How to Check Website Traffic for Any Site

In today’s business market we are all well aware of how crucial it is to have an online presence. Businesses without websites that represent them online are almost extinct. However, purely having an online presence is no longer enough to run a firm or a business that is dominating in their work market. You must make sure that you have enough traffic on your website pages and that your followers are constantly engaged. Thus, checking your website traffic is of the essence. Does this sound too complicated for you? Don’t worry that is why the Link Department is here – to explain. We are sharing with you some great tools that will help you check website traffic for your website. Also, it will give you a great insight into your competition. So, let’s get started because when it comes to online marketing strategies there is no time to waste.

Why you should check website traffic for your website?

Have you ever thought about how well is your website actually doing? If you are invested in being a successful business owner you surely have and many times. Well, it all comes down to pure stats and numbers. When you get acquainted with your metrics you will have a clearer picture in front of you. By tracking important website metrics, you will know if your digital marketing strategy is effective. Still, there is much more that can be brought to the table. You can pinpoint specific areas that need improvement or drastic changes. For instance, maybe your goal is to have more email subscribers. By checking your metrics you can be certain have you managed to reach your set goal. If not, you know that your approach to marketing might need serious revision.

A digital marketing meeting among two women that regularly check website traffic
Regular meetings are a great way to keep your digital marketing tactics and employees up to speed.

Don’t forget to take a peek at others as well

Knowing how you are doing is certainly not sufficient to ensure you are killing it, at the end of the day. To be certain that you are dominating your field you must know how your competition is doing. Also, if you would like to be ahead, you must create content that outranks your competition. When you check website traffic of your competitors you can accomplish the following:

  • Determine which posts or pages are generating the most traffic for your competition
  • Find out which keywords are helping your competitor score outstanding rankings
  • Pinpoint channels that are bringing them the most online traffic

If you strategize wisely, all this valuable information can help you put together an excellent digital marketing strategy. Plus, now that you know your competition’s “online secrets” you can give them a run for their money without any problems.

Use these tools to check website traffic

Now that you understand the importance of being familiar with your website’s traffic it is time to get to business. Use our favorite tools to keep an eye on your website stats. Oh, and of course, don’t forget about your rivals’ stats as well.


If you were looking for a loyal friend that will be of assistance when forming a digital marketing strategy, you can stop your search. You have just found it. SEMPush is an excellent tool for stat tracing and competition following. It is extremely useful when it comes to keyword tracking, keyword research and so much more. And to get the job done all you need is a valid URL. How simple is that? Once you enter the URL in the search field you will be rewarded with a detailed breakdown of your or your competitor’s traffic breakdown. Finally, you can be certain that are you posting content that is considered high-quality by Google and other search engines.

Digital marketing spelled out in white blocks with black letters on them.
Digital marketing should take up lots of time and focus of your entire marketing department if you want your business to become relevant on any search engine.


Here we have another great tool that you can easily use to your advantage. One of the best features of SimilarWeb is that it registers which channels are most valuable on the researched URL. Therefore, when using this tool you wouldn’t only have traffic research at your disposal. A very specific report would be just at your fingertips, that includes the website’s entire traffic strategy. If you are working on organizing a successful digital marketing campaign, make sure you have this weapon in your arsenal.

Google Search Console

Can we all agree that Google is pretty awesome!? There are so many reasons for it that we don’t have the time to go through all of them. Yet, we must mention Google Search Consol. This free and very powerful tool by Google will give you an opportunity to have a complete picture of how your site is being perceived by the outside world. One excellent thing about this console is that it is very detail-oriented. It registers every single click on your URLs. Use this tool to get to know every inch of your online data. It will be helpful to your business in more ways than you can imagine.

Home screen of Google search on a cellphone screen.
Google is by far the most valuable search engine in the world, so make sure your website’s pages are exactly what Google likes to see on the web.

There is no room for discouragement

Once you choose one of our favorite tools and check website traffic, sometimes your results might be not what you have hopped for. If this happens to be the case, don’t let this negative feeling overwhelm you. The great thing about digital marketing and online content composition is that there is always space for improvement. Hence, make a big pot of strong coffee. Put on your thinking hat and get started. Your best digital marketing idea can be just around the corner.

Once you learned how to check website traffic and you put those stats to good use, it is time to watch the magic happen. We all yearn for fast and amazing results, but that is not how digital marketing works. To get great online stats, or an even better strategy, and rank high on Google, time is needed. In the end, make sure you put in the work and be patient. Once your work kicks in, you will see great things happening in return. So, even though digital marketing might not give instant business gratification, it is an outstanding business investment in the long run.

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