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If you have a blog and looking to send press releases about your blog you are in the right place. This is all we are going to talk about today here at Link Department. Your marketing approach might include a combination of emails, posts on social media, advertising (but staying inside your niche), conferences, events, and other strategies. However, a single mention in the news can multiply all of your efforts tenfold. It could bring a flood of new consumers your way, or even take your small company to the next level. This is why we want to focus a little bit more on press releases. Every strategy can be helpful. This is just one of many you will need to give a shot. We will also show you who can help you in case you get stuck or even don’t know where or how to begin.

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is a press release?

This is a document that will announce your newsworthy story about your business that the people and press might want to cover. The press release offers all of the important information that a journalist or editor would need to know in order to cover the subject accurately. Some news organizations will publish your news solely based on the press release you provide them. Other times, they will call you to schedule an interview. Also, they can use you as an authoritative source for another article. This is particularly common if you routinely put out press releases addressing issues that are interesting. In these cases, they will approach you to arrange the interview or utilize you as a source.

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Where can I send my press release?

Surely, you already know this but we wanted to cover all the basics – just in case. Email is the best way to send and also to receive press releases. That’s not all, you can try postal mail and faxes as they are pretty acceptable alternatives. Publicists typically distribute those press releases to assignment reporters and editors in print, broadcast, and online media. And here is a bonus tip for you – you should include some links in your press releases about your blog. It can help with your SEO and backlinks in general.

Now let’s see the types of press releases so you can see which one will suit you the best

  1. First, we have “breaking news” and this one is usually sensational
  2. Product launches are exactly as the name says so if you are writing in your blog about your new products this is the type you will be needing
  3. Mergers and acquisitions are really seen in blogs but it’s not impossible especially if you have some professional blog
  4. Updates about products/services are always popular
  5. Events that can’t be missed
  6. New partnerships and collaborations
  7. Rebranding can be fun if you have a good approach
  8. Special promotions
  9. Last but not least we have – Awards

Now you need to see which one will suit your news best. It depends on your blog and obviously what you have to say today. A little research would do you some good and when in doubt – seek professionals. This way you will be sure that you will target the right audience.

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We love sports blogs and reading about awards.

Tips that will help you to send press releases about your blog

Try to come up with anything that would make interesting reading for the public and know how to write a press release. If your story isn’t fascinating to the journalist’s intended audience, no amount of personalization or attention to detail will save it. So, get creative. Next, you want to write a catchy, informative title by emphasizing the most important aspect of your press release. Explain to the media why they should care about your story. The headline of an article can take as much time as the article itself to produce for professional writers. If you’re stuck for ideas, just peruse the headlines of the articles you enjoy reading online and take note of the ones that pique your curiosity. Make sure your subtitle accurately describes your story. Include a phrase in the press release’s lead-in that summarizes the entire piece and explains the heading.

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We have even more useful tips for you so, keep reading.

But wait, there is more!

Provide background context that is crucial to the discussion city, state, and date should follow the opening sentence, along with a brief description of your business. The first paragraph of your pitch should capture the reporter’s attention by providing answers to the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” queries. Give reasons and background for your claims. Use data, statistics, and research as follow-ups. Reporters need to know in the opening paragraph why their readers should care about your announcement so they can decide whether or not to cover it. Then, use the body copy to back up your release with specifics and vivid statements from company representatives. To merely state facts or to sound self-congratulatory will not suffice. Provide a brief overview of the piece and end with a CTA (call to action) or information about where readers may find more.

Seal the deal with some punchy but brief boilerplate in your release. Describe in detail the services you provide and how your company’s stakeholders benefit as a result. Also, don’t forget to add a way to get in touch. If a reporter can’t get in touch with the stakeholder or a representative of the stakeholder, the release won’t go very far. Give a brief history of the company and an outline of what it does. Give a way for people to get in touch with you. It is standard practice to indicate the conclusion of a news release with 3 ### symbols or the notation “–30–” in the document’s footer. There is much more to be told about press releases. This is just the beginning. You should check out our blog because you can find plenty of more reading material there.

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