A Comprehensive Guide To Creating A Link Roundup

Link building is still one of the most important aspects of SEO. Quality link building is still a key aspect to ranking well and consequently getting quality traffic to your website. As the value of quality traffic is important you have to be creative in building links. One of the most important ways or strategies to doing just that is by using link roundups. You have the option of hosting your own or being featured in one. Whichever way you go you will have the opportunity of having some curated content to post on your page. However, let’s explore more about what these roundups are and how to go about creating a link roundup.

What is it actually?

Simply put a link roundup is a blog post with the most relevant links to other blogs. These links are all connected to the base topic of the blog that hosts it. So, link roundups are oriented toward a certain topic or industry. Their value is that they represent the summary of some of the best and most valuable content that people write on a certain topic. These roundups get published on a weekly or monthly basis and feature content that emerged in that time frame.

Blog sign as blogs are key to creating a link roundup
Blog posts with relevant content links are great link roundups

The value of these roundups is that they provide you with a summary of some of the best content on the topic that is of interest to you. In this way, you get a list of sources that you can use in your own content and provide to your readers. You can use them to increase the quality of your own content and your backlink profile. This will also keep you on top of the relevant content and help you create an engaging copy for your audience. The creation of these roundups has made searching for relevant content and sources much easier. It has also made connecting with other people easier and better. However, you must know how and where to find the ones that are of interest to you.

How to find and participate

Finding the right roundup for you is important. If you don’t outsource this activity to Link Department you will have to learn to handle it yourself. Other than knowing how to find it and participate, you should also know just how to and when to participate, and how often to do it.

Finding the roundup starts with a simple search. Try a google search containing whatever keyword you define for the roundup of your interest combined with relevant roundups. So you can use a KW+link roundup, or weekly roundup or link up, and so on. This is a good starting point to find a lot of relevant roundups that have high authority links for you. If not you can also use word variations to broaden the search. Keep in mind that roundups like this can be outdated with links that have expired. So be sure to do more searching until you find what you need.

Once you find the relevant roundups you can pitch them your own content to get featured. There is no sure way to accomplish this but the key is to write quality content that can easily get the attention of roundups. Also, take care of SEO optimization of your content. This will ensure that you will have the best possible traffic response. Once you achieve this keep in mind that you should try to be present as much as possible. But do not sacrifice the quality of your content to achieve this result.

Creating your own link roundup

Other than finding and participating in roundups the best way of generating traffic is through creating a link roundup yourself. Once you find quality relevant content you can start mentioning it on your blog or webpage. In this way, you will directly generate traffic to these websites. But this can benefit you a lot. Owners of these blogs will usually come by and share your roundup as a way of generating traffic to you. In turn, this will help you generate your own traffic. This will increase your exposure and get your link roundup attention. Ultimately once you get your roundup known it can generate a good portion of quality traffic and links.

WordPress dashboard
Writing relevant content is perfect for being featured in link roundups

The key here is that in this way you are establishing relationships, contacts and start networking. In the end, your content can get featured on others roundups generating even more traffic for you. In the end, your readers will also have the opportunity if access other quality content of interest to them through your posts.

How to get started

Hosting your own roundup can be a relatively tedious process. You will have to find all of the relevant content manually through hours of searching. However, once it gets known it will be much easier to handle. In addition, you can use many online tools to help you find quality content. You can use

  • Google alerts
  • Feedly
  • Pocket

Google alerts

You can easily use Google alerts to notify your subscribers of your activities. You can alert them on a weekly or monthly basis about your link roundup.


Feedly allows you to subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and monitor them as you wish from one location. You are then able to follow and categorize content on various blogs and pages as well as decide to share the information with your social media channels


You can easily collect content by simply searching the web with Pocket. The app basically records everything that you browse and saves it. You can then go back to this content later and use them in your blogs or use the links directly. This is great for someone that is starting to gather.

Jeans pocket with a word blogger written on a peace of paper
Making connections and networking is key to establishing yourself in link roundups and ranking well

To summarise roundup

Creating a link roundup is ultimately great for networking and creating top-quality content. The final result is the increase of quality traffic to your web pages. It not only helps to backlinks to your whole SEO effort but is also specific and oriented to your niche or field of interest. It is a strategy that you must incorporate in your whole SEO effort as it is very effective and valuable.

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