10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

Writing fresh and captivating content is still one of the main aspects of any digital marketing activity. Yes, SEO is important, but writing and optimizing text just to rank high on the results page is not the only goal. The thing is that you must create content that your audience will read and find interesting. Such content, which they will be eager to share, increases your chances of ranking high. However, writing content for both the audience and SEO is not a conflicting demand. There are ways and plenty of tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post writing. Knowing them will set you on the right path in your digital marketing efforts.

Writing for the audience and SEO

Well, writing content for your audience allows you to explore and provide content that is interesting and captivating. You want to spark interest and have your content shared. However, besides writing content for your audience you can still incorporate a lot of keywords that will help you rank high. Of course, the Link Department can help you with this but besides professional assistance, you should know about this yourself. The trick here is to balance the content and SEO optimization and achieve combined results.

seo blocks as a symbol of SEO visibility
Make sure you combine good writing with SEO needs

These two paths are not contradictory. On the contrary, they can complement each other if you pay attention to keywords and do not trigger Google’s safeguards and penalties. Keyword stuffing is a practice you should avoid although incorporating and optimizing is necessary and needed.

So, before even considering tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post you should first consider your keywords. You should research your target audience and make a list of keywords you want to and can rank for. Once you know which topics your audience looks for and which words they use for searching you can start writing. The combination of good content and relevant keywords will help you make an awesome and interesting blog.

Relevant tips and tricks

Writing relevant content may not be as simple as it looks. For some however it may be natural and easy, but mostly you have to think a lot about the content you are writing. With this in mind here are a few tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post that will help you with writing good content.

  1. Think first
  2. Make a blog structure
  3. Use transition words
  4. Utilise paragraphs and headings
  5. Use the keyword
  6. Take care of the article’s length
  7. Link it
  8. Write regularly
  9. Let others read the content
  10. Use tools and plugins

Think first

Know what your article’s intent is. You must know what the purpose of it is and what message and help you want to provide for your users. Know what your final goal for the article is before you start writing it.

Chalkboard sign indicating you must know what's your story as one of the tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post
Think about what you need to write to reach your target audience

Make a blog structure

Your content should help the reader follow the topic easily. This is why it is important to have structure to your content. It should have an introduction a body and a conclusion. This structure will make the article easily readable.

Use transition words

Use a lot of transition words. These are intended to let users easily go through the article scan it and easily see the relationships between article parts.

Utilise paragraphs and headings

Make sure to help the reader follow the content by utilizing headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. The article should be clearly split into paragraphs each with its own topic and point. Every paragraph should have a clear idea it has to convey and is easily readable. Each of them should also have a subheading that will clearly state what the paragraph is about. These aspects of article formation will not only lead the user through the content. They will also help them scan the content easily finding what they need and are interested in.

Use the keyword

Do not stuff your content with keywords. This might make it harder to read and can trigger Google penalties. You should however strive to use the keyword and its synonyms in a more natural way. It should be present for the sake of search engines and ranking but not burden the article.

Take care of the article’s length

Any blog article should not be shorter than 300 words. Preferably good written content should go up to no more than 1200 words. However, for the purpose of elaborating on the topic, providing relevant data, and utilizing the necessary keywords. Be short and to the point as most readers today do not read articles that are too long.

Link it

Make sure that you use both internal and external links. The links you use will provide a better experience for the user by giving extra data and value to the content. Google on the other hand will consider your content even more valuable as it is providing a better user experience. In addition, linking to your other content on the same or similar topics will make it a lot stronger. Many links will make the content seem a lot more valuable as they can establish you as an authority on the subject.

WordPress editor
Utilize the services and plugins at your disposal

Write regularly

Make an editorial calendar to help you with posting frequently. It is important to regularly provide content to let google know that the site is active. This will help it crawl and rank regularly. However, you must not provide just any content. Make sure that the content is high quality, current, relevant, and most of all entertaining.

Let others read the content

Make sure to have someone proofread the content before publishing. A fresh set of eyes can help correct any typos and grammar mistakes as well as provide criticism and opinion. If the person is an expert in the contest they will be able to provide valuable feedback concerning the content itself. Meaning whether it covers all of the necessary points and facts.

Use tools and plugins

Today there are plenty of text editors and plugins that make writing content easy. Make sure to utilize them to the fullest. The most well know is the Yoast plugin that is incorporated into the WordPress engine. It allows you to easily write and optimize your content to make it both SEO friendly and easy for the user to follow and enjoy.

With some of the tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post writing valuable content is much easier. Knowing these tips and tricks will easily help you be noticed and read by your audience as well as help you rank higher. SEO and user needs are not that divergent and they allow the combination of the two.

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