How many searches should a good keyword have?

One of the most commonly used metrics in SEO is the search volume of keywords. It is one of the metrics that are important to anyone dealing in SEO and digital marketing. As such it is a factor that can determine a lot when devising a digital marketing strategy and steering your SEO. SEO experts look at a keyword as a tool to drive traffic. However, to use it you should understand it. One of the aspects of keyword search volume is just how high it should be. This means defining a volume that could get the needed results regarding traffic and conversion. Knowing how many searches should a good keyword have is important but it is not the only thing to look at.

Just what is it?

Simply put keyword search volume is the number of times a particular keyword is used in a period of time. Generally, it shows the popularity and competitiveness of a keyword. It is important as it can show you just which keywords you should target to drive traffic to your website and content. Understanding this is important whether you are building a website, running a marketing campaign, or researching in other to get new customers.

People analyzing how many searches should a good keyword have
Keyword search volume is important to define your target keywords and SEO strategies

Why is it important

Over 93% of all internet interaction starts with a search engine. Based on one search the results may lead the potential customer anywhere. So, these search results are important as they are leading the customer through this digital world. This is where SEO experts come in. Their interest is to find out how to steer this potential customer in the right direction. How to generate traffic that will result in conversion and profit.

Using the right keywords is important. Basically, they are a critical element of on-page SEO. So, if you incorporate the important ones into your webpage, content, or blog you can hope to get the right traffic from potential customers. In addition, Google and its search engine crawlers use them to determine what the pages deal with. They index the web pages based on keywords and then determine their rank on the SERP. So, keywords determine the rank and visibility of a webpage. To get the right visibility that will benefit the business you must choose the right ones.

However, doing this might be difficult. It demands proper research of keywords and their volume to do right. Still, you should not ignore the fact that keywords do not exist for their own sake. They should be incorporated into the quality and relevant content you produce. This is the key to generating traffic and getting the conversions and profits you need.

How to use it?

Basically, the keyword search volume is a metric that is important but it still depends on many factors. Just how many searches should a good keyword have for your business is relative and dependent on many factors. When choosing keywords the key is not to go for those that generate a very high search volume. You should also not go for the specific ones with low search volumes. Finding the right volume is tricky. But let’s see what these different search volumes mean.

Through your keyword research, you can find a lot of different keywords with different search volumes. They all have different meanings for your business. Although you can aim to use keywords that have a high search volume that might not benefit your business.

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Do a proper keyword research

High-volume keyword search

The high volume of keyword searches indicates the keywords that might be able to drive a lot of traffic to your content. These usually have a volume of 100k to 1 million searches a month. However, in practice, this is not the case. These types of keywords are too broad. They can attract a wide variety of visitors and drive your traffic up. However, these rarely convert and are simply not the right traffic that can benefit your business. They target visitors that are not the right target group for your products and services. In addition, they are usually used by big and established companies that dominate the SERP. Although it is possible to rank even with these keywords your business will struggle to be seen.

Low-volume keyword search

On the other hand, if you use keywords with low search volume they are too specific. These are usually in the range of 100 to 1000 searches. If nobody is searching using these keywords then nobody will be able to find and see your content, products, and services. So, these two do not achieve the goal you want to achieve. However, if you are into specifically targeting the customers you may use these so-called long tail keywords that contain more than three words.

Mid-volume keyword search

The best option is to look for keywords with moderate search volume. These are usually in the range of 1000 to 100.000 searches a month. They are more specific and can drive relevant traffic to your website. You can also include localized SEO keywords that target only users in your location. This is targeted traffic that has the highest chance to convert and bring you profit. Words that are mid-volume can be used as a perfect substitution for high-volume search keywords.

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Make sure you find the right balance for your chosen keywords

For example, you can use the word “house” which is high volume. It will get you a lot of irrelevant traffic that is looking for something more specific. However, if you substitute it with a more specific keyword like “three-bedroom apartment” or “apartment for sale” this will bring your traffic that looks for a specific thing and is able to convert.

Keywords have a big impact on your SEO

Finding the right keyword for your business is important. It will influence all of your SEO effort and the strategies you use. However, when deciding and choosing the right one you should do proper keyword research. Search volume for a keyword is an important metric. So you should strive to find out just how many searches should a good keyword have. It will be a major factor in your other SEO activities and actions.

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