How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money

One of the most important ranking factors is backlinks. There is no workaround. If you want to have good visibility of your blog and a website, you have to get backlinks. However, many new website owners don’t necessarily have the resources immediately to get all the backlinks they want. Also, getting backlinks that are not trustworthy can hurt your SEO efforts. Backlinks with good authority increase the host’s site authority and getting them can be hard, especially at the beginning of the SEO campaign. However, there are more than a few viable ways to get backlinks for a new site with no money. So, what are those ways? Explore with the help of our Link Department experts!

Resource Link Building

Many new marketers, when thinking about getting backlinks, think about complicated tactics. Sure, SEO can be hard from time to time, as it is the field where innovation not only matters but it’s encouraged. However, like with any business, you have to think about where your business can add value to your audience. After that, you should think about creating fantastic resource pages so you can earn quality backlinks from sites relevant sources. That way you’ll be getting a fantastic click-through rate.

One of the most efficient and of course, effective link-building tactics is resource link building. The most common examples of online resource pages are local government sites, travel and tourism boards, and university websites.

Studing anatomy from a site that gets backlinks for a new site with no money.
One of the best ways to get backlinks for a new site is to create such content so people will rather link to you than to an original source.

Many reputable sources link to those kinds of sites, so you’ll want to create such an article or a page, so people will link to your page instead of the source. Of course, you will have that source on your page, and interested users can easily be redirected to the source by clicking on the backlink you have created. 

Broken Link Building

There are many informative pages online with broken links. There is nothing worse for the average user to find an informative page online, only to be greeted with broken links. So, be prepared to “hunt” for broken links, and create similar content, just with links that are working.

You can build some excellent links if you can identify where broken links are. This way you can create alternative content, just with links that are not broken. Of course, you have to make sure that you have similar enough content to that which was initially linked to. That way you’ll be helping the webmaster, as no one exactly likes to hunt for broken links. It’s not that link hunting is hard, but finding content that fits can be quite difficult. Even though the internet seems endless, sometimes there are just a few pages about something online. Like in any business, you have to find holes in the market and be prepared to “fill” them.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

It is not rare for many online businesses to find that they have been mentioned across the web. While it is best if a business has been linked to, it can happen that the website has been mentioned without actually linking to your source. This is called unlinked brand mentions. 

But is there a way you can find unlinked brand mentions online and can you turn them into links? 

Yes, you can, and there are SEO tools you can use just for that. For example, Semrush has a tool for that. It is called SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool and it can help you to monitor online mentions of your brand. After that, you can get in touch with webmasters and ask them to provide a link to your brand’s website. 

Many businesses rely on listicles. It is one of the most efficient ways for people to create interesting and easy-to-read content with a bunch of links. Some websites only do those kinds of articles, and many of them have made fortune just by doing that.

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One of the best ways to backlinks for a new site is to contact creators of listicles and prove to them that you deserve to be included in their articles.

If you want to improve your SEO efforts, you can use listicles to get your products or services in front of your audience while also earning links that do so much more than just increase your search rankings.

Examples of listicles are articles with the “Top 10…” or “The best ways to…”.

And there is nothing worse than seeing your competitor’s websites linked instead of yours. By reaching bloggers and webmasters you can make sure that your website is mentioned. You just have to prove that your website will bring more value to theirs than your competitor’s.

If you are a member of some type of business association, you are sitting on a great opportunity to be linked. In a way, it is similar to supplier links, the only difference being that you are not selling other people’s products.

And like with the supplier links, you can contact the webmaster of the association’s website and ask to be linked to it. You should compile a list of all associations you are a member of, and check where are your links.

And if you are a business and not a part of any association, make sure to be one. That will not only help with your SEO efforts but help your business outside the virtual realm.

Get backlinks with no money by working together.
Being a part of a business association will benefit you in many ways.

Supplier Links

If your business model is selling other people’s products, you are in a great situation to earn some great authoritative links to your business’s website.

Many businesses like to redirect their users to places where they can buy their products, and if you are one of them, you should ask to be linked and listed. And yes, businesses that make products tend to link where people can buy their products, but it can happen, often unintentionally, that your business hasn’t been linked to. If that is the case, talk with their webmaster to see if you can be linked to. And this certainly is one of the best ways to get backlinks with no money at hand.

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