SEO Trends For 2023: What Marketers Needs to Know

Today we will talk about SEO trends for 2023 and see what’s new as well as what we need to focus on. Obviously, if you check out our website Link Department and read our blog you will find even more about this topic but for now, let’s see what we have prepared for you. Now, let’s start from the basics. The acronym SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the method used to increase a website’s visibility in search engines via unpaid, natural search results. Its purpose is to boost your website’s visibility in search engine results. Keep in mind that more people will visit your website if it appears higher in search engine results.

Audience-targeted or traffic-targeted content – which is better?

The proliferation of SEO-friendly content development is one factor contributing to the elevated status of practical knowledge. Web spiders from Google might get the wrong idea if a website selling financial software suddenly starts publishing blog posts with cooking tips. Do those articles really help people who are looking to buy financial software? Alternatively, how important is it that the website is optimized for popular search terms?

woman researching SEO trends for 2023
We completely understand that all of this can be confusing sometimes. That’s why we are here to explain and help.

The correct response is obvious to you. The truth is that in 2023, organizations whose strategy is to primarily pursue search traffic without giving much thought to what users genuinely desire are unlikely to experience ranking success. When writing content, it’s crucial to stay on topic and within your field. Stumped for ideas on what to cover in your writing? Using a content strategy tool, you may learn what your audience is interested in reading about in your field. Simply type in a keyword. The tool will provide a long list of other, similar terms that others are entering into the search field. How cool is that?

Let’s talk about crawl frequency

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Google has announced ambitious climate objectives, including going carbon-free by 2023. Google has been thinking of slowing down the rate at which it crawls the web to meet this objective. One simple thing Google can do to further its sustainability goals is to reduce the amount of time spent crawling.

Crawl rates can be reduced, but this is more likely to affect refresh crawls than content discovery crawls. That could make the time it takes for Google to index our updated web pages longer. Consequently, in 2023, it is most prudent to optimize content from the outset, including all of the on-page elements that will be required to rank.

Competitor analysis

Looking at the competition has always been a good way to guide SEO strategy. In 2023, with the help of SEO tools, competitor analysis is going to become much easier. Looking at the industry’s thought leaders is a proven approach to figuring out what kinds of content in your business will rank Google places more importance on industry experience and expertise and the “subject areas” of websites. Backlinks, content, domain authority, and other metrics may all be compared with the help of SEO competitor software.

playing chess
Now you can keep an eye on your competitors easily.

How about images?

Since we are talking about SEO trends we can’t neglect images. Even though images have always contributed to higher positions in image search results, they are often overlooked when designing websites. They can also give us the chance to incorporate more keywords and similar terms into our content (we are talking about alt text).

Google appreciates efforts to improve the crawlability of images by including descriptive alt text as well as schema markup. Webmasters who take steps to ensure their material is accessible to people with disabilities are also viewed favorably by Google. Accessibility issues, such as low bandwidth, can prevent some people from fully enjoying the benefits of the internet. Alt text can help with this.

man talking and drawing attention
Images draw attention but alt text can do more than that.

Google is focusing on fast loading!

The Google ranking algorithm has changed to prioritize high-performing, fast-loading websites since the page experience update in 2021. Even though Google’s March 2022 completion of the “Page Experience Update” can make it seem like old news, but it’s not. The company is still refining the signals it employs to determine whether or not a page is genuinely high-performing for users.

Page Speed Insights as well as Core Web Vitals will be indispensable for keeping tabs on and assessing a website’s velocity and functionality this year (and chances are the trend will keep going). Prioritizing improvements to page speed, in addition to content quality, will undoubtedly pay off. The pay of will be in the form of higher keyword rankings across their entire domain.

Author authority

One result of Google’s new emphasis on user experience is the increased prominence of automatically created content in search engine results pages. In 2023, Google wants to ensure that the content which is currently ranking high is created by real people who are writing for real people. AI will never replace real people no matter how hard they try. That doesn’t mean AI is not useful or even needed.  How can you increase the credibility and experience of your creators this year? Make sure the folks who are making your content are actual experts first. Then improve their experience by doing the following:

  • Author biographies should be included to help readers understand the author’s background and experience.
  • Make use of author pages to link to each of the articles the author has contributed to your site.
  • Connect the social media profiles of your content’s producers to help Google determine with greater certainty that they are, in fact, human beings with relevant expertise in their fields.

Those were some of the SEO trends you should pay special attention to in 2023. Things in this area change a lot so keep reading our blog and we will notify you of any changes that occur this year.

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