The power of social media in boosting your SEO rankings

In today’s age of digitalization and the internet, companies are fighting the battle of achieving a strong online presence. It is one of the most vital aspects of their online activity. It is to this end that marketers created SEO. Its goal is to boost webpage rankings and increase the visibility of the webpage, brand, and company. However, the times are always changing and with it, there are new trends to adapt to. To achieve any results SEO must now adapt to incorporate social media into its mix. There is considerable power of social media in boosting your SEO rankings that influence this trend. Social media presents a new opportunity and can add to companies’ SEO strategies.

Why is social media impacting SEO

The facts are clear and they can be well documented by researching the way the internet performs today. Well simply put in today’s world there are over 380 created each minute. There are almost 5 million blog articles written and content presented to the public. This fact shows that in these conditions the chances of your website, product, or service being seen and ranking are quite difficult. Even with the best SEO strategy and the help of seasoned professionals, ranking high and driving traffic to your webpage is difficult. The competition is too great and the pace at which everything changes is simply too much to keep up with.

blocks spelling SEO
SEO is not enough to ensure a good ranking in SERP today.

In a situation like this introducing other factors becomes important. That is where social media comes in. Social media easily grabs the attention of the average internet user. With over 50 % of the global population using some social media platform its potential power can be great. They have the considerable ability to represent a deciding factor in your company’s SERP ranking and results. Adapting your SEO to incorporate social media into the grand SEO strategy is therefore a sound business decision. Statistics show that there is a definitive correlation between the ranking positions of websites and their social media activity. The way they incorporate them in their SEO determines the results they achieve with search engine results and the rank they get.

How does social media influence SEO?

Theoretically social media does not influence your webpage ranking. This is because Google does not view social media links and backlinks as ranking factors. Therefore, there is no direct influence of social media links on ranking.  In this way, the number and structure of these links cant influence rankings with Google. However, there are ways that social media can give a big boost to your SEO and rankings. Simply put the power of social media in boosting your SEO rankings is too great and it finds a way to influence all around it. In all, it is clear that social media increase the visibility of a brand and its webpage. This in turn leads to increased rankings overall.

But this influence is much more direct. It is so significant that it simply merits the incorporation of social media into SEO strategies. It simply demands its adaptation to accommodate social media. Here is how social media influences SEO.

  • Through links,
  • Social signals,
  • Increased traffic

Through links

Basically social media can generate links by using a simple formula. First, you need to generate content that is of value, then you actively promote and share it across the platforms. After that, you actively share the content and connected it to your business website. This ultimately increases website authority and triggers Google to increase your ranking. In this way, you can harness social media in your link building strategy.

Scrabble letters saying adapt or fail
SEO must adapt to incorporate social media

Using social signals

On the other hand, social media give out strong social signals. These social signals then significantly influence SEO These signals are likes, comments, and shares of the content you create and promote which generate interest in the brand or webpage. Google can easily pick up these signals interpreting them as the popularity and relevancy of the webpage. This ultimately results in boosting the ranking of a webpage based on these signals. Today there are studies that prove a strong correlation between social media activity and rankings.

Increasing the traffic

Social media promotion of a website actively influences the increase of traffic. With this active promotion, the brand can increase its visibility and popularity. This in turn sparks interest in the company and its webpage and drives traffic directly to the website. In this way the traffic increases which is picked up by google and ultimately translated into a ranking increase and boost in the rankings.

Spelled blog
Content is still king and important in social media

Using social media to boost your rankings

With all this in mind, it is clear that any SEO effort today must work hard to use social media in its activities. Here is how to do it today.

  • Find the right platform and create profiles. Companies must choose the right platform among a number of the most relevant. the key is to identify the ones where the target audience is most active. Only this will ensure that the right audience can be reached. It is important to know that each of them has its own characteristics, features, and benefits. The right platform will be the place to establish a strong online presence.
  • Build a profile that is optimized and in line with the company’s image and brand.
  • Create and share quality content. Content is still key. Constantly producing and promoting content distinguishes the company and the leader and sparks interest. this content must be relevant, fascinating, captivating, entertaining, and valuable to create a mass following.
  • Build the following. Building a strong following is key. Only a large group of followers can increase the reach, engage the audience, and increase the number of visitors. Ultimately this will lead to conversion.
  • Use it for link building

Today social media platforms have taken SEO by storm. It is clear that there is considerable power of social media in boosting your SEO rankings. This is what SEO needs to accommodate. SEO today changes to take advantage of and utilize social media to the greatest possible degree.

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