google’s search page. Ranking high leads to increased traffic, conversion and profits. Building backlinks is a sure way to increase your google rank. Backlink building is one of the predominant SEO activities that get results. Whether you are doing it yourself or having Link Department do it for you professionally it is a considerable part of your SEO. However, as the whole internet marketing is changing so is SEO. Today there are numerous ways of getting more traffic without building backlinks. Ranking high and drawing the audience in is possible with adequate knowledge. So let’s see what you can do.

Traffic – how and why

Marketing strategy written on a piece of paper as a way to get more traffic without making backlinks
There are a lot of strategies to generate traffic without building backlinks

First, we should cover the topic of traffic. What is it and how do we get it? Basically, all of the visits, traffic your webpage gets, is from two sources. You can have organic traffic of referral traffic. Referral traffic is basically any visit to your webpage through a backlink on another website. This means that through building backlinks you generate so-called referral traffic as visitors get referred to you. With many backlinks that you can build you can get well-known and reputable. This will in turn lead to an increase in your Google rank. Here is where organic and referral traffic gets intertwined.

When you achieve a higher rank you are more likely to come on top of the search page. There are many ways to make your website more popular to make it rank higher.  This will lead to an increase in organic traffic as people will visit your webpage from the search results. So, by ranking high in search results you become easily accessible to the audience and your traffic will increase. Basically, this high rank is achieved through building backlinks that lead to more referral and organic traffic. However, it is possible to increase your rank and generate more direct, organic traffic without link building. With some knowledge, strategizing, and techniques it is possible. Here are a few ways that you get more traffic without making backlinks:

  • Write about viral content and the latest news
  • Meet the needs of your audience
  • Use longtail keywords
  • Explore and exploit niche topics

Stay on top of the news and viral content

The quickest way of getting traffic is by creating or following up on viral content. Try to research what is trending and in the focus of the audience. Once you get to know what is of interest you can try to create viral content. There are many resources that can help you out in doing this. However, the key is to identify just what this content is. One way to do this is to research Youtube and see what is in focus and what are hot topics. After that, you can try to create content with the hope of it becoming viral. Content like this will lead you to a high position in search engine results generating organic traffic.

Person writing Audience with a marker
Provide an answer to your audience’s needs

In addition, you can also strive to be at the forefront of the news and be the first to present it. Try to research your niche and feel its pulse. This will help you identify newsworthy developments that you can be the first to present to the world. Breaking news is very clickable and linkable making it to the top of the search results. Authority websites are always at the top because they often get the latest updates before others.

Audience and their needs

Follow your audience and make sure you follow its pulse and needs. Be aware of what they are searching for and get to know the keywords and questions they are researching. Find out what their search keywords are and how you can use them to generate traffic. You can use Google autocomplete or Wikipedia to learn what the hot questions are. There are also paid tools that can help you identify the immediate needs of your audience. Creating content that addresses these hot topics and answers these questions is one way of generating traffic. Answering the needs of your audience like this can generate a lot of activity and lead to an increase in your ranking.

Longtail keywords

There is a great way of using longtail keywords to generate traffic. These are keywords that are somewhat counterintuitive and that have a low search volume. However, the audience uses them when it is centering on an issue or point of interest. In fact, through them, the audience is narrowing the search and centering on point. Many people use them to find what they are looking for. In turn, such keywords can get even more search volume than similar shorter keywords in the long run. You can then use them to write content around them. The effects won’t be immediate but in the long periods of time, they can generate a lot of traffic in turn leading to rank increase.

Focus on a niche

Keywords made from wooden letter blocks
Focus on your keywords and do adequate research to understand your audience and niche

You can generate a lot of organic traffic if you focus on a niche and exploit niche topics. There are many niches on the internet that are not the focus of too many marketers. They are neglected and don’t meet the needs of their audience. Identifying and defining such niches gives you the opportunity to generate relevant content and answer the questions of users in that niche. If you answer the relevant questions and you don’t have the competition you can become the authority for that niche. This will lead to increased traffic to your website and a high ranking. This means that you can be at the top of the search results for certain keywords for that niche.

One of the variations of using the niches is concentrating on foreign markets. These specific markets have specific issues that need answering. Focusing on these and without too much competition you can generate a lot of traffic and achieve high-ranking positions.

A short summary

If you are wondering if it is possible to get more traffic without making backlinks the answer is Yes! Your SEO effort does not have to be centered on building backlinks alone. There are many ways and strategies that can help you achieve this. Concentrate on some of these points and you can see your traffic soar.

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