How to build a natural backlink profile

One of the most important aspects of your SEO effort is the creation of a good-quality link profile. Basically, your backlink profile is one of the main factors for ranking with Google. It is a list of links pointing to the content on your website from other, external sources. As professionals from the Link Department can testify every website should strive to build a natural backlink profile. A natural backlink profile has a lot of value when ranking with Google. However, not all links are acquired naturally. So, when actively working on getting backlinks you should worry about making your profile look as natural as possible.

Creating a natural link profile

A natural link profile is simply put, a set of links that fit your content, products, or service perfectly. They fit into your brand and are relevant to it. These links should be created naturally from websites that recognize and want to point out and promote your offer. To get these kinds of links you must have viable and quality content that will attract attention. However, in reality, not all links are occurring naturally. Many experts invest a lot of time into creating a backlinks profile that will benefit the business. However, these are not natural but unnatural as they are engineered. These backlink profiles usually incorporate all types of links. They have natural, unnatural, and even semi-natural links. The key here is to make the profile look as natural as possible. This demands a whole new level of understanding of links and their utilization.

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Make sure to follow the guidelines set by google

This is usually a factor that can get you scrutinized and penalized by Google. This is because from its beginning Google has been using this link profile as a ranking factor. So, creating an unnatural backlink profile will be a sort of manipulation that Google does not tolerate. This is why it periodically introduces updates to its algorithms that are aimed at weeding out and penalizing any such manipulation attempts. So, your best bet is to work hard to build a natural backlink profile or a profile that seems to be natural. this is the only sure way to avoid being penalized under the Penguin update or any other that might influence your ranking.

What you should know and utilize?

To do a good job of making a natural backlink profile there are tips and practices to follow. These will help u make a good quality backlink profile that is as natural as possible. To be clear you can easily put some trust in professionals to do it for you. However, learning and adopting knowledge about this can go a long way and help you out in the future. Here is what you should know:

  • Mix your anchor text
  • Use multiple landing pages
  • Diversify the source websites
  • Diversify links from different platforms
  • Keep clear of link schemes

Mix your anchor text

Do not aim at building links by using the same anchor texts. This is not a good idea and a much better solution is to mix things up. So, predominantly you should strive to have backlinks with anchors that are your brand name or should have a direct URL. In addition, you should also use long-tailed keywords. These should have a part or a whole keyword you want to rank for. However, you should mix them up with other relevant keywords and phrases. Finally, you should also include the keywords with the exact match to the term you want to rank for. Using different anchor texts will keep your backlink profile natural and organic.

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Try to use diverse anchor texts on your website

Use multiple landing pages

It is clear that when link building the majority of the links will be pointed at your home page. This is the key landing page. However for the backlink profiles to be more natural you should have a mixture of landing pages. So, getting backlinks that go deeper into your website is a good idea. But, keep in mind not to have too many links pointing to a certain webpage and mix things up a bit. This will help your backlink profile be even more organic.

Diversify the source websites

Avoiding spammy sites when link building is a clear goal you have to strive for. However, you should not only aim for backlinks from big high-quality websites. Too many of those links will still seem unnatural. So, to be on the safe side you should also get backlinks from sites that do not have high domain authority. Often times these can be even more beneficial for your ranking than those high domain authority websites.

Diversify links from different platforms

Try to diversify the types of links you are getting. Using too many of the same backlinks can seem unnatural. This means that you should have a balance of links from different platforms and acquire them from different link-building strategies. So, try to get links from guest blogging, social media platforms, and trusted directories. All of these will help your backlink profile look natural. All you have to worry about then is that these links are from relevant sources and that they are valid and fit naturally into your website content and backlink profile.

Keep clear of link schemes

You should avoid any link programs and schemes that are spammy. Using these sites to get backlinks can put you on Google’s radar. It will be alerted you that you are seeking to acquire links that will make you more popular and rank higher. So, focus on getting the links in a natural way.

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Utilize a diverse list of backlink sources to keep a natural profile

You should get to know how to build a natural backlink profile. This knowledge will be quite beneficial for your SEO effort. You can always get professionals to help you but it is good to know the inner workings of your SEO and backlink-building activities. It will help you steer clear of Google penalties and any trouble these penalties may cause you.

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