How to Build Effective Backlinks Using Images

As already stated multiple times, backlinks today are still a vital part of SEO and a key to ranking. The statistics show that the number of backlinks from different domains to your website is still a vital factor for ranking high. But today in the visual era pictures are becoming great tools for building backlinks. They attract more backlinks than ever. Although your content is primarily written pictures that are a part of it draw a lot of links. This means that today, the phrase picture is worth a thousand words become a reality. But the key is to know how to build effective backlinks using images.

Learning about backlinks and images

Simply put backlinks are inbound links that direct traffic to your website. The most links the better. Each backlink is created when another site concludes that your content can improve and add value to their website and content. In this way, the backlink becomes a vote of confidence giving your boost to rank higher. So, the aim is to get the most backlinks possible from reputable sources, domains, and websites. One of the easy tools to do that is images. They are highly embeddable and people can easily incorporate them within their content. Usually, when they do they leave the link to the source of an image as a credit to the author.

So, by creating a compelling image file you can easily attract attention and get the backlinks you need. But knowing what kind of images is not enough. You must know what to do and how to use them to build effective backlinks using images. Although you can have a professional company like Link Department to help you handle this, knowing something about this yourself is highly recommended.

Images on the laptop
Compelling and well-designed images are highly linkable

What kind of images?

Managing SEO is complex and so is managing and creating images that can attract backlinks. Both of these processes demand a strategic approach. When it comes to images it demands the creation of compelling content that people would want to embed and link to. The practice shows that there is a number of images that serve that purpose.

  • Graphs
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Maps
  • Product Photos


Graphs that provide crucial and worthy data are quite linkable and embeddable content. Providing graphic representation of our data and research on any topic is therefore a viable and welcome way of generating backlinks.


Photos are a great way to generate backlinks. The key is to take photos that people search for and express their needs for. So, you can search on free websites for photos to analyze and see what people search for and link to. After that, you can make an effort to make a set of photos that might fit the needs of the market.


Infographics are a popular way of generating backlinks. They are engaging interesting, easily accessible, persuasive, and easy to recall among other things. As such they have been the predominant way of attracting backlinks in the previous decade. Well-designed infographics are still great for attracting attention and backlinks and are a great tool to achieve this goal. So transferring data into infographics can be the way to go in generating backlinks.

Infographic on the laptop
Infographics are very popular in link building


Map creation today is a sure way to get backlinks. These are getting very popular. Well-designed, creative, and funny way of portraying data through maps is very popular today so do not hesitate to use the. These are shared very often providing for wide distribution and backlink dispersal.

Product Photos

Building backlinks from your own photos is possible but can prove to be difficult. The fact is that good product photos usually get abused and used without crediting the author. In these cases, the images get used without providing any backlinks which opens a new set of challenges. However, product photos are great for company and product visibility.

Ways of building backlinks with images

Building backlinks with images requires a lot of work. There are numerous ways of doing that. And here is how:

  • Create great images
  • Illustrate how-to posts
  • Find unclaimed images

Great image

The key is to make top-notch image content that is popular online. These have to be compelling, interactive, and interesting. You can make memes that are popular, industry-relevant infographics other content that can have a long shelf life. The more relevant and credible the content the better. You can then share images like these freely allowing their free use with the requirement of backlinking to your website. In this way, images become a part of great content that is highly linkable and can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

How to posts

How-to posts are very popular today and many sites publish different instructions. They are textual but can be followed by a great visual representation. This is a great link-building opportunity as you can easily graphically represent a how-to post that can then company this content. In these cases, the content creator publishes your image too with the accompanying link back to your webpage.

Uncredited images

As already stated there are many cases when people use images without crediting the authors. In these cases, the image does not generate a backlink. However, this is a great potential for backlinking so you can easily use the Google platform to search for your images. Google allows you to search for images simply by uploading them and getting all of the relevant data about their use and location. You can then request that the person using your image credits you as the author by adding a backlink to the image.

Man at a computer using Google
Google provides tools for searching for uncredited pictures that you can use for backlinking

As images are a powerful tool today in this visual era knowing their potential and using it is important. This is what you should know more about images and how to build effective backlinks using images. However, be clear that images must make sense when providing content and must be clear and engaging. So make sure you learn more about image creation and use in SEO.

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