Backlinking Strategies to Drive Traffic and Domain Authority

In the opinion of over 80 percent of SEO experts, link-building is a powerful marketing approach. However, building high-quality backlinks will be difficult if you don’t know which backlinking strategies to use. The good news is that you may employ a variety of techniques in tandem to gain backlinks and increase your brand awareness. If you want to know how to get more traffic from backlinks in the year 2022, keep reading. We will also show you who can help you if you get stuck. Also, we can show you where you can continue your research on this topic. Link Department has a website with amazing blogs where you will find the answers to all of your questions about SEO and backlinking.

The importance of backlink strategies

When a third party decides to link to your website, you get a backlink. You need niche links of course. Your site will rise in Google’s search results as a result of this. That’s why link authority, which is determined by the total number and quality of incoming links, has an impact on your Google ranking. You want to get as close to the top search result as possible in order to bring even more organic traffic as possible to your website since Google receives 50% of all traffic. With a large number of backlinks, your site establishes your authority in the eyes of a large number of people. Results two through ten on Google have an average of 380% more backlinks than the first result.

With high-quality backlinks, you may take advantage of the authority and trust that goes with other high-authority websites. You’ll move up the ranks as a result of this. When developing a connection strategy, keep this in mind. Using a domain authority tool, check the quality of the link you’re attempting to build. SEMrush/Moz alternatives exist, however, 66% of marketers use Moz’s domain authority to judge the quality of links. In a nutshell, the higher a site ranks on Google, the more organic traffic it receives. In order to rank well in search engine results and generate more traffic, you’ll need a well-thought-out backlinking strategy. Luckily we know 6 great ones.

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Now we can show you the backlinking strategies we have prepared for you.

Backlinking strategies to drive traffic and domain authority

  • Write relatable and shareable content
  • Broken link-building is a great strategy
  • Guest posts are very popular in 2022
  • Listen for brand mentions
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Link exchanging

Your content

The best way to get backlinks is to create high-quality content. The issue is that ninety percent of websites receive no visitors at all. Nobody will connect to your article if it doesn’t generate any traffic. As a result, over 75% of marketers claim to create content whose sole purpose is to garner backlinks. Here are the three best types of content currently:

  • Original data-driven stories are the best kind
  • Thought-leadership papers and expert interviews
  • Niche-specific reference books are also very popular
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Your content is the most important strategy so first of all focus on that and then you can use the other ones.

Broken link building

Broken link building is a topic we talked about so many times. For a reason obviously. It is a useful tool and efficient strategy in link building and backlink strategy. We left you an article where you can read all about this strategy because there is a lot to tell about this one. Now, let us talk about guest blogging.

Guest blogs

Guest blogging is a well-known method of obtaining backlinks. In fact, over 75% of SEO experts use guest posts to gain backlinks. Guest blogs are great because they can help you generate links, but they also help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Additionally, you’ll be able to reach a new demographic and demonstrate the value of your business/company to them. In addition, because content production can take a lot of effort, supplying free content makes it easier to persuade a site to include your hyperlink.

Brand mentions and collaborations

A backlink can be obtained by searching the internet for references to your product or brand and then pursuing any unlinked mentions. Roughly half of marketers use this tactic to gain backlinks from brand references. If you have the correct tools, this task should be a piece of cake. It’s possible to search for your brand name using tools like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs Content Explorer to locate mentions of your brand from other sources. Try Google Alerts if you’re searching for a free tool to achieve this. We won’t be talking much about collaborations with influencers since that one is pretty easy to understand. As long as you stick to your niche and find the right influencers you will do just fine.

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Influencers can be an amazing tool.

Link exchanging

More than two-thirds of SEO experts use link exchanges to boost their backlink strategy. It’s a wonderful approach for going tit-for-tat with the enemy. When you volunteer to scratch the back of someone, they’ll do the same for you. This strategy is easy to understand. Identify websites that share your audience but aren’t directly competing with you. If you are having any problems with backlink strategies you should think about outreaching this part of your job. SEO outreach, if done properly, can be great for you.

A few parting words

You will be able to feel more confident about your backlinking tactics now that you know where to begin. In the event that your content isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped, link trades and influencer marketing may be the answer. Paying for links is an option if you’re really struggling but it’s not a very good strategy since it can be bad for you. A whopping 40% of SEOs admit to occasionally utilizing this tactic. Hopefully, you now have six new backlinking strategies at your disposal to take your backlinking efforts to the next level.

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