SEO trends to look for in 2022 

To create content that outranks your competitor’s content, you need to keep up with the latest trends in SEO. However, keeping up with the newest search engine optimizations is difficult. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and improving. You need to know how to use the new features to your advantage to increase the number of visitors to your site. To help you improve your engagement, we have SEO trends to look for in 2022. 

One of the SEO trends to look for in 2022 is mobile SEO 

In this paragraph, we will talk about why you should make your websites accessible on the phone. Optimizing your website for phone users is not a new concept in SEO. However, people still neglect to adapt their articles, blogs, web pages to be phone-friendly.

a person in white shirt holding phone
Phones are overtaking the market fast, so optimize your web pages for mobile use.

But we must point out that most of the searches and website visits today are over phones, and the market will continue to grow in the future. Phones are cheaper to make and more affordable than desktop computers, and with improvements in hardware, they are becoming powerful machines. Because they are cost-friendly more people will opt for them than the more expensive desktops. So when you are optimizing your webpage, test if it mobile-friendly.

Incorporating video into an SEO strategy 

We here at Link Department believe that to improve your SEO strategy, you must include videos. YouTube has had a substantial impact on search engine optimization, and because of it, there is a new branch, video SEO. 

Google announced this year two new features that will allow you to improve your video SEO. 

  • The first feature is Clip Video Markup. Clip Video Markup is an advanced SEO tool that allows you to timestamp and label specific parts of your video. You have to timestamp the crucial and engaging parts of the video to improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking. 
  • The second feature, which is one of the SEO trends to look for in 2022, is Seek Video Markup. Seek Video Markup is automatic. It scans your URL and tells Google about the significant moments in your video so that a user can search for an exact moment in your video. 

For those in video SEO, they should try and incorporate the features above in their strategy. And those who are not in video SEO try using more videos in your strategy to improve your engagement. 

Improving your Core Web Vitals 

In the SEO business, the most important aspect is keeping the users on your page and clicking the links. To increase your SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you need to make your Core Web Vitals pristine. Core Web Vitals are user metrics by Google focused on how users interact with a web page. Developers use these metrics to improve the user experience on the website. While Core Web Vitals detects many metrics, they fall into three categories. 

  • The first category is the speed that the page loads. Your page needs to load fast no matter what content you have on it. Pictures, videos need to appear instant because the average user has a low attention span. Also, the user has many other options and won’t wait for your page to load. 
  • The second category is the difficulty of interactions. The website needs to be user-friendly everything the user needs to find should be clear and accessible. 
  • The final category is if your page is working correctly based on the user’s experience. The most simple example is images or text moving around the page when the user interacts with them. 
a phone with the YouTube logo
Because of YouTube’s popularity, videos are one of the SEO trends to look for in 2022.

More and more websites have top Core Web Vitals, and they will only improve in the future, so you better begin working on yours now.

Another trend on our list of SEO trends to look for in 2022 is staying up to date with topics 

One of the most crucial parts of increasing the engagement on your website is by following relevant topics. No matter the area you are making your content for, conduct research on the most current events. Staying current will involve a lot of hard work and speed. You should be able to pump out content faster than other competitors. By writing content quicker, your page will be at the top of SERP and increase the visits to your page.

However, if you can not be swifter, you can research your competitor’s articles and deliver more desirable content with a better keyword. But to put forward a better keyword, you need to know how people use Google search

Keywords will be more impactful

Anybody in SEO knows that keywords are one of the most significant aspects of a good SEO strategy, so how will they be even more important? The answer is simple Google’s search engine is becoming more intelligent because of new algorithms. Because the search engine is becoming cleverer, there has been an increase in click less searches. SERP is overflowing with information, and people do not need to click on the page to find what they need. If you are planning to improve your SEO, invest in keyword research. 

cut up paper with words
Choose your keyword carefully to get on the first page of Google search.

SEO trends to look for in 2022 – stronger backlinks 

Backlinks are one of the biggest indicators of a successful website. They are also the easiest way to get your website on the first page of Google. If you have reputable backlinks, you won’t have to work as hard to get on the first page. To get high-quality backlinks on your webpage, you have two options. The first one is to do the research yourself. Researching will take some time and be cheaper than the second option. The second option is to get reliable software to do the work for you. While the software will cost you some money, it will pay off in the long run. Let the program worry about the backlinks while you focus on keywords and writing. 

You are all set now

These are our SEO trends to look for in 2022. We hope they help you with your SEO strategy. Either way, you are always welcome to get in touch with our representatives at Link Department and get additional information you need. Good luck!

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