Creative ways to build backlinks for E-commerce websites

You’re up against well-known and dependable huge players like Amazon and eBay. Also, how frequently do you notice pages relating to e-commerce companies? By investing a bit more money in a Facebook advertising campaign, you’d undoubtedly get more immediate results. Today Link Department will guide you through creative ways to build backlinks for e-commerce websites. So let’s dive in together.

Increase your SEO score by effectively setting up your store

The design of your website plays a crucial role in your store’s SEO. All the links in the world won’t help you if your online store isn’t set up appropriately. One of the things you should take care of and ask yourself is why content is king in SEO. The ideal guideline to remember while planning the layout of your store is this:

  • Aim to keep each page 3 clicks or less from your homepage.
  • Google won’t appreciate it if customers have a hard time accessing your online store.

Make it simple for your customers to explore every area with the least amount of effort, much like in a physical store. Your backlinks will benefit you more if you do this.

Cubes that make the word SEO
Your SEO score must be high so your website can have more traffic and visits!

Write articles on the issues your product resolves

Whatever you are selling, present your solution to a problem. For instance, wearing high-quality clothing eliminates the need to purchase new attire each season. Cost-efficient furniture means that first-time renters or homebuyers won’t have to use their life savings to equip their homes. Finding out how each product works to solve problems is all that requires. Also, you can publish a blog post about your product once you understand how it resolves specific issues.

Get a listing among your competition

Very likely, your rivals have existed for a little while longer. There’s a good chance that during that period they’ve gathered a few backlinks that you can also benefit from. You may just have noticed that the homepage is frequently the only destination for brand mentions with backlinks. You should also, if needed, fix your already outdated pages with backlinks. You’ll be shown every link that leads to that domain. Keep in mind that no-follow links are acceptable if there is high traffic. Check if any no-follow backlinks receive a lot of traffic before filtering for solely do-follow links. The next step is to look through these, go to each referring page, and consider why the competition is linked to rather than you.

Have a hyperlink from manufacturers and suppliers

Do you make your clothes out of a specific type of material? Maybe you always use a specific brand of paint when you paint. To keep costs low, e-commerce business owners like you frequently make direct purchases from suppliers or manufacturers. Surprisingly, many vendors and producers like learning about and showcasing the uses of their products. Drop shipping is one example where this can be demonstrated. Several Chinese manufacturers are reaching out to their resellers to learn more about how their products utilize and participate in the process.

Examine current referral traffic that builds backlinks for e-commerce websites

Domain authority is provided by backlinks, but link building to your website has advantages beyond SEO. Using backlinks, you can generate higher-quality traffic—users who genuinely care about your content or are more likely to convert. Discover these link-building opportunities by using Google Analytics to examine current referral traffic. Do sponsored reviews, directories, or company news announcements generally bring in the most visitors? Expand on what is effective. Also, you can find out who links to your site when you want to build backlinks for e-commerce websites.

Apply Google Analytics categories to identify where your greatest converting consumers come from if you’re conducting SEO for an e-commerce site. For instance, focus on influencer marketing as a backlink strategy that improves conversions and rankings if backlinks from influencers’ blogs convert 20% better than those on newspapers like Vogue.

Team, group, and local charity sponsorship

By using certain conventional PR techniques, you can find a lot of backlinks and traffic. One excellent method to accomplish this is to sponsor a nearby club, organization, or charity. Of course, working closely with a local community yields the greatest advantage in this case. Several neighborhood organizations, like the Boy Scouts, animal shelters, and institutions for the elderly, rely on websites for a variety of reasons. They typically have a page on their websites devoted to sponsors, supporters, or suggested businesses. A backlink from here can deliver solid SEO juice and a consistent flow of area traffic.

Hands of two people who wants to build backlinks for e-commerce websites
Everything is easier in a group, even building backlinks.

Wonder what else builds backlinks for e-commerce websites?

Another perk of working with colleges or university teams is a backlink ending in .edu. Backlinks domains are slightly more significant than those from domains. High-quality content is frequently posted domains. You must be a recognized educational institution to obtain an domain. These domains typically have a high DA, a large number of links going to them, and are relatively old. There are a ton more benefits backlinks, but that’s another subject. So, obtaining backlinks from a nearby university, college, or educational institution is a fantastic strategy to raise your SEO profile.

Benefit from the backlinking abilities of your competitors

Your rivals are also aware of the value of backlinks. There’s a good chance that your more powerful rivals are actively seeking backlinks. They probably have it down to fine art if they’ve been around longer than you have. This, however, isn’t a terrible thing. If anything, it works in your favor. Before that, be sure to check out SEO trends for 2023. First of all, it demonstrates that others in your sector are pointing backlinks to goods similar to yours. Second, it signifies that you have completed the most difficult task of your job—finding room for a new backlink! If you keep an eye on these backlinks and find that your competition is receiving some high-quality backlinks, you can begin to investigate. Consider how and why your rival acquired these backlinks.

A man looking at papers to build backlinks for e-commerce websites
Reviews from an objective third party can influence your e-commerce website in a much more positive way.

Get reviews for your products when in rush to build backlinks for e-commerce websites

With the option to deliver products to authors, e-commerce websites have one edge over non-e-commerce websites for creating backlinks. Reaching out to bloggers and offering them a free sample of your product is one of the most common strategies to build backlinks for e-commerce websites and bring in targeted traffic. If you include a bonus incentive with these written testimonials, you’ll inevitably get links back to your website.

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