How to leverage video content for better SEO results

With people being very visual it is no wonder that video is one of the things to consider in your marketing and SEO. Video messages and campaigns are invaluable tools for reaching potential users and consumers. Why is that? Well, the main reason is that the video component and tools dominate every internet space and aspect. So, for any marketing effort knowing to use video is very important. Although Link Department and other professionals already have this knowledge, developing yours is a plus. So try to get to know just how to leverage video content for better SEO.

Why videos?

Well, people are visual beings that respond to visual stimulation. Thus videos have the ability to reach and influence the potential consumer in many ways. This is why, today we see videos that become viral, they get stuck in people’s heads, build strong relationships with the brand, and excite and build strong emotions and emotional connections. Videos have the ability to make both the company and product very notable and recognized. Video helps share content further and the scope of influence is wider. It is this power of video that attracts marketers when creating internet marketing campaigns. These professionals do not only view the video as a one-of tool. It should not be good and provide results once. It should rather follow the SEO rules and become one of the tools for achieving good SEO results, high ranking, and generating traffic and conversion.

People shooting a video
Video is a valuable asset in boosting your SEO

The main reasons to use video

Incorporating video into your SEO strategy and effort can produce much-needed results. So, primarily videos can provide the achievement of the main three goals.

  • To increase the conversion rate. The statistics show that the conversion can rise up considerably if the page contains a video. This rise can be up to almost 90%. The reason for this is that the video easily catches the eye of the user that usually decides to spend more time on a page. Sometimes it makes him visit again and then convert.
  • To gain more backlinks. Video generates backlinks through and across many social and internet platforms. Many platforms are made for video presentations. If the videos meet the criteria and are captivating and interesting they get shared. Each share is a backlink for the product webpage.
  • To get the brand known. As a consequence of all this information about the brand gets spread and the brand known. The more traffic the wider the spread of this information making the brand recognizable by an audience that surpasses only the target group.

How to optimize video?

As part of your SEO campaign video also has to be well optimized to continuously provide the desired results. When you want to leverage video content for better SEO you need to treat it as any other content. Here is what it means.

Use metadata

This metadata should comprise a metatag and the meta description. Both will be valuable in presenting and describing the video. They are important both on YouTube and on other social media networks as well as for search engines and SERPs. The tag provides a brief explanation of the video content. The meta description provides a short summary of the content and topics of the video.

Transcribe each video

As some people don’t understand videos a good transcription will make them aware of the video content. This will help Google rank the video. The same thing goes for YouTube. Most users want to get informed about the video beforehand. The users will want the option of reading the transcription if they are not able to hear the video.

Social media apps
Utilize social media channels to leverage video content

Keyword research

Do good keyword research to enhance your video SEO. Your metadata and transcripts must contain the relevant keywords you want to rank. This will help your video appear in the SERP and rank high. This will also make it easier for potential users to find and experience the video. Use thumbnails to identify your video. Once you achieve a good rank your video shows up in the search results. However, among others, you need the user to click yours and get informed. This is why eye-catching and interesting thumbnails can make you stand out from the competition.

Mobile Optimization

Think about mobile optimization. Today the world is always on the move. Most users interact with the internet on the go. So, YouTube and other services have mobile apps that make videos easy to interact with on mobile devices. This is why you should work to optimize your web pages for mobile.

Make a structure

Make a good organization of your video content. If you have a channel with multiple videos make sure it is easy to navigate. So, they make a good sitemap to make it users easy to navigate. Also, create playlists that make relevant content easy to find.

Ways of leveraging videos

Videos are today widespread and they are present on many different platforms. However, there are a couple of key ways to leverage them today:

  • On your website
  • On YouTube
  • Through social media

On your website

Your webpage is the window into your online presence and your company’s presentation. It is of virtual importance to make it interesting and dynamic. This is where videos come into play. Use them to start interest. Create a video story in your About US section. Or present the company and its working dynamics through a video. These are just some of the suggestions.

On YouTube

YouTube is the most obvious choice. It is the first and best-known video platform. In addition, it is part of google so its value is immense. This is a source of great marketing potential with over a million videos watched every half hour and over 500 videos uploaded a minute. So, get to know video optimization so you can tackle the competition.

YouTube app on the phone
YouTube is the best-known video media platform

Through social media

Social media are all present now. From YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok there are more and more channels to reach your audience. This is why you must prepare your videos for each of these platforms. So, decide which audience you are targeting and then optimize to address it. Keep in mind that these social media networks are overcrowded and you must be relevant and captivating enough to break through.

Videos in SEO

Learn more on how to leverage video content for better SEO. In today’s world, good and captivating videos can easily go viral boosting your online presence. So, invest in some additional knowledge about using videos as part of your SEO strategies.

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