Tips for Sharing Content on Social Media

Getting good online marketing results means creating great content and optimizing it for search engines. It also means that you should create content that grabs attention and sparks interest. Clearly content is at the center of an online marketing effort and SEO. However, the way you market it and approach the audience is important. Following digital trends is of paramount importance. Today social media is grabbing attention and is the single most important channel of communication with your audience. This makes sharing content on social media increasingly important. Adapting and knowing how to do it can become the prevailing factor of your SEO and digital marketing success.

The rise of social media

The data today shows the increasing importance of social media for marketing. Seasoned professionals recognize that to get noticed and to engage the target audience social media is the way to go. Cultivating brand awareness, and increasing traffic and conversion is almost impossible without engaging in sharing content on social media. Leading marketers testify that social media has a crucial role in marketing activities and that it is important for their business.

Content marketing
Social media plays an important role in content marketing

The importance of social media is growing due to the fact that it draws a new crowd. New internet users and potential customers use them on a daily bases as their dominating way of interaction. This is why they are not just a passing trend and they are not losing relevance. On the contrary, they are becoming even more important making adaptation to them a necessity.

However, with the abundance of social networks, the knowledge about leveraging them for your own marketing goals is also diverse. Not everyone can use all of the social media networks in the same way and with the same results. Certain services and products also have better results on some media networks than others. You can’t hope to leverage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest in the same way and with the same results. So, although sharing content on social media is important the way you do it may be different. However, with some universal tips, you can hope to get adequate results.

What to do?

Basically what is important to know is that the content that you share must spark interest. This in short means that it must be informative and provide value, educational, inspiring, and entertaining content. Preparing a mix of these characteristics can lead to the creation of valuable and highly sharable content. This will in turn lead to better traffic, engagement, conversion, and ultimately profits.

But that is not the whole story. There is a lot you can do to use social media networks for your marketing needs. Sharing content on social media demands a broader and deeper engagement. It demands

  • Cross-promotion
  • Knowledge of these social media channels
  • Experimenting and optimizing
  • Tracking and measuring


To get the right results from social media channels you must engage in cross-promoting your content and website. It is not enough to post content the way you used to before. Simply prepping content on your blog and distributing links all over different social networks will not do the job. This is because the users of these media are used to different ways of interaction meaning different ways of promotion can only do the trick. This in turn means that you have to learn more about these different platforms and user habits. Only then you will be able to create the promotion of your content that will yield results.

Written twitter on black background
Adapt your content to the social media channel

Knowing your social media platform

Each social media network should have a set of guidelines to follow for promotion. Facebook is intended for people to share content with their friends. They are interested in emotions and tend to react to headlines. Twitter on the other hand is oriented towards short articles and snippets accompanied by catchy visuals. These users prefer to get relevant information and trending topics. The LinkedIn platform is aimed at a professional audience. Sharing content here must be straight to the point with clearly visible values. Instagram is all about the visual and all content has a visual aspect that you should focus on.

So it is clear that cross-posting won’t do the trick. The same content must be adapted for these different channels in order to spark interest. So, cross-promotion across these different channels becomes the key.

Experimenting and optimizing

Getting to know each new social network demands gathering knowledge and experience. So, it is important to create a sporting schedule and strategy and to begin experimenting. Frequent changes to the intensity, timing, and frequency are needed to gather sufficient data. This allows you to optimize your posts and choose the right timeframe and frequency of posting activities. Through this activity, you can choose the posting schedule and content that provides the best results.

YouTube sign on the phone
Make use of video and photo visuals for your content

Tracking and measuring

Learning more about sharing content on social media and optimizing this activity relies on measuring its success and tracking the results. This is where using UTM parameters comes into play. Adding these snippets of code to your posts will provide you with an abundance of data that will allow you to measure the success of your social media activities. Tracking and measuring will be the key to learning about the success of your social medial activities. Furthermore, they will be able to separate you from the completion by providing you with data that will help you adapt and optimize better. In turn, this will get you even better results.

What else should you know?

