The Effects Of Google Voice Search On Keyword Analysis

Phones, other devices, and even desktop computers are all starting to promote the usefulness of voice search more and more. And why would they not when it is so convenient and easy to use? You can even browse through the internet with your phone leaned against something while your hands are busy making dinner. And voice search is becoming more and more viable as a means of reaching out to the internet. Which means its effects are becoming more pronounced. And this, in turn, means that marketing efforts, SEO optimization, and other business-related practices that apply to the domain of the internet need to be adjusted in order to better deal with the new circumstances. Yet, in order to make this possible, it is important to be thoroughly familiar with the effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis.

More focus on localized searches

The first of the effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis is the shift from more general searches to localized ones. Now, in order to improve your online rankings, you need to make sure you boost both your local presence and your general internet visibility side by side. This, of course, means that more localized terms will appear in keywords. Now, it is imperative that you include at least a couple of keywords with your location incorporated in them. This will naturally make it a little harder for you to catch the attention of potential customers from other areas. Then there is the issue faced by businesses with a broader scope of activity since it is difficult to truly localize their keywords selection in this manner.

Search page to research effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis
The effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis are very obvious when approached through the analytics date of optimized websites vs unoptimized ones.

A larger focus on questions

Since Google Voice Search focuses more on allowing their users to make queries on the spot, a lot of the searches actually come in the form of questions. In order to make your content compatible with them, you then naturally need to craft your titles and keywords in a way that they can be considered ‘answers’. This comes with two potential difficulties.

First, of course, is anticipating the queries of voice search users. You need to know what questions they are likely to ask in order to properly offer answers to them. Then there is the difficulty of styling keywords as answers in a way that makes sense without being too general. Yet, if you are too specific, you will lose out on a lot of audience outreach. This happens due to the fact that your keywords are incompatible with their searches.

Longer and more complex keywords

When you sit down at your computer, you can focus on what you want and trim down the search words. While using a mobile phone, things are different, yet the effects are similar. People are generally in a hurry and do not want to type too much on the small keyboard. Both of these factors had come together to make keywords generally short and simple, with broad outreach. This was both good and bad. It offered a wider breadth of results while making it harder to find exactly what you were looking for.

On the other hand, voice search is more spontaneous and therefore contains longer and more complex keywords. This practically demands an overhaul in the way choosing keywords for SEO is approached! Which can make the transition and striking a good balance between voice search versus traditional Google searches much more difficult.

a person Googling
Even in ‘traditional’ searches, longer keywords are becoming more popular.

How to optimize your content

In order to deal with the effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis, you should prioritize question-based keywords. You can style the titles of your pages as answers while incorporating question words into at least one of your keywords. Of course, you need to be careful of keyword stuffing. Trying to cover all of your bases at once could result in unclear specifications which make it impossible for Google to properly classify your website’s primary draw. Thankfully, there is good news! Semantic search optimization is becoming more prevalent, which allows Google to organize search results while linking them to your previous queries.

Reason to pander to voice search

There is, frankly, no avoiding the growing popularity of voice search. Which of course means that the effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis are here to stay. These trends can also be seen from the SEO predictions from Google in 2022. In addition, we can assume that more and more devices will be equipped with voice search capabilities. The car industry will widely adopt such functionality soon. This means that anyone who fails to adapt will be missing out on a very large font of potential customers. Which would ensure that their business will start lagging behind the competition.

Amazon echo
Equipment needed for Google Voice Search is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone.

Requisite phone compatibility

One of the most important effects of Google Voice Search is the emphasis on phone compatibility. When a phone user does a voice search, the results are actually prioritized by loading speed and compatibility. This means that, even if you avoid all the common pitfalls in SEO optimization associated with voice search, your site can still be pushed back in relevance simply because it is not fast enough. You do not want all your hard work to fail just because of neglecting to optimize your site a little better!

Final Advice

It is obvious that instead of fearing the effects of Google Voice Search on keyword analysis, it is much better to actively work towards adapting to them. If you do, you stand to gain a firm foothold over your competition. And, with the gradual rise of artificial intelligence assistant software, it can be reasonably assumed that complex search queries will only become more prevalent in the future. Dealing with the issues now will give you a good foundation to tackle the future changes with. And anything that is helpful for the future of your business is more than worth investing time and effort in!

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