How to fix dead pages with backlinks

If you are looking to fix dead pages we are here to recommend backlinks. Backlinks are amazing for SEO and drawing attention. We often talk about backlinks here at Link Department. Our blog is a perfect place to learn all about them. Today we won’t be starting with basics and talking about all backlink-building strategies. Chances are, you already know all about them, and if not – you know where to find out more about them. We are here to help you with your dead pages. This is not a very difficult task you have in front of you so you can try it on your own and then call us if you are having any difficulties.

What are dead pages?

A dead page is one that serves no purpose and leads nowhere else on your site. Obviously, this is just as bad as the broken links. You don’t want to have a dead page that has no purpose.  Because there are no breadcrumbs, major navigation links, or footer links, it’s impossible to get back to the previous page. There is no way to proceed from such a page save by retracing the user’s steps to arrive there or manually entering a new address. Bad user experience is synonymous with dead-end pages. They shorten your content’s readability. Unfortunately, that’s not all. They also raise the likelihood that a visitor will leave your site. This is something we wish to avoid at all costs. These days, however, dead-end pages are unusual because of the abundance of readily available web design templates and tools.

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The good news is that you can do something about dead pages. There is a way to resurrect them. Keep reading.

Let’s start fixing your dead pages

Although they can be extremely damaging to UX, dead ends can be readily remedied. Put in a primary menu that may be used to return to the homepage or other portions of the site. Include navigation links in the sidebar, headers, or footer so that they can return to the previous page or proceed to the next one. Another thing you can do to fix your dead pages? Add some backlinks. Backlinks can help all your pages.

Because they demonstrate value, backlinks are able to boost search engine ranks. When it comes to search engine rankings, more is better in terms of both quantity and quality of backlinks. In addition, they aid in increasing your brand’s visibility in search engine results.

The reason why backlinks are so important

In 2016, Google stated that backlinks are an important element in website rankings. Obviously, they are not the only ones but alongside the content and quality of the site itself, they could be the key element to your success. Backlinks not only help search engines rank your site higher in organic results, but they also drive qualified visitors to your site through referrals. When one website links to another, it is giving the latter site a confidence vote that can have a significant impact on its search engine rankings. By linking back to your site, other sites are telling search engines that they trust the information you’ve provided.

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Be aware of the importance of backlinks.

Adding backlinks

There are many guides that will show you how to add backlinks and which links will benefit your pages the most. We will try to sum things up for you:

  • Finding and analyzing the link profiles of websites that already have high-quality backlinks is the first step in acquiring such connections for your own site. The idea is that if something is interesting or useful enough, people will want to connect to it.
  • Ok, so now you know what kinds of content are attracting the most links. Now you can investigate the linkers. This is important due to the fact that these site owners have proven their worth as link potential by linking out to related material. There are many tools that can help you with this task. Firefox Toolbar has “Yahoo Page Links” just for this purpose.
  • Now add some linkable content
  • Research why are people linking (check out your competitors to get some ideas)
  • You need to produce something of equivalent value to the most popular link-worthy posts if you want to get links like them. We are not suggesting you rip it off, but neither do you have to start from scratch.
  • Now is the time to focus on blog marketing (spread the word to get backlinks)

As you can see it’s not enough for your page to have links referring to other sites. It’s crucial that other sites have links referring to your not-so-dead-anymore page. To get that you need to have good content.

Which backlinks are the best?

The best backlinks are the ones you get via guest blogging, as this will not only increase the number of links pointing to your site but will also increase awareness of your brand. Using guest bloggers is a terrific way to boost your SEO and get more people to visit your site.

Be aware of the toxic backlinks!

Toxic backlinks, as the name implies, are links that harm your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes. Many of these link types originate from black hat SEO strategies, which are dishonest ways to manipulate search engine rankings.

toxic materials as a symbol of dead pages
Now you will be more careful and if you do happen to encounter toxic backlinks – seek help.

If you find any broken links

When internal link issues occur on your own website, this is known as a broken backlink. When a backlink fails, the page that it leads to loses the authority and ranking that came from the link that failed. Google will gradually eliminate results of old material from its index if current links to your site begin producing 404 errors. You’ll have to handle it on your own if you find it before Google does. Don’t worry, unlike toxic backlinks broken backlinks won’t get you in trouble with Google but you won’t be getting any results from them and that’s why it’s important to fix them. Also if you find any broken backlink opportunities on a website inside your niche you can always offer your content as a substitute. As you can see there are many ways to fix dead pages and backlinks can be very effective.

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