How to Write an Outreach Email That Converts

Email outreach strategy is one of the most popular and oldest strategies to generate leads and achieve sales. In SEO one of the best ways of building backlinks is through email outreach campaigns. However, making this sort of campaign efficient requires knowledge and expertise. In most cases, email outreach campaigns achieve results in only 25% of the cases. This means that these emails are not written in the way that will generate the desired results. This raises the question of how to write an outreach email that converts that gives results.

What is an outreach mail?

Simply put any mail that you write and sent to people who are not your customers to promote your services and products is an outreach email. You send them to your target audience and people you don’t know with the hopes of achieving business contact and sales. Predominantly the purpose of these emails is:

  • To grow your audience and spark interest in your company, products, and services
  • Gain new clients – grow your customer base
  • To generate backlinks to your website making it more visible through other websites.

However, outreach emails are not always effective and can fail to serve their purpose. This happens if they are not opened by their recipients. So, the goal of an email outreach campaign is to first write a compelling email that will trigger a response and ultimately lead to conversion. It is clear that this is where you need to find the answer to the question of just how to write an outreach email that converts.

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Outreach email gets you in touch with the widest possible target group

How to write a good outreach email?

There are many ways of writing a good outreach email. A lot of experts and professionals provide different advice and offer to do the job for you. Some of them can do it for you as they are experienced and professional about it. But, you should also know a few things yourself. To summarise, here are 5 key steps to follow in order to write a successful outreach e-mail that will ultimately convert.

  • Write a compelling subject line
  • Introduce yourself
  • Know your objective
  • Be concise
  • Include a call for action

Write a compelling subject line

Your first impression is of importance when establishing a business relationship. You want to make a good first impression so try to write a compelling subject line that draws attention. If you customize it and personalize it you will increase the chances of your email being opened by as much as 50%. You can use some of the email templates that are available but give them your personal touch.  Make your subject line clear and concise, be descriptive about what you want, and make sure they understand that you relate to their needs and problems. Also, try to write a catchy subject line that won’t be rejected at first glance.

Introduce yourself

Make sure to introduce yourself. Make sure that you explain how and why you are reaching your recipient. Be clear that you want to connect and why. If you already have certain contacts with that company make sure to let them know it. This can be a factor that will stimulate and help you establish a relationship. Be courteous and clear about your needs and intentions.

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Research your audience to reach the right crowd

Know your objective

Once you are clear about what you want from your email you will be able to write it easily. So, be clear about what you want from your recipient. Do you want something from them and what it is? Is it information or a concrete action and activity? The more you are specific about your needs and what you want the easier it will be to write your email.

Be concise

Be aware that people usually don’t have the time to read long emails. Also if they seem too complex or boring chances are that the recipient won’t read them. So, it’s of paramount importance to be considered and clear in your email. Do not write long letters or paragraphs. Do not use complex words and sentences. Try to make the points clear in short sentences and make sure you use bullet points instead of long paragraphs. This will make it easy for readers to scan through your email content picking up on the important points and facts. In this way, you will surely be able to get your message across more easily with greater chances of success. However, whatever you do try not to overdo it. Too many bullet points can be counterproductive. Make sure you find the right balance.

Include a call for action

The problem with most outreach emails is that many people do not read the whole email while they still open it. So, it is important to make a strong call for action on their part. Make sure that you are clear that the next step is to contact you if they are interested in what you are offering. Propose to meet and talk about the matter, suggest working together, and call for discussion in the future. In this way, your email will lead the recipient towards taking a step to achieve further action and will increase traffic to your webpage.

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When you write an outreach email that converts make sure you follow up with your target audience

In addition

With all of these steps and advice in mind, it is relatively easy to write an outreach email that converts. However, all of these steps can’t yield results without some background work. It is important to prepare in advance and plan your outreach campaign. To that end you should also know and consider the following:

  • You have to research your audience. Research your market and be sure to know just who you are contacting. This will allow you to personalize the email and contact the right people in the right way.
  • Personalize your email. Don’t use generic emails but try to show respect to the person you are contacting by personalizing the email.
  • Try to add value to the recipient. Explain the value that the recipient might have from getting in touch with you.
  • Always follow up. Try to send a follow-up email that will reiterate your resolve to do business or establish a connection. Make sure that the recipient knows that you are serious about establishing a relationship.

The ultimate goal of your outreach is to achieve customer relations, increase traffic and get the audience that will convert into sales and ultimately profits. When reaching out through emails it is important to know how to write an outreach email that converts. So make sure to read and explore your options to achieve the best results possible.

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