Is Email Marketing Dead in 2021?

To answer the question shortly – email marketing is not dead. In fact, there is a chance it will even grow more next year. People often think with the development of some new apps, platforms and such old forms like emailing will simply die out. But, this is not the case now and it doesn’t look like the end of emailing will be near. So, plan your strategies both on the new platform but on the old ones too. That will be a win-win scenario for you. Now, let’s get on to emailing a bit more. Learn from our Link Department experts, and you will go a long way.

Email Marketing

Over 3.9 billion in 2019 used email (for different purposes) and the expectation is for up to 4.48 billion people to use email in 2024. That number is huge and can not be ignored. Obviously, there is a way to do marketing here. But, this should not be your only way of marketing of course. This is just one of the options you should use to your advantage. When done properly, email marketing can be a highly effective way to communicate with customers. This should be a common practice of almost any small business marketing strategy and yet they often forget this one.

email marketing
Let’s start with some basics now.

Did you notice?

Did you notice how you always get an email from Ikea when they have some promotions? There is a reason for that. You can not expect people to visit your website daily and simply know when you have something specific like a sale or such. They need to get that information. Commercials are a good way, social media also but email as well. Just make sure that you get to a point right away. People are not interested in reading a long mail and then to try and figure out what are you selling/offering.

Does the rise of social media influence email marketing?

People often assume that now since we have social media platforms that are a great way to advertise your product there is no more need to do it using email. That is simply not the case. Social platforms are great, and yes you can really use them to your advantage but they should not be your only source of marketing. In spite of the rising popularity of social media – especially since every few years we get a new and hot platform like Tik-Tok was recent, people still love to receive emails in their inboxes. Email isn’t dead, and email marketing is still one of the cheapest ways to reach consumers today.

social media
You should use both social media and email as part of your strategy.

What the future holds

We wanted to ask the experts to tell us what we can expect in the future with this way of communication and marketing and this is what we found out: they predict email marketing will have better automation and also more relevant messaging and we are looking forward to it! They also expect a lot more personalization and more cross-channel integration which can be quite useful. So, we can expect fully automated 100% personalized messages driven by artificial intelligence. That will only upscale this sort of marketing so we have high hopes for the future but don’t wait for that to happen. Start writing to your customers today.

How to start email marketing?

In case you haven’t done this so far here are few tips to get you started :

  • create attractive subject lines (they need to pop and be on point) if you don’t have subject chances your email will be in junk and also if your subject is boring chances are readers won’t even open it so this must be your main focus
  • personalize your emails¬†(this one is pretty self-explanatory)
  • keep it short (get to the point right away – no one wants to read a book in their mailbox)
  • keep it visually attractive (this will help with attention-grabbing and you need to use every trick in a book)
  • optimize your CTA’s
  • write a good preview text
  • follow up (but don’t overdo it if you do you will look like a bot and that’s not good for your business)
  • make sure to have mobile-friendly emails (since most people nowadays open their mail on their smartphones)

This is just a basic idea to get you started, if you haven’t done this you should research a bit more before making your client list and start sending emails but now you are pointed in the right direction. This is a very cheap way to promote your business.

opening email on smartphone
People often use smartphones to read their emails so make sure that yours are optimized for phones.

What should you incorporate in your emails?

We suggest you learn from the best ones in business. We already mentioned Ikea as an example so you can check them out. Even if they are not your competition you can learn so much from them. Start with the subject – it’s always on point and you know right away exactly what are they offering. Do the same. Make sure to be very specific. There will always be a short and yet efficient text about the sale they are having or calling them to see something.

Also, they will include a link to their website. This is very important – you want to send people to go and visit your website. Often they will offer a reward for their readers for example to get an additional 10 percent off the show this code to the cashier in any one of our stores. That is building trust and rewards to your customers and you want that relationship. In the end, they will have some sweet and short messages about how they appreciate you and some signatures that will look like they were meant just for you. Of course, you know it’s not but still, it’s a thought that counts. All the big companies use this trick and obviously, it’s working very well so make sure to learn from them. This will certainly help your email marketing efforts!

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