How do I add backlinks to my blog?

Building backlinks for your website has always been at the core of SEO. To date, this has not changed. Despite many predictions that backlinks would lose their importance, this has not been the case. So, building backlinks is still important for SEO today and professionals are still here to help you out with it. At the same time gathering and generating high-quality backlinks is still challenging. So if you are wondering just how do I add backlinks to my blog this article just might help you out. We will try to shed some light on the way you can source out and generate backlinks to your website thy improve your SEO effort and results.

Backlinks and the way to get them

The key fact here is that internet and internet marketing are continuously changing. It is developing and the behavior of customers and other SEO experts is changing. This means that generating backlinks today is not the same as generating them 5 or 10 years ago. Previously it was important to gather backlinks that will lead a potential user to your website. Today it’s not about quantity but rather the quality of these backlinks. Meaning, that you need to get some high-quality backlinks to see some positive effects on your rankings. Having a lot of backlinks that are spammy does not only miss the point but may be harmful to your ranking.

Backlinks written on the typewriter
Generating and adding backlinks is possible with a number of different strategies

So, generating backlinks has to be part of a well-thought-out and designed strategy. Today there are plenty of ways to generate backlinks. But, in short, if you are wondering how do I add backlinks to my blog here are a few top ways that are relevant today:

  • Blogger outreach
  • Creating guides
  • Link roundups
  • Data/Reports
  • Free tools
  • Guest posting
  • Resource lists

Blogger outreach

One of the most effective strategies but also most difficult strategies is blogger outreach. Its value is that it generates high-quality backlinks. In short, it means that you reach out to other bloggers to generate link opportunities. Blogger outreach has a few steps. First, you have to make some high-quality, relevant content in your niche. This content must be the one that previously generated a lot of links. You publish it and seek the blogger contacts. Then you contact bloggers that used to link to content like this. If the content is relevant and quality then bloggers will start backlinking to it. The success will be dependent on the relevance of both the content and bloggers. You also should try to not seem spammy and customize your approach and also do a follow-up to ensure the best possible response.

Creating guides

In-depth guides are very popular today. Bloggers and journalists are always in search of useful content posts that are useful and that they can link to. If your guides are relevant and provide solutions to users you will generate backlinks. However, do not overstuff articles with data, try to make them short but effective to provide values. Also, make sure to promote this content across different social networks and communities.

An infographics as way to add backlinks to my blog
Data and infographic preparation is one of the sure ways to generate links

Link roundups

Participating in a link roundup can be an efficient tool. Link roundup contains a list of the best articles on a certain issue that are made in a week, month, or some other period. You can send your content for approval during the submission stage to get included. To participate you have to find the right roundups in your niche. Then you have to provide quality content on the topic and submit it to be published in the roundup. If you are fortunate to be published link roundups can provide maximum results by generating backlinks from high authority websites. You also have the option of creating your own link roundups so try to get informed.


You can do some data gathering and report preparation to get backlinks. If you have a large user base you can easily prepare surveys and gather data to make reports. You can also use social media to gather relevant data that you can use to analyze certain issues and generate reports. With proper audience size, you can generate a lot of data that can be relevant. Just make sure to gather r the data that is unique and relevant so that it cant be found elsewhere.

Free tools

Creating tools can be an effective but difficult strategy to use. These free tools can generate a large number of backlinks. The trick is to design a tool to solve a problem and provide value to your users. It doesn’t have to be complex but rather simple enough to embed and use on your website. So, you can make a simple mortgage or a moving calculator depending on your niche. A link to this can then be disseminated providing a wealth of backlinks to your website. This is however difficult as you will have to find and hire a developer to design and tool and embed it in your site. There are many free examples of how this strategy can work online.

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the strategies that can help a lot, particularly today. The guest posting appears to be a viable answer to the question of how do I add backlinks to my blog? The answer is to try to contribute to other blogs in your niche with your own content. So focus on your niche and if you don’t find the right prospects try reaching out to the overlapping niche. Also, contact high authority blogs and websites as this can provide a lot of results. Make proper research about who to contact. Also, prepare some content in advance. Make your content unique to be relevant and desirable. The key is to provide certain value to the blog you are reaching out to. Only valuable content can be accepted as relevant guest posting.

Word press blog editor
Guest posting is one of the ways of generating backlinks

Resource lists

Some websites, blogs, and individuals create and maintain resource lists. They essentially keep a database of relevant websites or blogs on a certain topic. You can get listed here through direct contact with the list admin. You can outreach them or directly submit your content. If your content is relevant they will list it which will generate a lot of traffic through this backlink.

You do not have to wander too much about how I add backlinks to my blog. The solutions and common practices exist. You only have to do proper research and find the strategy that suits your needs. Make sure to combine more of them at the same time to maximize the results.

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