Ways to Index Backlinks Faster in Google

Fast backlink indexing is of crucial importance for your SEO. This implies that it’s important to know as much about it as possible. However, you should know that there are many factors to it. Google sometimes does not even index backlinks. When that is the case those links are not working. As this can’t happen you can hire professionals to help out but it is important to know just what to do about it yourself. So, learning about the ways to index backlinks faster in Google is crucial. Let’s try to provide more information on this topic.

What is it anyway?

In order to provide lightning-fast search results Google uses Google bots to crawl and index pages. Simply put this mean that these Bots search for pages on the internet to locate newly created ones. Once they find them they index them and puts them in a unified google index. This is essentially a database of web pages that Google then uses to easily find pages based on their relevancy for a certain search. Having your webpage indexed will ensure that it shows up in Google search results.

Paper indexing cabinet
Google index is a database of webpages

However, things are not that simple. As there are millions of pages Google must sort them out based on their content and relevancy. One of the key factors here is inbound links to the page. So it is clear that the presence of a backlink on a page will influence its position and rank in the index and SERP. The conclusion is that it’s important for Google to index your backlinks as it will determine your rank in search results.

Check backlink indexing

If you’re uncertain if your backlinks are indexed there are easy ways to test them. The dominant one is to use the Google Search console. In addition, there are a few manual ways to do it. The simplest is to copy the address of your page into the search bar and see if it gives you any results. The lack of results shows that the page is not indexed. If this is the case it means that the backlinks are not working for Google and others could be many reasons for this.

  • Spammy links. If you are using spammy links from spammy websites Google will raise a red flag and not index your page. So, focusing on building high-quality links is important
  • Plagiarized or thin content s a lo a reason not to index. For Google, any content should provide value to the user. So any content that is not of quality or is plagiarism Google sees as unworthy for indexing.
  • You can have backlinks from websites with no index tag. On rare occasions, some sites may implement a no-index tag. In these cases, your backlinks are not getting indexed so they are of no value to your webpage. Removing such restrictions is the only answer in these cases.

Getting indexed fast

Indexing is important. To get indexed you have to have good backlinks and quality content. Once you achieve this it’s only a matter of time before you get indexed. With some patience, you can be sure that any good and proper backlink will be indexed in about a week to 10 days. However, there are ways of making this process faster. So, here are a few ways to index backlinks faster in Google.

  • Use the Google webmaster tool
  • Ping your backlinks
  • Use social networks
  • Use Web 2.0

Google Console

One of the simplest and most effective ways to index faster is to use the Google console (Google Webmaster tool). This means that you simply send your webpage URL to Google for indexing. The use of this tool is simple and all you have to do is copy your address and send it through a console. You can also use it to check your backlinks when indexing pages.

Graph on a computer
Use Google Console to get indexed faster

Pinging backlinks

You can easily use a backlink indexer to ping your URL. Many backlink indexers exist on the market and are easy to use. They work on the principle of sending a notification to Google about the new page you want to index. Based on the notification Google then sends the bots or spiders to recrawl the website and get the latest data and information from it. In this way, you use the indexers to effectively push Google to take action faster than normally.

Using social media

One way in making indexing is through the use of social media. There are many ways to use social media and it can serve multiple services. The point is to share your webpage ink through social media to boost your indexing possibility. The key is to generate interest from social media users and create a positive buzz. This will attract other users and create an avalanche effect that will push Google to act faster. In addition, all of the interest will help you get even better index rates. The social buzz will show that the content you are promoting is trustworthy and credible thus getting you indexed even higher.

Web 2.0

If all else fails a sure way to get indexed is by utilizing Web 2.0. This means using free blogging services to generate backlinks and use their authority as a strength. The point is to create backlinks on these platforms that will trigger Google bots to index your web pages faster. The platforms you should use are Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, and others.

People at computers on social media as one of the ways to index backlinks faster in Google
Utilize social media to create a buzz

Using Web 2.0 means that you create a profile on each of these platforms. After that, you should write articles with many links pointing to the web pages you want to be indexed. The best advice is to write the content of 1000-1500 words with as many as 10 links. In this way, you won’t trigger Google to consider the website spammy. Provided that you do not plagiarize the articles and provide the value they will trigger google to index your pages faster.

Indexing recap

Backlink indexing is important for your SEO. So, managing it is important. However, you should be patient. Wait at least a week for Google to find and index your links. After that be free to use at least some of the ways to index backlinks faster in Google. It will be highly beneficial for your website and ranking.

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