How to Increase Your Rankings by Building Brand Mentions

Today, here in Link Department we have an amazing new topic for you. As always we are looking for ways to help you to improve your rankings. Mainly on Google of course, but elsewhere too. Building brand mentions can be an amazing thing. Google’s ranking of a website is the result of many algorithms and signals. Indeed, one of those indicators may come as a complete shock. Google may well have found a more reliable metric in mentions of specific brands. Internet marketing relies heavily on mentions and citations to build a brand’s credibility. Moreover, it improves not only the brand’s reputation but also its standing in search engines. So, as you can see we have many reasons to cover this topic, and now we shall begin.

Attracting more mentions of your brand

First of all, you need to find ways to increase your brand’s exposure and visibility if you want to see an increase in brand mentions. You should consider where your target market is likely to look for services and products like yours. There are easy things you can begin with like spying on rival businesses to learn from their strategies. Find out what people are looking at and talking about or even what kinds of stories are popular once you’ve located the venues. Then you can incorporate those methods into your advertising plan. You should also see how this can fit into your link-building. The knowledge you gain will help you tailor your writing to your target demographic. We’ve considered some methods for creating brand mentions that are adaptable to any field or genre of content. You will see them now.

girs gossiping
The more they talk about you – the better.

Don’t neglect your social media platforms – they can be your biggest ally

The majority of mentions nowadays originate from social media. This could be because users feel free to share any kind of opinion or experience they have with the world on these platforms, making them a hub for digital interaction. Brands need to keep their ears and eyes open in the digital sphere, but it can be exhausting and impossible to monitor every mention of the brand online. Obviously, without the proper resources, monitoring brand mentions could be a formidable challenge.

Make sure you take the time to listen to and learn from your audience through reviews. Providing an answer to their questions is recommended. If your fan base is small and your post engagement is low, you can increase both metrics by investing in advertising. You will need to pay something but chances are you will have many benefits from those paid ads. There are other things that can help you like using hashtags for example.

opening social media apps
If used properly social media platforms will be your biggest ally.

You should encourage customers to leave the reviews

As was previously mentioned, reviews are an excellent way to kick-start brand awareness and boost the likelihood of building brand mentions. Users’ subsequent actions, such as recommending your site to others or talking about you, are influenced by your attitude and how you respond to reviews. While Facebook is a convenient platform for collecting customer feedback, there are others to consider as well, such as TripAdvisor for travel-related businesses, Yelp for local dining establishments, G2 Crowd for SaaS applications, Trustpilot for a wide range of online services, and so on.

Aside from being a straightforward method of search engine marketing, GMB ( Google My Business) is a fantastic platform for collecting feedback from customers. When it comes to local SEO on Google Maps, the reviews you’ve received here can make a big difference. Are you getting the impression that building brand mentions are difficult? Don’t worry, there are people who can help you with this (and many other) tasks.

Influencers and micro-influencers can help you

Working with influencers to promote diversity on your rankings is an additional step beyond the first two for building brand mentions. Brand mentions from influencers are particularly valuable because the people they reach through their product or service reviews are likely to be completely new to your company and brand. It’s important to note that the value of a person’s mention of your brand depends on their level of authority, which can have a significant impact on your sales. Influencer power is a robust indicator of quality, much like link building.

Using social media personalities as spokespeople for a brand is a popular way to expand customer reach and raise brand awareness. Numerous studies demonstrated that consumers put a lot of stock in peer reviews of products and services. Once the Huawei Mate 10 Pro was released, the company launched a massive influencer campaign, which Gal Gadot helped front. Unfortunately, that didn’t end well since she was actually using the iPhone all that time and people noticed. The lesson here is to learn from other people’s mistakes.

making a TikTok about building brand mentions
Some even believe that this is the era of micro-influencers.

Guest blogging is a big hit in 2022

The practice of using guest posts to build links had a bad reputation. However, nowadays, it is much different. Link building should not be the primary goal of guest posting. The administrator has the option to either eliminate the link entirely or change it to a nofollow link. Although, this article on link-building statistics claims that Google is changing its policy regarding the “nofollow” attribute for backlinks, which could result in a greater benefit to your backlink profile.

A simple method of increasing your search engine rankings and gaining exposure for your brand through the distribution of new content is to participate in guest blogging. You’ll have more influence in the ever-changing digital sphere if people talk about you more often.

Before we go

As long as there is a digital marketing and the internet, the content will be essential. Website traffic is bolstered by consistent content, and site owners can persuade guests to take additional steps while learning a bit more about the brand itself. Marketers and business owners alike make decisions based on content marketing to keep them top-of-mind with consumers and to keep them at the top of search engine results pages. We showed you a few ways for building brand mentions. Now you need to act quickly.

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