Most Effective Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

A goal of any marketing endeavor is to achieve profits. Digital Marketing does not exist separately and for itself. It is created and managed in order to direct traffic to your website. This traffic should convert into customers or sales, ultimately increasing profits. So, after you steer potential customers to your website you should convert them into real customers generating sales. So, building backlinks with professional help, SEO optimization, and strategies all have the purpose of converting visitors. After building your backlinks and SEO you should deal with the aspect of conversion. Here are the most effective ways to increase your Conversion Rate from the existing traffic.

Measure your results

Dealing with SEO strategies and tools is one thing. These are used to generate traffic to your webpage. However, once a visitor comes to the page he should ultimately take some sort of action. The visitor should sign up, subscribe or buy your product or service. This is a conversion. A visitor, potential customer, convert to being your customer generating sales and profit. You can easily present this process through a so-called conversion rate. You should take note of this and measure this result. Measuring is the only way to improve as you can only work on an issue if you can and do measure it.

Thank you written on paper
Testimonials and reviews can generate conversion

The fact about conversion is that although a webpage can generate traffic it may not convert as well. Average conversion rates are at 2% meaning that only 2 visitors out of 100 become customers. This is quite high when we know that most websites have a conversion rate of only 0,1% or 0,2%. So, once you have generated traffic the question becomes just how to increase conversion with a set traffic volume. Sometimes the reason for this is that there are too many options presented on a webpage preventing the visitor from taking action. Other times badly organized webpage confuse the visitor so they give up. Here we will present some of the most effective ways to increase your Conversion Rate.

There are many tools and ways of achieving higher conversion rates. Here are a few that seem to be most effective:

  • Using popups
  • Eliminating complex forms and distractions
  • Third-party signup
  • Add reviews, testimonials
  • Add chat
  • A/B testing

Using popups

One of the most effective tools is popups. They can significantly increase your conversion. On average popups provide a 3,09% conversion. However, if used right they can generate up to a 9,28% conversion rate. The trick is not to annoy users with these popups. So, try to set a timer delay, make it easy to close, and use popups only once per visitor. In this way, you can boost your conversion rate without annoying or putting people off.

Eliminating complex forms and distractions

Forms can be offputting to use on a website. filing too many fields may lead to a visitor giving up and leaving. So it’s essential to keep the forms simple without too many fields that might be unnecessary. People will be more prepared to fill them if they are not too much. However, try to maintain the balance between keeping it simple and getting critical info from your customers.

Infographic on paper
Try using more infographics as one of the Most Effective Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

Also, remove any distractions and keep your webpage simple and concise. Make your website easy to navigate and make it easy for visitors to find what they want and satisfy their needs. Do not clutter your web pages with unnecessary content.

Third-party signup

With the goal of keeping the web pages simple, you can incorporate a third-party signup service. This means that rather than making a new profile which can be tedious and require filling out the forms, you provide a simpler alternative. The option of signing in with Google, Facebook, or some other account will make visitors more inclined to sign up and buy. in this way you solve the issue of annoying forms and make things quicker for the visitor.

In line with this keep, it simple strategy is also making the initial steps easier. You can only request the user’s email address. That can be enough to start the conversion. You can get the rest of the data you need later. In these hectic times keeping things simple and fast is one of the most effective ways to increase your Conversion Rate.

Add reviews and testimonials

These elements can treasure your visitor and potential customer. A few short reviews and comments show that there are positive aspects of your product or service. Once reassured the visitor will be more inclined to research and buy the product or service. Testimonials, reviews, using infographics, and logos can help build trust and lead to conversions.

Add live chat

Visitors most of the time hesitate to make that final step to buy what you have to offer. Sometimes a little reassurance and persuasion can do the trick. Just like with popups, adding live chat can push them a bit forward to make that final step. So, add these simple tools to your website to see a boost in your conversion rates. This live chat option is getting to be more and more valuable with the increased use of social networks. Visitors are used to easily establishing connections online and getting the info they need.

A/B testing

Always try to test several options. Analysis shows that 80% of the users read-only headlines. So, a headline can make or break a webpage. This means that you have to experiment with different options and solutions. Test and measure the results to find the best possible option. For example, you can make two different landing pages with different headlines to test their effectiveness. Make sure to make different headlines in regards to tone, length, statistics, and numbers. Measure which one generates higher conversion. In this way, you will be able to identify what works and replicate it.

Testing methods on a sticker notes
Make sure you test your activities to find the most promising ones

Boosting your conversion rates – solutions

So, there are many effective ways to increase your Conversion Rate. In addition to their number, a positive thing is that they are simple and easy to use. So, do not hesitate to test them and find the ones that work best for you. Make it your business to not only generate traffic but handle the conversion rates as well. You will see a boost in your sales and profits in no time.

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