Are blogs good for backlinks?

Today we will be focusing on blogs and we will answer the ultimate question – are they good for backlinks? One thing you will often see are texts that are dragging the answer and tell you in the last sentence. This is not click-bate. We are here to help you to understand the importance of and to work with you on your new SEO strategy. All that in order to improve your ranking. So, the answer is YES – blogs are great for your backlinks and SEO. They are also pretty popular. Guest blogging especially (we will talk more about it later in the text). But first, let’s see why are blogs good for backlinks.

The answer to your question

You can reach more people through your blog’s links if you blog more frequently. Guest posting and also broken link-building are just some of the examples of the many strategies you can employ to increase the number of people who visit your blogs and, by extension, your website. Guest blogging has been such a game-changer in the last couple of years so. And professionals such as Link Department can confirm their importance.

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Now that we answered your question we can focus on important things, keep reading!

Guest blogging is good for your backlink building

Earning natural, high-quality backlinks to your site is difficult, but guest posting can help. It’s much easier to achieve prominence in search results if your profile contains several high-quality backlinks. In addition, pages that have quality links to them are more likely to remain at the top. We showed you why guest blogging is so important nowadays but to read more about it you will need to continue your research on our blog.

Broken link-building

Backlinks are cultivated through broken link-building (sometimes referred to as dead link-building) by updating broken links to point to active URLs. Maybe your blog posts are just the right replacement! If you want to know how to do it – make sure to research the useful links we left you and after reading you will be a pro. If you don’t have the time for everything you can always call us and we will make sure to find you an ideal SEO strategy that will suit you and your business the best.

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You can use those errors to your advantage.

How to get backlinks for your blog

Let us help you by laying out the stipulations: In order to achieve a high Google page rank, it is essential to acquire inbound links from reputable sources such as reputable news websites and blogs (we are referring to the good kind of referrals from reputable outlets and blogs). Thankfully, this is easier than it sounds but still, if you ever get stuck you should call us.

Simply make advantage of the no-cost tool available at HARO (Help a Reporter Out). When it comes to PR, HARO is a lot like Tinder. But no one gets married in the end. Bloggers and journalists who are looking for sources are brought together with those who are seeking links and publicity (you). “Skyscraper” content can also be very good for you. If you don’t know what the skyscraper technique is you will need to research it but to sum things up you need to find a good article and make it much better. The rest you can read in the article we left you.

Ultimate guides

Those guides can generate links for years. Yup, you saw it right – years! You are aware that creating high-quality backlinks is the only approach to increasing your site’s ranking on Google (and lots of them). So much is obvious. If you want other websites to link to yours, HOW do you do it? This is the way – make ultimate guides and see for yourself. Seriously. We all had much success on our blogs with ultimate guides so if you haven’t used them by now – this is a perfect opportunity. What makes ultimate guides so effective? To begin with, a lot of information can be found on one single page. In many (though not all) cases, long-form content outperforms short articles in Google search results, as evidenced by numerous SEO ranking impact studies (including our own).

ultimate guides are good for backlinks
We all like to read them.

Authority Resource Pages

Are you getting more curious now? If you are thinking: Ok, that’s fantastic but how can I gain links from resource pages? It is necessary to locate resource pages first. This can be a challenge to track down. The term “resource page” is rarely used by those creating such pages. The usual phrases used to describe people’s sites are instead: helpful or useful resources for example.
Simply conducting a search with these terms should yield the desired results… added to a keyword search. Within 5 seconds, you will have all of the results you require. You’ve finally located a useful website; now it’s time to (politely) request a link. These days, an email will do just fine.

You don’t have to do everything on your own

This is the single most important piece of information we have to share with you today. You really don’t have to do everything on your own. The bigger your website gets the more help you will need. Investing in SEO experts can make your business much better and more visible (this is usually the key to success). So, yes blogs are good for backlinks but SEO experts are even better. We will gladly work on your link-building and any SEO strategy that your site needs in order to rank higher on Google. Nowadays that is the most important thing, we do everything in order to appear on Google’s first page because let’s face it – who goes to the fifth page anymore? Everything you need is right up front and that’s where you need to be. Blogs are just one tool you can use to achieve this.

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