As already stated your social media profile and posts should be ones that provide value. Many profiles are only sales oriented. They have and only provide sales messages and are abundant with spam comments. They do not provide any value or distinguish themselves from the rest. To be successful on social media you must strive to provide and add value to the user. What does this mean in practice.? Do not sell your products and services. Provide useful information and quality content. Engage the user, and try to learn more about him. In addition, provide more information about yourself and the company. Be prepared to show some behind-the-scenes information. Establish yourself as a useful source of information and provide a good solution to the issues. Be relevant and stay on top of the trending topic.

Develop trust

All this means that once you establish yourself as a valuable source people will develop trust and start sharing your relevant content. This is provided by creating content that is both useful and interesting. This trust is the key to attracting followers, subscribers, and finally customers.

Different social media apps on the phone
Make your content easily sharable

However, getting the know the network and the users takes time. It is a matter of trial and error. You must adapt your approach and strategy to see what works until you find the right way of posting on certain social media networks.

Get attention

Sharing content on social media is all about grabbing the attention of the users. These social media channels are teaming with competition competing for the attention of users. This means that you should be superior at it. Your content must spark interest and be the dominant one to grab attention on social media. What this presumes is that besides your content being useful it also must be engaging and dynamic. It should be in line with these requirements:

  • Be a shareable content format. Any social media post should have a Visual component that is engaging and grabs attention. Social media algorithms prioritize content that is interesting and diverse. So, using videos, photos, and even infographics can set you apart from your competition.
  • Actively engage people. Your social media posts should not be passive and provide only information. To spark interest they must engage the audience. So your social media shares should cal, to action and ask questions. They should engage in a conversation that will establish a relationship.
  • Be respectful to the user. Be concise and use short posts. These should be snappy and short to not tire and bore your user. Links should be short and easy to use. Posts that are too long will keep users away from good content so be short and to the point.
  • Be diverse and mix things up. Try not to repeat the content you already used. Mix up a set of photos videos and content that will appear fresh and not be tiresome. Mix up the frequency of your posts and change the schedule

Adapt your approach

Also, try to adapt your marketing approach and content sharing to the target audience you are trying to reach. You should understand that social media platforms are global and are all reaching. In this way, you are able to contact customers all around the world. However, they all have different living schedules and use their social media differently. So, you first must understand your target audience and their habits as well as the nature of the media platform itself.

Facebook login page
Facebook users have specific habits and needs

For example, someone using LinkedIn for job searching might refresh this page all day or even at night. People usually check their Instagram during their morning commute or Tweet early in the morning. They also live in different time zones and have different time schedules. So, knowing the habits of your users and the nature of your social media is important for adaptation.

So, you can prepare your Twitter posts for sharing in the morning, or adapt the timing of your Facebook posts to coincide with the activity of your target audience. This will contribute to the visibility and sharing of your content. Automatizing these tasks is easy with the use of certain SEO and WordPress tools and schedulers.

Make your content sharable

Getting your content across social media is easy and simple if you realize that you are not the only one able to share it. Basically, every social media user is an influencer at the same time. So, this makes making your content easily sharable very important. What does this mean in the end? You should try to incorporate a share button into every article of content you produce. This button should be made for every social media platform that you use. it will make it easy for your followers to click and make your content available through that channel. keep in mind that your users develop a certain trust and are inclined to recommend it to their followers.

In this way, by using easy share buttons they are able to easily share your content. In this way even users that don’t know or follow you are able to directly access your webpage and get in touch with your content. So, you are getting an increase in traffic and your content gets widely seen increasing your brand awareness. Making content sharing easy in this way increases the chance of it being widely distributed and seen by a wider audience contributing to achieving the ultimate goals of your online marketing activity.

Social media marketing written on a peace of paper
Social media is gaining value and importance in digital marketing

Make a clear strategy

Using social media networks is easy and makes sharing your content and implementing your content marketing strategies simple. It can utilize the power of these networks to make use of all users like influencers. However, achieving results requires making a clear strategy and sticking to it. It also demands knowing your target market and the channel you are using so you can adapt to the user’s needs and habits.

Sharing content on social media is here to stay. With the rise of social media importance and new channels springing up more and more of your potential clients will be part of these media interactions. So, learning more about them, experimenting, and adapting becomes crucial. Only with full knowledge about the way they work and with proper adaptation you will be able to achieve the needed results. Starting with a few tips and tricks will be good, but further exploration and measuring are needed to get to the right social media marketing strategies you need.

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